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As the title said, Naked & Famous Skinny Guy 31 left hand twill, hemmed to a 31 inseam. NEVER WORN outside, will trade for a 28 or 29!
Also intrigued... pics please..
good card this weekend. TJ Grant, wow. Like the Cerrone and Thomson match up.
damn, would def kop a brooklyn if the inseam was a few inches longer
is this actually still for sale?
Looking for a Schott 141, 641, (or even a 654) in a 36/small. thanks!
Hey guys, Am heading up north to the Yukon/NWT/Alaska for 2 months and actually need one of these things. Colour is not enormously important. Will happily sell it back to you upon my return as I live in Vancouver and have absolutely no need for such a jacket in the city. Thanks!
AND THEY'RE BACK! As per many requests I placed an extra order for the style forum crew this round. Please note there is no bartering on the price of these as I am not making a profit but more wanting to get something in your hands that I really enjoy having around and since we order corporate quantities, can do that inexpensively. Of course, feel free to PM with any questions. We purchased these as gifts for partners, associates, and clients and have a few remaining....
How are the 5 series wagons WRT reliability? Also (a little off topic, apologies), has anyone here attempted to change out a faulty RR air strut on their own?
good prices, would kop if shirts were needed.
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