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So having it tailored is preferable to having it exchanged (free of charge) for a bigger size then? Stepping up a size would add 4 cm to the waist/chest and 0.9/1cm to the lenght of the arms/back. If the shoulders are ok (more ok than one size up, that is) then I think I'll have it tailored.
(double post)
It's the Italia cut, this oneWhat does the ripples indicate?
So this Jacket arrived from Suitsupply today, and I wonder if I should go up a size or tailor it? I'm especially wondering about the shoulders, as I thought they would be the biggest problem, but ended up feeling quite ok. Over all, everything feels skin tight. seems like I forgot to button the sleeve... Sorry about that...
(might as well post this here, as on AAAC) I have started looking for a suit, as yhe one I currently own doesn't fit as well as it used to, and altering will not help, as the cut is quite bad. Anyway, suddenly, a situation calling for a suit will arise, and I want to be prepared. I have not yet completly decided my budget, but I expect to be able to spend about £500-1000 My first priority is that it fits well. I think MTM is the best option for my budget, but I will...
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