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3 looks alright. It is pinned too tight though. Its also a bit short for my taste.
If you wear it twice a year, yes. That is probably about the weight of a pair of chinos. Unless you are very prone to overheating, I would get 12 oz though because it will drape better and wrinkle less,
I am considering buying one of their shirts and having it replicated by my shirt maker. The color looks very nice.
Just bought a pair of 9.5E 202 Berkleys online. I normally wear 9UK or 10D USA shoes in other brands. The EGs aren't loose but they definitely are not snug in the toe box. Do you think they will stretch out and be too lose after a few wears? Thanks
Any ideas when my October 2013 MDR will arrive?
That seems fairly normal. It is the Golden bale that is expensive.
I agree with concept (and I am playing devil's advocate, what you're describing is exactly what I plan to do) but given short time horizon, relying solely on investment income to pay for car payments would be a risky. Long term average income vs. short term financing needs.Obviously, most people have other savings / investments / regular income to cover if you hit bumps early on. Again... playing devils advocate and being pretty annoying I'm sure. I took out an unsecured...
Downside is if the the S&P is down ~8% (which is within 1 std dev) in a year then you just paid 3% for the privilege of buying the rest of your car at 108%.I certainly wouldn't make any financial decisions dependent on the S&P earning me 13% per year considering the companies that make up the index earn about 7% net income on average.I am in finance so what I can personally invest in is pretty restricted.That said, its not sexy but, I am very happy with a portfolio really...
Thanks. Price range is flexible but the less I can pay for something respectable the better. I would be taking money out of a brokerage account yielding ~+8% to buy a car depreciating at ~-10% / year to buy it so don't want more negative carry than I can get away with.Maybe this is a bad way to look at it but in my mind I am paying 10% a year in depreciation and 8% a year in foregone investment income to drive the thing which just seems wasteful (obviously i am ignoring...
I just don't think the japanese brands look nearly as cool as the ze germans or cultivate the yuppie image i am going for (I am being facetious but 100% serious).I am leaning towards a lightly used A6 at the moment.
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