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Just a note to anyone buying a JCREW tux .......the arm hole is WAAAYYY to tight to wear a French cuff with them which is absolutely ridiculous considering it is a tux and should be worn with a tux shirt which has - traditionally - a french cuff.....buyer beware. Amazed no one else has mentioned this.
Wrong time of year anyway - getting warmer -- more Autumn / winter...
http://www.ditalegends.com/product_detail/1016/LEVER.htmlmeasurements are there 47/21/145.i have the Lever and they are just amazingly well made and really nice glasses.They measure 140cms in total width.
+1Gag me with a spoon!
Oh i like this ....a closer pic would be good...i wouldn't bother about the originality - the face looks great and you have a more modern movement.Nioce!
Cat Died
Most actors can only play themselves in one dimension or another...only the really good one's can inhabit many characters and make it believable.
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