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This is the ticket! Much better. Elegance in repose as it were.
Personally don't like the contrast of midnight and black. Midnight silk facings are quite hard to find though. I think you're better off with black. You dont need to make a "statement" and have everyone who hasn't seen one raise an eyebrow about your non-black tuxedo (especially the host!). Besides, unless these is very little light, black looks better and less conspicuous. Its descended from the tailcoat after all. Could you imagine a blue tailcoat? it would look like...
You thought wrong. Many people will be in striped ties which are much less formal. A black grenadine tie is classic city banker, and quite formal.
I think your best bet is Chelsea boots, if you like the style.
Its all about hitting your personal sweet post where price, styling and construction intersect. For me its Mytailor bespoke/mtm (not sure which it is, honestly..shirts fit well though) with mostly Acorn fabrics, Vass shoes, WW Chan/NSM suits and an SR one for special occasions. I think hand stitching on shirts just makes them too delicate for my lifestyle and serves no function purpose. Thick buttons are worth it. I am too hard on my clothing for all SR or bespoke shoes...
Cosi on The London Lounge seems to have a very good tailor in Bucharest I dont have any more info than that I'm afraid.
Maybe this is some kind of juxtaposition statement with less formal suit and tie and very sharp ridiculous high collar, but it looks awful and insecurely begs for attention. That shirt is clearly meant for worsted (the collar meant for an ostrich). I dont think this would be considered good taste by any justifiable measure. It is the shirting equivalent of patent leather shoes with a flannel suit - yuck!
Trousers absolutely. With a jacket, you are flirting with Woody Allen / College professor territory so tread lightly.
They look fine to me. You would get more wear than that wearing them to cross the street.
That looks like a pretty good choice. FIlson is good. On Permanent Style blog Simon Crompton had a post on leather bags that was good. They were all around $1000 range I think. Jacket and tie seems excessive. You will be dressed more formally than professor (even if its MBA class in my experience)
New Posts  All Forums: