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Thinking of getting a black wholecut on K last (sort of like the G&G bespoke england banner ad) does anyone have pics?
Weight gain is a much bigger problem for shirts. All you can do is dart or add a panel, neither of which look particularly great.
You don't need.
Wow, thats amazing. I would be kicking myself if I went to medical school and shopped at TF.
As far as length, you could always just take a standard 56 or 57 inch tie and wear it, then look how much of the back blade you could do without.I have a Garza Fina in navy and its my favorite tie. I went with 6 fold and four would probably be just as good. I only tie a 4ih not though, any other knot would be enormous.
Buy a shitty pair of levis at a thirft store and sew on that tab?
Might want to turn them into cut offs first.
Just make sure there are pockets so you dont have to carry phone/keys in your hands when you head to court/gym.
I had a pair of Alden black shell captoes and sold them. Not only are your feet like 20% hotter than usual, they don't shine well.
How long are the arms?
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