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The need for this thread is long overdue!! I get all my Tricker's MTO's from Richard at the Shoehealer. They also have a facebook page where you can share info with other fans.
Quote: Originally Posted by GreatHighway i just gave my #8 belt a polish, hoping to get some more color on it and i like how it turned out..before and after... the difference is subtle but its closer to the color of my #8 shoes now How does the sizing go for those belts? I'm thinking of getting one of those but not sure what size I should get.
J crew looks like Barrie last while Jumper boot is Trubalance
Just order from The Bureau in the UK.
I posted these over at Superfuture due to people asking about them, so I thought I'd post it for sale here too. I can't believe I've stored these in the closet for so long!! These Lanvin Sneakers I believe are from FW 2007 season (Back when Lanvins looked clean, simple, and awesome!) Model: Black Patent leather/Satin Hightops with Strap (with Straps cost the most) What's included: Original Box and 2 Shoebags Condition: -Brand New, never worn outside -The...
Not bad! That's pretty cool how the sole is flush with the leather. When you mentioned you were getting cat's paws done I expected it to come out like workboot style.
Thanks Freddy, maybe I'll stick with them for now. Do they shrink at all after washing in normal temperature water?
I just got my Olive Sateen Irving pants in size 30 and they fit a bit tight in the waist. It's weird, cuz my Irving pants in Charcoal oxford material fit perfect in size 30. I guess different cloths make a huge difference... Does anyone know if the Sateen material will stretch and soften after some wear? Anyway, if someone has a size 32 Olive Sateen they wanna trade, lemme know.
That sounds interesting! Are you getting the heels too?
I got it from Nalu: They can ship international and take paypal. You just have to email them. Their site doesn't show that they have a Large available, maybe try asking just in case.
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