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Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl wur-stid Great! Thank you.
Please forgive the question but how do you pronounce the noun "worsted"? It looks like it may be a very British pronunciation like "Leicester".
You could wear corderoys (spelling)? ratty tweed blazer with leather patches and go fo the "cool teacher" look.
Chronograph is a specific kind of watch with extra functions. Its like saying sport coat instead of jacket. A bomber jacket is a jacket but not a sport coat.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rizzy Rich Joe you have lost your cool. That was good. They definitely shrink. I would wash cold and dry low. Lacoste shrink much more though. Brooks Brothers much less.
That's what I was really afraid of. The shoulders seem ok to me, but the body is very loose and baggy. Which as I understand it is pretty flexible.
I have job interviews coming up in January and have a Brooks Brothers 1818 Madison suit. It's pretty baggy everywhere and I probably would not buy the same model again, but it's what I've got. Please tell me what to tell the tailor as far as alterations go. I also have a Ralph Lauren Blazer which I think fits pretty well and would like to hear opinions. Blazer: Suit:
Get Georgia Boots. (that's a brand, aimed at pretty much exactly what you're describing). Or some kind of rubber wellington. or Go to London Trading Company. It's right in Atlanta and sells expensive country gentleman things. The last ones pictures I use for shooting, but would not be that great mucking around. http://www.londontradingcompany.com/...MNF0/Footwear/
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Why would you want to buy from N & L if despite the sale P.lal is cheaper. BTW, the Westfield is 381 USD shipped worldwide from Bodiley's Also the price of the Westfield from P.lal is 1199 MYR which works out to be 350 USD. How did you work out 330 USD ? I put a "~" symbol because I did not want to do a conversion. I am still trying to determine whether its the same shoe. The tooling on the toe cap looks like...
Does know if these are the same shoe? I heard whispers that N&L's shoes were made by C&J. In any case, New and Lingwood has a nice sale on. Westfield http://newandlingwood.com/picture.php?id=454&type=full New and Lingwood Semi Brogue Plal has the Westfield at ~$330 plus $30 shipping and the N&L is $355 plus $30 shipping.
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