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I really like the Allen Edmonds Park Avenue in dark brown for work and casual wear. It is not super sleek as far as oxfords go so you can wear it with chinos or a suit. It is still pretty dark so you won't turn any heads with tan shoes and dark pants or anything. A lot of punching or brogue-ing on a shoe makes it seem more rigid and less versatile in my eyes. Even though I know this was originally a country feature. My girlfriend always thinks my semi brogues are "old...
Quote: Originally Posted by Boswell 'Class' and 'hipster' do not belong in the same sentence. Jeans are at best functional wear for working class men; they are not acceptable casual dress for men of class. T-shirts at best are a piece of undergarment. Long hair is not befitting of a proper gentleman, but a moustache is acceptable. Those opinions are incredibly anachronistic and one dimensional. Those attitudes are straight out...
Chevy Tahoe
Do you have measurements on those pants?
Quote: Originally Posted by F. Corbera To me, pricing for fabrics is the last thing I would worry about when selecting a tailor. Within the common genre of bespoke tailoring, there is quite a bit of difference among Pooke, Steed and Chan stylistically, and a bit of difference in the approach to cutting and fitting, and in how the stuff is put together. One does not substitute easily for the other. I would expect HK prices to continue to rise...
I got a suit with no fittings. Looks better than anything else I own. I will be getting another on his next trip.
I just bought a Finamore shirt which I love and the front fits really well. The back however is too tight when I put both arms forward. There is noticeable pulling when typing and a hug would be out of the question. There are no pleats in the back of the shirt. Is it possible for an alterations tailor to give me a little more room? If so how much room do you think I could pick up? Thanks for the help
Slightly OT but does anyone have experience with Hacketts' Chinos?
RLPL St. Andrews made navy blazer, in 42R. In my mind, this blazer is the definitive navy blazer and a well established SF favorite. Its so versatile and is a year round staple in all-season weight. * Made in Italy by St. Andrews * All-season 100% wool * Solid Navy * 2 button * Single breasted * Notch lapel * Flapped pockets with ticket pocket * Dual vents * Blue horn buttons [IMG][/IMG] I have had the buttons...
If you bring a suit needing alterations to your fitting, what is the process?
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