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I rolled the dice on the 3rd one because price was very low and I wanted to try it on. The second one is the Schott collaboration... pretty harmless double rider. Whats so bitchy eyes smiley face about it (serious question)?
Just ordered these 3 RRL jackets. Hopefully they fit and feel as good as they look. Anyone tried?
Does anyone have a picture of craftsman chisle toe next to the macquarie with the round toe? I am going to buy a pair for an american office and am unsure what to go with. Also, they fit the same right?
Anyone else having trouble editing their own locked cells?
Any love for Acne Gibson? I am thinking about snagging one because I dont think this TOJ MDR thing is happening...
Is this the SLP one?
Anyone else have problems fitting into the rain last? The forest fits me perfectly well but the rain is a bit too big and the simpson is a bit too small. This is making buying chelsea boots tough.
I got one and I like it a lot.
I got brooklinens and I liked them.
Cross post from luxire thread. I recently had the below shirt made by luxire and I think it fits me quite well, but not perfectly. I have washed it about 4 or 5 times and the below photos are after wearing it to work all day. I am going to get 10 or so shirts made for work so want to get it right. What do you all think? I think I might narrow the shoulders a touch, raise the armhole slightly and possibly take the waist in a a bit. There is a lot of fullness in the back...
New Posts  All Forums: