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Me either. Chukkas with a driving shoe type sole. They're in fantastic shape. They look hardly worn. Size 9.5
Debating on posting my meager finds before or after Eddie posts. Hmm, well, I might as well.....My alternator decided it wanted to stop working about 20 miles into my trek so the wife and kid came to rescue me and we continued to hit a few stores.What would one call this style? Barn coat? Field coat? Looks just like LL Bean's Field Coat but is 100% leather with wool lining.
Likely made around the time of their label style change in 2002/2003. I have had several suits made around this time that have had the same thing.
Yeah, I was kind of surprised at how well they do after taking a quick look on the bay. This is probably the nicest one I've seen, though. Stuck out like a sore thumb.
Slim pickins around here lately. Picked up a couple things I normally wouldn't. When I found this I thought to myself "If Robert Graham made a western shirt, it would probably look something like this".
So glad TC area thrift stores have public restrooms and most of the Goodwill's restrooms are amazingly clean.
I hate Halloween at the thrift stores. Yeah, the bring out a ton of cool stuff but I fear many beautiful pieces meet an awful fate as well. Imagine how many Kiton or Brioni cashmere sportcoats get thrown away after having dumped red paint all over it or holes cut into it because they only paid $8.99 from a thrift store.
Am I seeing this right? Release? Man....
Found a pair of Simon Millers last week for $6.99. but they weren't my size and were heavily worn.
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