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How come the majority of the users in this forum can only insult everybody instead of giving a productive answer ?
I just now checked this thread again and recognized a lot of new posts here. I think the boots he wears in the movie ARE the Paul Smith Ricard in Black. The look exactly alike. But the Worker Boots from Asos are kind of close and on top of that a cheap alternative. Do you guys think its still ok to walk around in boots this spring?
@ ZON_JR what a NICE post. hehehe. but lets stick to the topic. I just dont get why everybody is moaning about the style of AplusK. I mean he really has his OWN stlye. I kinda like it - in some way. Well the suspenders are rare to wear as a mid twenty year old man but that the nice thing about it - its rare. People just dont get to see something like this often on the streets. Filippa K. has some nice ones but Buttero and Florentini & Baker doesnt fit with my...
Quote: Originally Posted by laxinthe303 Ugh. This is why you keep getting beat in wars. This isn't fashion. It's an eyesore. Its all about your own taste. And I like and you dont have to bother yourself with that anymore. Quote: Originally Posted by Teger any generic black boot brand: florentini & baker, filippa k, buttero, etc Thank you very much. I will look up their Online Stores. Maybe I find so kind of...
Yeah that goes in the right direction but I would prefer all black boots. @cminor : Do you mean it is likely to get them in a Zara Store ?
Hello everybody, I'm new here, but I was wondering if anybody got an idea. Here's my problem. I watched that movie Spread with Ashton Kutcher and I really like the clothes he wears in that movie. But espacially I am searching those boots he wears very often in the movie. And maybe those suspenders - does anybody have an idea where to buy those two things ? Sorry, for my bad english - I'm from Germany and native german speaker. btw. Regards from...
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