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Just finished a fitting with WW Chan in NYC and I came away very impressed. Patrick Chu was extremely exacting. They took the jacket I walked in with to a separate room to measure it. Then Patrick Chu spent 15 minutes measuring me, then put a pre-basted suit jacket on me (strange idea but seemed to work well) and pinned it, taped it and measured that. I was originally planning to get a basted fitting in July but unfortunately I will be out of the country at the time. I...
Jlibourel, how do you know so much about alligators?
Grey wool pants.
Mixture between black and asian stylish suit styles.
Rottweilers pull it off.
Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl wur-stid Great! Thank you.
Please forgive the question but how do you pronounce the noun "worsted"? It looks like it may be a very British pronunciation like "Leicester".
You could wear corderoys (spelling)? ratty tweed blazer with leather patches and go fo the "cool teacher" look.
Chronograph is a specific kind of watch with extra functions. Its like saying sport coat instead of jacket. A bomber jacket is a jacket but not a sport coat.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rizzy Rich Joe you have lost your cool. That was good. They definitely shrink. I would wash cold and dry low. Lacoste shrink much more though. Brooks Brothers much less.
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