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I should have said preserve the texture already there.  It smooths out the rough and dry edges.  It not going to significantly straighten.
I can recommend this for people with curly, slightly dry/frizzy hair to achieve some texture and hold while keeping it soft.  Never used anything like it (though my experience is limited).  Certainly not as dry as sumotech.  
You have a fridge and 6 hours so why don't you try it instead of asking stupid questions?  
Pale Blue Oxford?
 Thanks for the input, I think you're right but before I pay a bunch for international shipping and returns I'd at least like to narrow it down to the shoe or shoes more likely to fit.  
    I'm looking for a suede tassel loafer in the sub $400 range.  I've been looking at Meermin, Carmina, Sanders, and Loake to this point.  Which one of these brands would in general be a better fit for someone with a slightly wide forefoot but normal/narrow heel?  I've read the Carmina uetem last and the Loake loafer last described as narrow, so those are probably out.  I've read the Meermin is wide at the heel.  Haven't heard anything about the Sanders, though I have...
Thanks Greg, I'll do that. Here are a couple of fit pics, please excuse the army tuxedo thing I have going on. Its the right size IMO and its a great looking jacket. The pulling is difficult to capture but hopefully this helps.
The jacket fits fine in the shoulders and chest, very comfortable and a little big if anything.  Material is nice as well.   The armhole design is deeply flawed however
Just received the Oliver Spencer Fisher Bomber Jacket: Unfortunately I can't recommend it.  The armhole design is off and very restricting and uncomfortable. I can't even put my hands in the pockets without a lot of pulling at the lower front of the armhole and can't raise my arm to the sides past 30 degrees without pulling.  Another final sale failure for me.  
 So if I'm understanding you correctly then my first order was incorrectly filled.  I wish you guys kept making that mistake since it's my favorite shirt and want more of it!  Could you help me figure out which fabric may have been used?  I've included some pictures.  The shirt on bottom and in the solo shot is the fabric i'm interested in, the top shirt is my recent sky blue oxford order.  As you can see, the bottom is a softer blue.  It's also a little lighter weight,...
New Posts  All Forums: