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That looks like a pretty good choice. FIlson is good. On Permanent Style blog Simon Crompton had a post on leather bags that was good. They were all around $1000 range I think. Jacket and tie seems excessive. You will be dressed more formally than professor (even if its MBA class in my experience)
American style is definitely its own animal but much more influenced by the British. Soft, Campanian style tailored clothing is only worn by a very small percentage of Americans. Walk down Madison Avenue during the week and you will see 85% of suits are standard boxy American cut for an American build. On the subway, I will occasionally see young guys in narrow trousers, double monk straps or longwings, 3-2 soft jackets, probably loud socks and immediately know they...
Too louche imo. You could really only wear them with sharp evening wear. During the day you would like like a miami club promoter or rich middle easterner in london. Im sure many will disagree with me though.
Thanks, Munwar. Styleforum wouldn't be styleforum if at least half the replies werent snarky and unhelpful or self-consciously ironic.
I am seriously considering this outfit to make some new hard wearing, basic work work suits for me. They come to New York often, and offer a bespoke pattern with multiple fittings, cut in London, and sewed in India, for about 1,200 pounds. For me, this could fill a need. I don't really mind where the suit was sewed as long as it fits, looks and performs well.In my $~2,300 price range, Chan can be great for some people but, I am not completely happy with my fit through them...
That is pretty similar to fit I got from just one measurement in USA. Very wearable and decent, but for bespoke, you might as well pay for one more basted fitting to dial it in a bit more. They can send you back a based version and then tweak it a bit when they are on tour in the USA. As for mine, my shoulders needed to be a bit more forward slope and my arm rotation needed some correcting I sent it back to Chan and they are fixing it now.
Flat silk laces will be more expensive because silk is much more expensive then nylon and they are rare. You can get flat black or grey waxed cotton laces here: https://www.hangerproject.com/closet/colored-dress-shoe-laces-1.html#.ULLbQYWbPJg I have never used them but they look good in the pictures and I trust the vendor.
Above is probably the best suggestion. Good thinking to go high waisted. Body building type physiques can look overall top heavy and gorilla like otherwise. Brooks brothers and http://www.pakeman.co.uk/ Pakeman Catto Cutter may have models you're looking for also.
I could see double breasted being useful around town. For many, not worth $1000+ to make it though.
Their boxers are very good.
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