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I thought this would be pretty close. I am going to go to the lobb store at lunch and take a look.
Time has come for me to get a plain black cap toe oxford. It is a definite void in my closet and a fun excuse to buy a new shoe. I am trying to decide between: Edward Green Chelsea 202 Last (or 82 or 888), Black Calf Gaziano & Girling Oxford in Black Calf on the GG06 Last John Lobb City II. I also have the JL Philip II in the back of my mind but really need a plain toe more. Right now, I am leaning towards the G&G. I have...
I am looking for a Canadian member who can order me some Turnbull and Asser stuff from the British website (without VAT) and mail it to me in the United States. Please send me a message if you can do this.
Any chance you get more houndstooth ties or similar?
I think I will buy the suit and return if I don't like it
Quote: Originally Posted by sellahi22 Depends on whether the fabric reads as a semi-solid or narrow stripes. If the latter, I don't think it's suitable for your purposes. Conservative striped cloth usually has spacing of 1-2cm. Thats sort of what I was thinking. Thanks. Here is a picture from slightly farther away.
Are there any hard and fast rules about pin stripes? Obviously really loud ones are more casual and jaunty but what else?
Have you washed it a few times? I think if you wear it about four times and let it "settle in" then wear that shirt to your next fitting you will nail it on the next order. That looks nice for a first shirt.
SIAP I did a search and didn't find anything. I am thinking about buying a suit with pinstripes like those below. However, the stripes on it are a lot narrower than what I am used to. Is this still a classic look? Or is it trendy and GQ-ish? I tend to be a pretty conservative, sort of anglophile dresser, and I work in a very conservative industry and don't want to be too flashy. For whatever reason I don't see suits like this a lot around my office. Thanks for the...
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