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Size: S Measurements: Condition: Worn 3 times (look at pics) The Olive version of this shirt is probably the most sought after CPO for the S/S 11 season Pit-to-Pit: 20.3" Shoulder: 17" Length: 29.3" Sleeve: 24.1"
If anyone's looking for the Canvas duck Bedford size S, I got one for sale in the classifieds!
Engineered Garments Canvas duck Bedford Jacket from F/W 11 Size: S Measurements (taken from Inventory site) Small Pit-to-Pit: 19" Shoulder: 17.5" Length: 26" Sleeve: 18" Condition: New with Tags EG Bedford is one of my favorite jackets as I have several Bedfords from different seasons. This jacket fits a bit tight on me so I ended up re-buying it in M Size S in this Jacket is sold out everywhere. I bought this jacket at full price for $350
Double green shell I love Rancourt. Kyle is a great guy to deal with!
How about a cigar NST on other than Barrie or Aberdeen last? Maybe Lleydon?
Wow, those look really good!! I didn't even know normal sole conversions were actually possible. I'm gonna shoot Quoddy an email. Thanks guys!!
I just spotted these new Vibram soles that replaces the round leather sole or the crepe style sole. Does anyone know anything about these soles? This might be the solution I need to replace the crepe soles on my Quoddys. I'm sick of having super dirty crepe soles! http://unionmadegoods.com/Images/Products/Canoe_Moc_in_Toast_Suede_0.jpg http://unionmadegoods.com/Images/Products/Canoe_Moc_in_Calico_Dark_Bone_Suede_0.jpg
Trickers are actually quite accommodating in taking in special requests like zippers and such. There just might be an extra surcharge for it.
I wonder if White's could make a 700 half sole the way they do the Commando half sole in that picture?
The monkey boot last fits TTS. So you will need a half size larger than the 4497 last.
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