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Maybe snowbirds? I see stuff from Liemandt's all the time. They were an middle-tier men's clothing store for years in downtown Minneapolis. They also had a store in the Galleria later on. They closed in the 90's if I remember right. I remember being in the Galleria store a couple times.Yeah, that's what I'm dealing with. I guess a lot of the upper midwest is getting thrown into the deep freeze too (N. and S. Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, etc). They say if you take a pot of...
Same here. I mean it's better now than what it has been but that's really not saying much. Nothing like 4-5 years ago where tons of crazy stuff would be coming out and they'd literally push it out the back door as fast as they could.
I pick them up. I have several in my collection that are really nice.That's a steal! Any chance you'd be up for proxying if it's still going on? I've been eyeing some stuff on eBay but it's pretty pricey. Can you provide any insight as to if their pants run true to size?
That looks like it's probably from the 90's. Not worth a whole lot money-wise, but if you like it and it fits,
Early Winters made great stuff in their early days. They were an outdoor company like North Face, Wilderness Experience, Holubar, etc. They were based out of Seattle and started in the early 70's. They were pioneers in the field with their use of gore-tex. The company existed well into the 80's and may still be around today. As with most makers, the stuff from the 70's and early 80's is the most desirable. What you have sounds like it may be from later in their run, but...
Am I missing something? I always pass on Etro unless it's in pristine condition and a wild pattern. I use the RG rule; the louder and gaudier the better. The plain ones and simple stripes don't do it for me. I can't even give them away.
Cool to see someone else using a vintage 70's camera strap on their digital camera. Thought I was the only one!
Woodchuck: Congrats on those Kiton pieces! A cashmere coat, a cashmere sportcoat and a staple color suit?! That cashmere coat is absolutely gorgeous! I certainly hope they're your size. I'd have a hard time parting ways with them if they were my size and I had found them.Those puffer jackets will do very well once cleaned up. Larger sizes are harder to find. Blue and burnt orange arealso desirable colors. Nice finds!I wouldn't worry about that pile of audio equipment. I...
Yes! Both are a good flip at that price still. I was also the one looking for a Class 5 puffer in size L.
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