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+1. Its hard to resist the brand draw. A lot of Lobbs are over designed anyway. They seem to have all kinds of non-conventional models for southern/eastern europeans.
I don't mean to be rude but I strongly disagree with these suggestions. The second one is reasonably normal, if anachronistic, but random waistcoats in summer and exposed braces with skinny ties are best left to Pete Doherty. I think the average person on the street would do a confused double take if they passed someone wearing these combinations.
Supposedly Louis Vitton burns some unsold merch so it won't diminish the brand. If they are doing it, its likely TF is as well.
My opinion has long been buying them fresh and wearing them until they are worn in will look better than any distressed jeans.
Can anyone tell me if these are the same boots? (apart from color) I think C&J makes most if not all of New and Lingwood's shoes. http://www.newandlingwood.com/products/view.php?id=439 http://www.barneys.com/Crockett-Jones-Cottesmore/501262484,default,pd.html?cgid=MBOOTS03
I find the two button the most flattering on the average build. One is a bit too aggressive, three looks dowdy. The below cut looks best going out at night but isn't a great choice for business wear.
I bought this and for $69 its fantastic. I mainly use it for the gym but it works well for weekends at the beach also. http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/65551?feat=duffle-SR0
Does anyone have a picture of F and New Peter lasts side by side?
I think I am going to buy the Jodphurs for the fall. Anyone have experience with them? Are they sufficiently sleek?
I am a bit frustrated with G&G. I almost only wear round toed shoes, and feel the GG06 is to plain and the 07 is too pointy. I have a black Chelsea on the 07 and really only wear it at night because it is so aggressive. The Deco range seems to be a step further in the wrong direction. Its too bad because the styles, construction and fit are peerless.
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