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Quote: Originally Posted by commodorewheeler I agree with everything you put, except for the sole, I would prefer the standard leather sole to the flex welt/oiled leather sole. I could either do a thick single leather sole or a double leather sole on this one. Too bad Alden doesn't do a bevelled waist on any of their soles. Yeah regular leather sole would be good. Are standard Alden leather soles double or single?
Quote: Originally Posted by commodorewheeler Count me in for this one if it ever comes to be. That is my favorite style of shoe that Alden makes. I think it loks best on the Plaza last. So... Five eyelet perforated straight tip balmoral shoe: Ravello shell, Plaza last, blind eyelets, Antiqued edging, 270 degree flat welt, Leather sole or Flexwelt, or double waterlock
Okay, what about a five eyelet perforated straight tip balmoral shoe in Ravello? Similar to this
I'll be interested in the cigar tanker - Barrie last, commando sole, 360 or 270 degree flat welt, all eyelets, flat waxed laces (grey?)
Yeah lets get back to group buying! What's next? I'd be interested in a Monkey shoe or that Straight tip two tone that I posted earlier
Quote: Originally Posted by drz I'm definitely signing in for this model! How about all black calf with navy calf or bugundy calf heel counter sup rkusmant I think that'll look pretty good too! But I'm leaning towards the color combo in the picture as browns will show more patina with wear, whereas black will just stay black.
I'm liking those straight tip cap toes! Here's another pic What about a group buy on these, except with a Brown Dainite sole? And maybe change the eyelets to brass?
I think i'll pass on this round as I prefer rubber soles over leather. I'll keep on the lookout for other MTO group buys
I might be interested in that longwing. I vote for Dainite sole as it is much more hard wearing and practical. What about the Victory sole? Or is that not an option from Tricker's?
What's the 81 last like? I always thought the longwing came in the W2298 last? That's what it says in the Tricker's catalog I have.
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