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Slightly OT but does anyone have experience with Hacketts' Chinos?
RLPL St. Andrews made navy blazer, in 42R. In my mind, this blazer is the definitive navy blazer and a well established SF favorite. Its so versatile and is a year round staple in all-season weight. * Made in Italy by St. Andrews * All-season 100% wool * Solid Navy * 2 button * Single breasted * Notch lapel * Flapped pockets with ticket pocket * Dual vents * Blue horn buttons [IMG][/IMG] I have had the buttons...
If you bring a suit needing alterations to your fitting, what is the process?
Why did David Stern lose this stache? It makes him look so cool and tough.
Wrong thread.
Why did David Stern shave his creepy stache.
Depends on your face...
I would be curious to know if they have raised their prices too. Also, do they mail fabric swatche so you can order once your pattern is dialed in?
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf I think the suit fits ok, no major weirdness, just a little fuller than what people like around here. It's interesting that both the shirt and suit fit similarly, did you ask for things to be a little more "relaxed fit"? Or did you lose a lot of weight since they were both commissioned? I told them I work and live in two fairly conservative environments and do not like tight clothing. Plus this gives me more...
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