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Any suggestions for New Years Eve? Gonna be me and a date and some other friends. I'd at least like to be able to move around some, really thinking Bourbon might be too busy to deal with all evening. I haven't been able to search the entire districts since I have been in the area and my date does not have any experience in NOLA.
I haven't posted on here in a while or updated my location.
Thanks. I bought a suit at Rubensteins. My shirt maker from Hong Kong and I just" broke up" and I am looking for someone to take his place. It wont be hard as long as they can just make some shirts right that fit. I will look up these other places. Thanks for the replys.
I need some suggestions for someone to make some shirts in the New Orleans area. I've been doing some made to measure stuff with a group from Hong Kong but it just isn't working out.
Thinking of buying a new laptop. $600-$800 dollar range. Usually I just buy the cheapest I can and keep it until it doesn't work anymore but I'm looking for a more 'grown up' machine. I don't game. Mostly used for bookkeeping, internet, iTunes, Blackberry, camera (try to keep most pictures on a seperate drive).
I've carrid the same Eye-Brand for 10 years and Case knives all through high school. On a certain college agriculture trip to Scotland and Ireland it was funny to watch 20 guys all reach into their pocket and put their knives into their checked bags moments before they were checked and then the first thing done just after customs was to reach into the bag, grab the knife and put it back in the pocket. It's like wearing a watch, things just don't seem right without...
It's not just large cities. Look up the crime rate of Clovis, NM sometime. Here in Amarillo, TX they just sentenced a guy for shooting a Londener who was visiting Route 66.
I'm going to be in Lexington, KY for a few days and am wanting some brands of bourbon to try while there. I'm more of an irish whiskey drinker myself but while I'm there it would be good to try something local or different than the brands found throughout the country. When I do drink bourbon I like Makers, over ice or with a little ginger ale.
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoRon However, the anomalies of the Derby do not really happen consistently across racing. Don't you think it's possible that the Derby is that hard to handicap just because of the complexity of a 20 horse race, where a number of horses are changing surface and the fact that the horses are at an age where they may hit their prime after the prep races? +1 I don't like a 20 horse field except it that it makes...
I made a mistake and posted this in the wrong place. If someone could move that for me I'd be appreciative. Sorry for the mistake.
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