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Flat silk laces will be more expensive because silk is much more expensive then nylon and they are rare. You can get flat black or grey waxed cotton laces here: https://www.hangerproject.com/closet/colored-dress-shoe-laces-1.html#.ULLbQYWbPJg I have never used them but they look good in the pictures and I trust the vendor.
Above is probably the best suggestion. Good thinking to go high waisted. Body building type physiques can look overall top heavy and gorilla like otherwise. Brooks brothers and http://www.pakeman.co.uk/ Pakeman Catto Cutter may have models you're looking for also.
I could see double breasted being useful around town. For many, not worth $1000+ to make it though.
Their boxers are very good.
Thinking about starting with Ercole's to be my CMT tailor to supplement Chan. Can he do more english/structured styles or is it very italian (I would imagine most of you guys are requesting minimal padding etc)? I have spoken to them on the phone but personal experience would be better evidence. Thanks!
I thought they were both fairly generic, flexible styles? I have a WW Chan and it seems more middle of the road than Italian.
I would try Hemrajani Brothers.
Black neckties look very good obviously. Black stripes on a suit can look good. I have a black quilted barbour I like. Black and tan are a classic combination. Looks good at night, but there is always the risk of it looking cheap or washed out.
Thats true, but the part that you would want to be supple for movement (buttons boots are chamois up there) is stiff and the part that should be thick on a boot is fine. If thats the statement I get it but it seems a pity. It seems like it would take a long time to become comfortable.
Really dont see the point of a fine calf lower and thick textured leather upper around ankles, that are almost always shielded by trousers.
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