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I think I am going to try casper for my next bed. It is a startup with free trial.
Just added myself to doc. Ordered about black MDR about 16 months ago.
You are misinformed. Read his last post.Now, A Suitable Wardrobe has further evolved. "A Suitable Wardrobe - the blog" and "A Suitable Wardrobe - the store" have become one, in a new approach designed to reflect your own busy lives. New content will live within the store itself, so you can more easily bring its subject matter into your closets. We'll continue to cover the subjects you care about, but in a more efficient and actionable format. And, once we've completed the...
The archives are a goldmine. I think that the blog has said nearly everything there is to say about classic dressing that is worth reading. The last year or so of posts have been less actionable information on classic dressing and more abstract treatises on the meaning of clothing and style per se, which are much less useful. As long as the archives are active, and Will Boehke is curating the excellent webstore I am not worried. Besides, the face that he just brought on...
No double rider, no refund, no email responses for about 18 months now..
What is the best semi-spread collar? Just the stock one? I sent in a picture of a charvet collar and ended up with more of a point than I would like. Still a nice shirt though. Copying an existing shirt I mailed in worked very well for the body. I'm looking for a slightly english semi-spread that won't turn too many heads worn by a mid level banker in the US. Bonus points if it looks good without a tie as well. Here is sort of what I am after:
Happy to sell my lamb double rider spot for $780 from October 2013
Anyone have experience with the leather jackets? A good amount seem to be on sale now
Money goes away damn quick if you allow yourself to spend it. Max your 401k and IRA (unless your are above limit). Sweep 10% of your income to a brokerage account invested in low cost index funds. Do a good job at work and keep your head up for other opportunities that will inevitably come along. Source: been at BB investment bank since i graduated college.
Do you have measurements?
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