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Nobody? This would really help.
Hi everyone, Does anyone have any pictures or experience comparing the the Macquarie and the "forum special"? What are the major differences (other than leather quality)? Pics would be really appreciated.
pm sent.
How do APC Rescues fit? I am thinking about buying these and am a 35 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...STRK:MESELX:IT
You will probably get a lot of shit for it.
Quote: Originally Posted by alcool Not ENTIRELY the same... but the price is right, and available in fawn/charcoal as well. Perhaps someone else can comment on the quality of this coat?? http://www.ctshirts.co.uk/Navy--cove...V||||||||||||| I actually tried it on at the CT store on Madison. It fit too snugly for me personally (5'10" 175lbs fairly broad size 42) and the quality was below my target (probably good for the money however).
Quote: Originally Posted by GBer More info about job is needed. High (I-bank/ hedge fund/ PE) or low (accounting for small company) finance? Back office or client facing? And how much do you travel for work? Ibank analyst at bulge bracket firm. Not much client facing but definite chance there of some, almost zero travel. The MD's at my bank regularly wear olive Barbour jackets over their suits to and from work.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ich_Dien Crombie's clothing is just awful quality wise. I'd advise you to steer well clear. Thanks. Are there any brands I should be looking for to find a similar coat in the same price range (or less, preferably)? For what its worth, I think Brooks Brothers and similar companies are kind of boring and really like the style of this one. I like Paul Stuart's style also but I won't/can't pay $1,500 for a coat.
What do you think of this coat for everyday work wear in the NYC winter in the finance industry? I did a search and could not see it mentioned. I think it looks great. Maybe a little short. It is around $900 so it is not inexpensive. Does anyone have any experience with the brand crombie? "This gentleman's coat is fly-fronted, a tad shorter than our covert, with darting for shape, horizontal side pockets and a velvet collar. Here it is in hard-wearing melton *...
I see a lot of french cuff shirts with ties and no jacket. People usually have the jacket on the back of their doors or something, but basically take it off the minute they get to their office. The white collar shirt for business casual is probably too bold.
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