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 Too deep, shallow, or neither?   For anyone else, could you describe the depth of the hats?  I need a deep hat for my generous noggin
@ridethecliche: Apc did a pair of petit standards like that a couple years ago
patients don't have a choice in that situation .
I have 8 pair of chinos ( both slim and vintage) and all have been consistently sized fwiw
It's too small   You can't go TTS on the bball with normal or wide shoulders.  Feels like you're in a vise when you try to button it.  I tried for several months to convince myself that it could work but had to move on.  Anyone with a 54 they want to sell?
if you're an e width, the achilles may not fit you well.  45 will be too narrow.  You could try 46
 Doing a PhD because you want a top 10 residency is stupid.  I've been there. Did research because I wanted a top radonc residency.  Fucking hated research, fucking hated my life.  If you love research that's another story.  But consider that you're losing 2-3+ million of possible future earnings.  
Is this the same leather as in the collab? Love the rust shade here
Has anyone found a decent belt that would match these? 
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