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"Huntsman, Savile Row, London. Cost a god-damned fortune."
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Darts my friend, darts. Jon. Guys who play darts are usually pretty fat. I guess that could help you fill some of it out. I think you guys go overboard wearing super tight shirts that make you look young and fashionista-ish.
Best not to call attention to yourself too much. Look too spoiled and you may get a smaller bonus. Unless you are a talent agent or record exec, express yourself through your work. Wearing flashy windowpanes and the like could hold you back.
Looks very good for spring weddings. Hopefully its relatively light weight.
Best option is WW Chan. Around $1100 for a suit will fit you perfectly and has been compared to Canali in quality.
Other watch threads got me thinking. I really like simple watches, does anyone have any experience with this brand? They are about $900, very simple looking. I don't know anything about them really, and am having trouble finding information. http://home-furnishings.unicahome.co...=ole+mathiesen
Quote: Originally Posted by Sui Generis Same experience here. I just interviewed a batch of candidates for a junior associate position, and most of them who were under 30 were poorly turned out. The suit-with-no-tie look was popular, as was slacks with a dark shirt and dark tie (sans jacket). My guess is that their fathers (hippie boomers) walked around wearing sandals and flowy tunics during their formative years, and never taught their sons how...
Quote: Originally Posted by radicaldog I'm not sure about that. Is a clip-on tie really a tie? I would say that a dress watch with traditional design should be mechanical, whereas more modern designs are fine with quartz movements. Quartz is superior in accuracy and reliability. I think its like Bemberg lining over silk or non natural thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by khakijeans I don't think I'd argue that it's not the most important but dominant? I'd bet that if you looked into sales figures you'd find that blue outsells white and that sales of white have been in a long decline. I don't think so. I think if you own one dress shirt for interviews/funerals/weddings it is going to be white. But as far as fabric goes, broadcloth is most dressy> Royal Oxford is pretty formal>...
New Posts  All Forums: