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Sorry to Necrobump but I just received a Rove Concepts replica and it is terrible. Leather is clearly not from a cow. Luckily I bought on Ebay and there is a return policy but, don't repeat my mistake. I am going to buy a used real one I think. $5,000 is just a lot for a chair. I don't find these chairs uncomfortable though. The elegance more than makes up for the fact it isnt as comfortable as a la-z-boy. Like a suit vs. sweats.
Lot of you guys seem like very high collars that reach about an inch above the suit. It looks strange.
Classic tie but it looks like those are some kind of bird, not fish.
Think I am going to get espresso Warwick on soft square last... I will post when it arrives in six months haha.
I would buy the suit, but isn't silk pretty hot and unbreathable?
Those look great.
I tried Chan for two suits and spent about $1,500-1,700 on each, and am not thrilled with them. I think not having multiple fittings really hurt the end product. I'm going to try Ercoles for a herringbone tweed jacket and if that works out probably buy a grey flannel suit.
The Westminister, Beaulieu and full brogue (name i forgot) look better than competing styles. Vass seem to be better made and are much cheaper, but styles and especially colors are limited. If you have 10 Vass I would say thats probably enough.In my opinion, G&G are noticeably a cut above both.
^ look good. I am thinking about buying a pair in black for nights out. Is that the Rain last.
London influence probably.Austria's look very alpine which and representative of the country which I like.NZ's men's are nice. Tailoring looks terrible but the idea is a good one.Germanys are representative of the type of German style I hate.Austrialia's I think are pretty good, but they do look a bit like staff at a resort hotel.South Korea's are fine.The rest (particularly spain's) are pretty bad.
New Posts  All Forums: