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Have you been tested for celiac disease? They recommend that everyone with diarrhea predominant ibs symptoms have an IgA anti-ttg antibody drawn. Doubly true for you with the history of mouth ulcers with wheat
Thanks a lot Greg. One follow-up, Is that price excluding or including the discount?
Greg or Kyle, will there be discounts on MTO/MTM at the Eidos event this month, similar to the prior event?  SF discount?  Also, what would you guess the starting price to be on MTO and MTM suiting there?     Trying to decide if I should change my travel plans to make time for it.  Thanks!
I should have said preserve the texture already there.  It smooths out the rough and dry edges.  It not going to significantly straighten.
I can recommend this for people with curly, slightly dry/frizzy hair to achieve some texture and hold while keeping it soft.  Never used anything like it (though my experience is limited).  Certainly not as dry as sumotech.  
You have a fridge and 6 hours so why don't you try it instead of asking stupid questions?  
Pale Blue Oxford?
 Thanks for the input, I think you're right but before I pay a bunch for international shipping and returns I'd at least like to narrow it down to the shoe or shoes more likely to fit.  
    I'm looking for a suede tassel loafer in the sub $400 range.  I've been looking at Meermin, Carmina, Sanders, and Loake to this point.  Which one of these brands would in general be a better fit for someone with a slightly wide forefoot but normal/narrow heel?  I've read the Carmina uetem last and the Loake loafer last described as narrow, so those are probably out.  I've read the Meermin is wide at the heel.  Haven't heard anything about the Sanders, though I have...
Thanks Greg, I'll do that. Here are a couple of fit pics, please excuse the army tuxedo thing I have going on. Its the right size IMO and its a great looking jacket. The pulling is difficult to capture but hopefully this helps.
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