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Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH You know, I have considered doing this many times, becauase I hate my Paul Smith beaters that I wear in the rain. I actually think barefoot is much more stylish... Enjoy cutting the hell out of your feet.
Quote: Originally Posted by enarchay Question. Can someone post a picture of how a cuff should look? I had my blazer tailored, and about two weeks later, I noticed that the one sleeve was slightly longer than the other and tended to cover the cuff. So I took it to another tailor to get the one sleeve fixed, but it still doesn't look right! I'm wondering if it's just my sleeves pulling up slightly from moving, or the blazer sitting on me weird. But in...
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff i think 2 inch cuffs look great and novel (novel within the context of your personal wardrobe) if done on a couple of trousers . like the heavy , decorate flannels and such. 2 inch cuffs on every trouser may look stupid This I don't understand. The heavier weight of the pants should eliminate the need for a cuff.
Looks like you need to have the top of your hair extremely long in relation to the sides. Take those pictures to a salon and ask them.
To me it looks absurdly tight, beyond slim.
How long does it typically take Geneva to make shirts for a new customer? I would call but I am in Zurich.
Quote: Originally Posted by miran What is the difference between Steve-O or Chester Bennington... ...and this gentleman? He brags that he loves every moment when wearing his warm and luxurious full length female mink coat. He brags it was custom-made for him, like that is achievement. But why is he not comfortable in his own skin? What is the gentleman trying to hide...
Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen Just think of how many animals had to die so that you could look that ridiculous. I take it you don't wear leather shoes. Came from a calf you know.
I just brought one of those tote bags with the company logo on it.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty The top pair are at least 15 years old. No signs of turning gray, not dull, and never a problem with lint collecting on my shoes. Brioni (made by Sutor Mantellassi ??) [IMG][/IMG] These look great.
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