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Very nice boots. I think they would look better with different laces though! Maybe some black round ones?
Quote: Originally Posted by PeterParker "To order or not to order?", that is the question. Last day of LS's Alden design contest pre-order. Money is tight, but it would seem foolish of me not to order my design... I'm thinking exactly the same thing....
Quote: Originally Posted by darnold Shocked and awed at this. I know! But good job to the two winners nonetheless! Tom, if the finalists pre-order/buy a pair of their own shoe design, can they get any sort of discount?
Contest results are posted! Congrats to those who won!!: Without further adieu, the winners of the second Leather Soul Alden design contest are… …M. Weinshenker and his Chromexcel LHS and A. Cornett and his American Country Boot! The voting breakdown is as follows: Shoe #1 28 Votes Shoe #2 26 Votes Shoe #3 78 Votes Boot #1 34 Votes Boot #2 30 Votes Boot #3 106 Votes
Tom, was it a landslide for each Shoe and Boot category?
Quote: Originally Posted by GreatHighway if i could get shoe #2 but in black chromexcel id be all over it. but going on whats there, boot #3 sounds very appealing. 'An American version of the country boot' is a great way to put it. maybe even put some of that extra perforation on it like that new plaza wingtip... I'm pretty sure leathersoul can make it in different leather variations sooner or later. Just gotta have the style produced first.
What do you guys think of the leathersoul contest finalist shoes and boots? Which ones Shoe and Boot would you vote for? SHOE #1 The SF Classy Blucher by R. Friend Plain Toe Blucher w/Medallion on Toe Hampton Last Burgundy #8 Shell Cordovan 6 Blind Eyelets Regular Welt, Close Heel Single Oiled Leather Flex Sole LS Comments: "A great everyday shoe with a medallion detail that keeps it interesting. Very versatile, it will look great with a suit or with...
The Red Shell that Tricker's uses looks more like Oxblood to me.
Tricker's MTO Kensington: Red Shell Cordovan!! Thank you Richard from the Shoehealer!!
The problem with Present London's Trickers is that they only offer full sizes. So if you're a half size on those lasts you're outta luck
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