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the front end does look great.
^^ I agree, wrt who 'should' buy them. I would, however, add to your list person 3) the guy without loads of money, who did not take into account the operating costs required to upkeep a 10 year old $100,000 vehicle out of warranty and has to take out a loan to cover the first repair bill.
As I understand, they fall into the range rover folly of high maintenance and repair bills that account the incredibly tempting price tag. That said I found them to be quite nice inside and the body style has held up well for a 10 year old model. This is, of course, coming from a non-owner, will be interested to hear what others have to say.
rory and diaz next please.
I was actually surprised that LV odds are favouring JH. I'm going: GSP, Condit, Ellenberger, Ring.Diaz definitely got under GSP's skin and it will be an good fight regardless. I, personally, am not a Diaz fan, but his ground game is unique and solid, looking forward to the exchanges there. As a side note Roop looked positively malnourished at the weigh-in and Arianny is looking progressively more plasticized and injected with each passing fight.
Was playing with ze girlfriends IPAD and I now want one. If you've got one lying around you're not using let me know! Doesn't have to be one of the fancy new ones.
^^^ love those things, though they are holding their value irritatingly well.
$3000: brown AE's from SF affiliate $250 black cap-toe AE's from SF affiliate $250 suit - navy light pin $400 (suit supply, club monaco) - CM is half canvassed and will allow you to mix and pants with jackets. At your size could likely get a great deal. suit - grey $400 (suit supply, club monaco) shirt - white $150 (lots of...
you would think there are some sleeper beasts in Brazil. Maybe hold a TUF Women's Brazil and bring out the talent. Ratings not guaranteed. I would watch, though. Just saying.
in that case whole heartedly recommend you pull the trigger. they're not difficult to take care of at all, just do take some attention. good cc level, And as the last poster said, really fun to customize. keep us posted!
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