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Based on your previous posts, you seem to want a TF but are after some reassurance that it is the way to go. As already mentioned, the quality is very good, it's a fit and name drop after that. The base A (I have one) is great if you have an athletic build. For the base A, I would say you would want a 8" -10" drop to wear this well and not an overly thick thigh, though some may disagree. The quality is definitely top notch but if you pay retail it is overpriced. If you are...
I have a pair (2 actually but I'm selling one because they are awesome) of Persol 3020s wayfarers. Mint Condition. Only selling to make space for a suit purchase and - as mentioned - I have two pairs of these. Great to dress up or down. Incredibly versatile, handmade, and ridiculous quality. Your chance to get a pair of persols cheaper than the price of some raybans. price includes shipping within canada and the usa. int'l contact for shipping (will probably be 10$ extra...
Hi Sepp, The jacket went out today and should arrive in approximately 4 business days. If you have any questions do let me know. See below for the tracking information. ENJOY! tracking number: EE 167 018 385 CA
I have a beautiful Schott 654 I am reluctantly looking into selling. Not 100% on this one. Jacket has been worn approximately 15-20 times. My SOLE reason for moving this is due to the fact that I cannot comfortably wear it as a riding jacket due to the lack bi-swing back. Great fit. suitable to a suit size 36 or a small 38 (I am right between the two with a 30" waist and it fits like a glove. This jacket is more fitted than the other shots and about 1 inch longer in...
Must make funds available for another purchase. $379 retail. a few signs of wear. Pics to come. Comes with suede TF case. $65 paypal + actual shipping (should be around $7-10, more if tracking is desired.) SOLD PENDING PAYMENT
Your little one, will make the name you give them special and clarity will likely be had when you see them in the flesh. Except stripper names. Those stick. Avoid stripper names.
Looking to trade my Schott 654 in cherry for a 141, 641, or equivalent in a 34 or 36. I need the extra sleeve space for riding. Really tough to let this one go.. Would also, consider a straight up buy of the above models. The 654 has been worn around 10 times and is mint. If you know Schott's this will fit a someone who takes a 36 in schotts and a 36 or 38 in suit sizes. talk to me!
Did you guys' have a location sorted? ^ TAILOR IN VAN: Just took a New Schott into Rose Stitch for an adjustment. Will update upon it's return. If she did a horrible job I purpose the Van meet-up take place outside her establishment. I will supply dozens of organic eggs. And spray paint.
great collection. my wallet and clothing budget thank you for not having any 14.5's. EDIT: Do these include shipping? Thanks!
NWOT Just in time for the hot hot heat of the summer! 36R H&M Seersucker. Paid $120 for it, have not worn it once outdoors. Measurements to come. Price: $50>>$40>>35 + actual shipping to your locale
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