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I thought they were both fairly generic, flexible styles? I have a WW Chan and it seems more middle of the road than Italian.
I would try Hemrajani Brothers.
Black neckties look very good obviously. Black stripes on a suit can look good. I have a black quilted barbour I like. Black and tan are a classic combination. Looks good at night, but there is always the risk of it looking cheap or washed out.
Thats true, but the part that you would want to be supple for movement (buttons boots are chamois up there) is stiff and the part that should be thick on a boot is fine. If thats the statement I get it but it seems a pity. It seems like it would take a long time to become comfortable.
Really dont see the point of a fine calf lower and thick textured leather upper around ankles, that are almost always shielded by trousers.
Its not that bad. The only thing wrong with it is excessive silk trim. The man is an entertainer. I could see a member of the rat pack wearing similar. There is one picture of sammy davis jr in a tuxedo much worse than that. Its sort of western style with satin pocket flaps.... in case you didnt notice she is wearing a pink wedding dress so it may not be the most traditional wedding.
Which color should I get on for an athletic, mid brown haired northern European to wear to work over a suit in New York? I am thinking camel, as every girl I see seems to have a beige coat. Thanks! "Stone": http://www.suitsmen.co.uk/recoloured...-size/3-18.jpg "Camel": http://www.suitsmen.co.uk/recoloured...-size/3-17.jpg
I would keep it pretty simple... gloves, belt, socks, tie, wristwatch, wallet, scarf, you will need an umbrella and maybe swims if its raining...cellphone, pen, keys, anything else is probably too much. Accessories fall into the less is more category.
Can someone recommend a white and black Harris tweed herringbone for fall winter jacket? I harris tweed preferred.
Sorry to necro bump, but does anyone have any insight into the cut of O'Connell's Flannel trousers? Here's a link: http://shop.oconnellsclothing.com/wool_flannel.php They come in three different rises which is nice.
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