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IMO fit is size down 1 size from regular size. I wear a 9US in most shoes. My other shoe sizes: Alden Barrie 8D Converse Chucks 8US Vans 9US Quoddy 9US Nikes 9US
Yeah the Charles model looks great in that orange cordovan! I wonder how that color will look after some wear.
Hey guys, I've decided to sell these boots as I've barely had the opportunity to wear these due to living in hot Asian weather. I bought these from Bakershoe and have worn them less than 10 times. You can see their condition in pictures below. Asking $270 plus shipping (Original Price was $500 USD) Size: 8D US Model: White's Bounty Hunter (Semi-dress last) -All Brass Eyelets -Double Midsole -Brown edge -Black heavy duty 7-8oz leather(Thicker and tougher leather...
Damn, nice longwing boots... I wonder how a stubby longwing would look?
I don't think i've ever seen a stow with a blind welt. What about a stubby Stow with a regular flatwelt instead?
Does anyone have the seconds list for 8 and 8.5? If you do, please PM me, Thanks!
let's do the cigar jumper! Barrie or Trubalance??
Quote: Originally Posted by rkusmant I was told that the monkey boots will be made on 5402R Last, the fit is true to size to Tricker's boots, somewhat comparable to 4497 last. Yup, So if you're Alden Barrie 8D, then you would be 8UK for 5402R
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