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Also intrigued... pics please..
good card this weekend. TJ Grant, wow. Like the Cerrone and Thomson match up.
damn, would def kop a brooklyn if the inseam was a few inches longer
is this actually still for sale?
Looking for a Schott 141, 641, (or even a 654) in a 36/small. thanks!
Hey guys, Am heading up north to the Yukon/NWT/Alaska for 2 months and actually need one of these things. Colour is not enormously important. Will happily sell it back to you upon my return as I live in Vancouver and have absolutely no need for such a jacket in the city. Thanks!
AND THEY'RE BACK! As per many requests I placed an extra order for the style forum crew this round. Please note there is no bartering on the price of these as I am not really making a profit but more wanting to get something in your hands that I really enjoy having around. Of course, feel free to PM with any questions. We purchased these as gifts for partners, associates, and clients and have a few remaining. They are quite a bit nicer, IMO, than the BB ones, better...
How are the 5 series wagons WRT reliability? Also (a little off topic, apologies), has anyone here attempted to change out a faulty RR air strut on their own?
good prices, would kop if shirts were needed.
the front end does look great.
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