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Quote: Originally Posted by tonamijesus New Wingtip Derby in Nut Brown. Any advice on where to get shoe trees for them? Is that a new standard model? What last?
Quote: Originally Posted by jooohan Real nice boots everyone! I have a pair of C&J Coniston 7.0 UK E fitting, last 325 and the C&J Cheslsea boot in 7.5 UK, fitting E and last 238. Both fit me very good. Now I am in for a pair of Trickers, the Stow model with Dainete soles.. Does anybody know which size I should order? I don't live so I can try them on.. Thanks in advance! I am 7.5UK (E standard width) in Coniston and for Stow I am...
I'm 7.5UK in the last 325. What would I be in the 341?
add me to list
Johnny, post some of your own pics when you get the chance! I always find Richard's pics don't do the shoes justice with their washed out colors.
If you guys want size 46 from the UK. You should try requesting it from Corniche They're super nice people and can order the size for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ahab Those look awesome. I want a pair of them in Shell!!
Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh How did you size them? Are they true to size, or how do they compare with other brands.
So if i'm 8US in Alden Barrie. Would I be a 9 in these chukka's?
Quote: Originally Posted by jasonfoote303 Alden for Unionmade: Indy Shoe in Natural Chromexcel I got the Shoemart version with the closed heel. Awesome casual daily wearers!
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