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Happy to sell my lamb double rider spot for $780 from October 2013
Anyone have experience with the leather jackets? A good amount seem to be on sale now
Money goes away damn quick if you allow yourself to spend it. Max your 401k and IRA (unless your are above limit). Sweep 10% of your income to a brokerage account invested in low cost index funds. Do a good job at work and keep your head up for other opportunities that will inevitably come along. Source: been at BB investment bank since i graduated college.
Do you have measurements?
Is this still available?
I asked for a refund about 2 weeks ago and have not heard back, despite 3 emails. I just raised dispute with paypal. It has been about 14 months.
Attached are 3 suits I had made at a popular Hong Kong tailor. The two I on the right are about 1.5 years old and are extremely comfortable and, in my opinion, look very good. The one on the left is brand new (2 left pics are same suit). It is a bit closer to the body but, unfortunately, this made the body look less shaped. I also think the shoulders are about 0.5 too narrow and that the shoulders look better with a little "turn up" at the end. I also had the length...
I use both as well. My WW chan suits fit just a bit better and seem a bit more stylish. The interlinings, buttons etc also seem higher quality. I use GY for warm weather suits because everything is just a bit lighter.
I would buy it if it looks good. I personally would not because black makes me look "washed out"
Just placed my latest order with Luxire. I wasn't completely happy with outcome of my first two based on measurements (my fault I am sure) so I just sent in an old MTM shirt to be copied. I sent Cordings corduroy pants to be copied too which fit me very well. I chose Dugdale flannel for the pants and "pale blue end on end" for the shirt. If the pants work out maybe my I can save money by having my bespoke tailor just make jackets for me and have Luxire make the pants. I...
New Posts  All Forums: