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Something got lost in translation with my tailor and the buttoning point on my newest 2 button suits is now about 1.75-2 inches above my belly button, about 1.5 inches higher than I would like. Is there any way to change this? I have 4 suits and a jacket like this and it starting to drive me crazy.
I am a late 20s single guy who just moved into new building in New York and don't own much furniture so have decided to hire a decorator. I figured, I would be happier with end result than if I did I myself and I would save a lot of time. I was referred to a friend of a friend, she said she charges by the hour, her rate is $250/hr and a one bedroom apartment with no major custom work (just picking out furniture and fixings and putting it in the apartment) would be...
I am having a really hard time finding the right fit here. I am generally an american size 10D. I just received macquaries in 9 medium in the mail and the toe box and heel feel great, but the midfoot is not snugly gripping the middle of my foot. There are sort of bulges in the middle where my foot is not touching the leather. Is this normal? Should I try sizing down and risking a too-tight toebox? Or is this something that will even out over time
This thread has convinced me i don't have the patience to be cool. Its liberating.
You should show pictures of the interior on the website.
This looks very good. Whats that army jacket? I really like how you wear it almost like a barbour coat.
Everything looks nice quality but for me the navy jacket light grey pants combination cant avoid negative security guard connotations.EDIT: Saw that you called it out as well. My bad!
Being a lefty is more stylish because it makes you feel good about yourself.Even though by being a fashionista you are almost by definition an egotist. There is certainly an ingrained contradiction but cognitive dissonance is ok if you don't think about it and just focus on the fashion.
Why would you need to hide your pulse? Are you some kind of vampire hunter or something?
I rolled the dice on the 3rd one because price was very low and I wanted to try it on. The second one is the Schott collaboration... pretty harmless double rider. Whats so bitchy eyes smiley face about it (serious question)?
New Posts  All Forums: