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That is freaking fantastic. Great blend of classic and modern, and the fit is perfect.
Amazing. What is that?
http://www.styleforum.net/t/164402/ask-a-question-get-an-answer-ask-all-quick-questions-here http://www.styleforum.net/t/120500/ask-me-about-eyewear
Need some help! I'm sure this topic has been covered ad nauseum somewhere in these pages, but I am a SW&D poster who has yet to delve into the MC forum. Long story short- I don't often have reason to "dress up," and when I have in the past, I've stuck to the traditional gray suit + black shoes template. I have a wedding to attend and decided to pick up a navy blazer (my first) and gray pants. I was planning to combine these items with dark brown (or burgundy) shoes and a...
Additionally (and confusingly), at least one of the shirts is branded as "POLO Denim & Supply."Hm...
A lot of people seem to overreact when things like this get printed. The article is pretty much spot-on; it just happens to be written in a way that sounds silly. It is common for people to rely on their phone for the time. The majority of younger people who wear watches do so because they like the look. The ones who wear mechanical ones do so because they've gone beyond the look and convenience incentives of watch wearing. As someone posted earlier in this thread,...
Quote: Originally Posted by GSaavedra Randolph Engineering has some nice classic aviation-inspired frames. Made & designed in the USA. Yep. Same goes for American Optical. Both are made in the USA; super affordable (~$30-60); and have a variety of frame colors, lens colors, lens materials, etc. The problem with these brands is that neither has a decent website where you can view all the configurations. For example, if you want some...
(post content previously covered)
Quote: Originally Posted by chasingred [[SPOILER]] 1968 Rolex Oyster. My dad escaped the Vietnam War, Pol Pot's Cambodia, and the Iranian Revolution (in that order) with this on. He gave it to me for my 30th birthday. The way Rolex should be done: tough, non-blingy, classic, conservative...with history.
New Posts  All Forums: