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Selling fantastic RLPL Grey suit 42R Awesome RLPL 42 trench coat Isaia SC 42 RLPL blazer 42 Austin Reed velvet blazer 42 Soem Samuari and KMW Jeans in 34 Brioni POW suit 42 http://www.ebay.com/sch/scbay04/m.html?item=251634121351&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
After whiffing on sizing with some of the Japanese brands and having to eat the ebay resale delta, I just tried on some of the indigo ST jeans at Brooklyn Denim company and bought a pair 1 size down from my normal chino size. Very happy with them. Good to know this brand is out there. I may buy the 17 oz version come winter. FYI Kiya just noticed that on the SE website most of the 3-16 jeans are listed as unsanfordized but on the 3Sixteen they are listed as sanfordized.
Ugh ^ Did not realize they had a regular fit in this model as well. I thought I bought tapered version. Expensive mistake ouch!
Just bought some Samuari s0500xx 15 oz Texas cotton jeans from BIG. I wear a 34 in most pants. I tried on a 36 in the store and they fit well (buttonable but snug). So the salesman told me to go with a 34. I just finished a hot soak and warm machine wash and they are still pretty loose. Any chance they have not shrunk all the way? Or Should I just bite the bullet and sell them on the forums or Ebay at a loss?
Does anyone have pictures comparing the R and F lasts they can post? I am about to order regular black calf plain captoe and wingtip.
I really like EG but can't seem to get the fit right. I am a 10D US 9E UK in most shoes and I cant seem to get comfortable in 9/9.5 or 9.5/10 in 202 and 82 lasts. I also tried sizing up and width-ing down. Probably over thinking it but in my opinion form a style and quality standpoint EG are the RTW shoes anywhere.
...Looks good on you though...
Those pleated, side tabbed jeans are truly reprehensible. May beau Brummel have mercy on your soul.
Thats what I was going to recommend. I saw it last week and was tempted. This one is in lambswool which I liked even better. That whole book is pretty neat.http://www.themerchantfox.co.uk/prod/292/jacketing/fox-bold-prince-of-wales-jacketingOrdered suits in 13 oz H. Lesser and 12 oz Smiths Botany. Once I have them, happy to make a comparison to anyone interested.
I met with WW chan in NYC last week. Ordered 2 suits without fittings for the first time. I have had about 5 suits or jackets made and am hoping I am fully dialed in at this point. He told me to expect delivery in July, he is back in August if there is some mistake. Very pleased with WW Chan. I have tried Steed, Mina Su Misura and Gordon Yao and am happiest with Chan.
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