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Quote: Originally Posted by miran What is the difference between Steve-O or Chester Bennington... ...and this gentleman? He brags that he loves every moment when wearing his warm and luxurious full length female mink coat. He brags it was custom-made for him, like that is achievement. But why is he not comfortable in his own skin? What is the gentleman trying to hide...
Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen Just think of how many animals had to die so that you could look that ridiculous. I take it you don't wear leather shoes. Came from a calf you know.
I just brought one of those tote bags with the company logo on it.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty The top pair are at least 15 years old. No signs of turning gray, not dull, and never a problem with lint collecting on my shoes. Brioni (made by Sutor Mantellassi ??) [IMG][/IMG] These look great.
I am a khakis and button down guy usually but every once in a while I need to pull out my dark jeans for going to bars or clubs with friends. I usually wear a dress shirt with no jacket, lacoste shirt or something similar. What are some good leather shoes to wear with these? I am thinking black monk straps maybe, but that might come off as pretty affected. I have been wearing white sneakers and I that may be a little too streetwear for me. Thanks. I'd like to add I...
Quote: Originally Posted by chenc I know the most prestigious woman in England is the queen. Since the queen doesn't wear men suits, we must go to prince Charles who is son of the most prestigious woman in England and next in line if the queen is no more. Find out who makes his suits and there you have it. For extra credit find out what Camilla wears and dress the GF/wife accordingly. If you want to look exactly like part of the royal family...
"Huntsman, Savile Row, London. Cost a god-damned fortune."
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Darts my friend, darts. Jon. Guys who play darts are usually pretty fat. I guess that could help you fill some of it out. I think you guys go overboard wearing super tight shirts that make you look young and fashionista-ish.
Best not to call attention to yourself too much. Look too spoiled and you may get a smaller bonus. Unless you are a talent agent or record exec, express yourself through your work. Wearing flashy windowpanes and the like could hold you back.
Looks very good for spring weddings. Hopefully its relatively light weight.
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