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Quote: Originally Posted by Magician Frankly there's a long list of stoner metal I would pick before EW in terms of musical acumen. wut? No reason to write them off for that.
run behind her and keep poking her with your bonar so she runs faster
The Thing well ok I thought of Top Gun right away but yea.
Beatles neither metal (though lots of early metal was just punk played really fast, well known example: Metallica pre Ride...) Metal Rap (love me some rhythm) Bass 70 80 neither Soundgarden Soundgarden Metallica Fucking Slayer Johnny Cash Johnny Cash Biggie MC Hammer David Bowie Jimmy Page (tough one but many of the riffs Page made are more memorable to me than Hendrixs') neither, but a guilty pleasure of mine is playing disco lines on bass
Quote: Originally Posted by jpeirpont American but not in America, maybe the most interesting community The Confederos. They were confederates who after the Civil War moved to the Coast of Brazil and tried to recreated the Antebellum South. Apparently some parts of their culture is still celebrated there. Google Book: IMPORTANT NOTICE: No media...
Anything involving guns.
I like black jeans more than indigo ones. Don't have any black shoes but I have dark gray boots that go well with said black jeans. Most of my shirts are dark as I don't like contrasting dark pants with a light shirt it doesn't look right for casual wear. Unless that light shirt is part of a layer or something. So it will be like black jeans and a charcoal shirt or a gray shirt or a very dark shade of a color. lol@ Ian Malcom comment. Hold onto yer...
Pio pretty much got it imo. selfish people selfish people trying not to be as selfish as others or obvious about their selfishness
What is progressive about a stay at home mom that doesn't work? I don't get it. That sounds more traditional to me. Well, except for the fact that you need a house cleaner and nanny 'cause she's too spoiled to do it herself.
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