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Is there a legend for spreadsheet? what is green email for instance?
My 2013 DR just turned green. Does that mean I have been chosen?
I just bought two pairs of boots from carmina the jodphurs on forest which fit fantastically and the chelseas on rain, which are a bit looser than I would prefer. I think that if they are a bit loose out of the box I should probably return them, right? They will only get more loose with wear and too big chelseas would be pretty bad.
I live in Williamsburg but think UWS is your best bet.
Anyone have any experience with Le Labo Vetiver?
Just got back in town and am catching up on this thread. Any hope for my MDR from October 2013? Where do I submit my Info?
Any luck with MDRs? I am at closing in on 2 years here.
3 looks alright. It is pinned too tight though. Its also a bit short for my taste.
If you wear it twice a year, yes. That is probably about the weight of a pair of chinos. Unless you are very prone to overheating, I would get 12 oz though because it will drape better and wrinkle less,
I am considering buying one of their shirts and having it replicated by my shirt maker. The color looks very nice.
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