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I just got my linen/cotton Highland Jacket. Let me tell you guys that this jacket is totally being overlooked by most EG fans this season. I know some people complained about the buttons being too big, but that is not a problem at all. The buttons are attached by keychain like rings which you can easily remove or replace with any button of your choice. For my jacket, I removed the fat buttons on the two side pockets for a cleaner look.
Very awesome find. I got the same birdshooter in S when I was in the UK. Paid like 230 pounds or something!! I still love this jacket. All the details are just perfect, much better than other seasons stuff. The only thing I would change is probably slim it down a little for the width.
Email Chris from Revolver. He may be able to get the size and the model you want. Their service is awesome, I ordered the Ghillie mocs from them.
Leathersoul just got in some V-tips in Barrie last. What are your opinions on the V-tips? The NST stitching looks a lot more sturdy than these, and I'm not sure how they would look well worn.
What last are the Cigar NST chukka's made from? Is it Aberdeen?
Yeah, where can I still get a pair of Irving pants in Green Sateen?
Is this the right size for someone who wears 8D on Alden Barrie?
Just a heads up I saw the Khaki Zuma in size L at Lane Crawford in the HK IFC mall.
Hey Mike, I just resoled my Thorogood x Epaulets!! I love the horsehide on these boots. May I suggest doing another collab, this time with a low top oxford with mocc toe stitching in horsehide.
I don't know if this will be of any help to you, but I'm an S in the Zuma, same with all my EG and WWM shirts and jackets.
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