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Looks like an iPhone case to me.
Snowed in today (12" in late April - bah....) so taking some pictures for my listings. Felt something in the back pocket of these Southern Tide shorts I bought on Monday for $3.99. Pulled it out and smiled.
What a wonderful feeling that must be to hear that!Boy, they were indeed ahead of their time. Seriously though, looks more Aztec or Mayan to me.I love my Mainetti suit hangers, but I got most of mine for free. Can't believe they are that expensive! I have some wide shouldered Samuelsohn hangers I picked up for .50 each. Left about 6 behind. Went back a day or two later and they were long gone. Still kicking myself for that.
Same thing happened to me Monday with a current label Zegna suit.
That was me today. On top of that I had to drive home in snow. In April.
^^ Me too. Was hoping to score that Loro cardigan for cheap. Oh well....
Maybe he was trying to keep them from being controlled by aliens.Today was a rather irritating day.Rolling through the suits at one of my regular stops I come across a crazy recent Zegna suit coat. Their current label. This is the first of that label that I've found. $8.99 too, which means the pants were base price as well. I go crazy throughout the store tearing through the men's, women's, kids and sweatpants racks looking for the pants. No sign of them anywhere. I ask...
All jokes aside, I'm quite partial to "old fashioned" names. I liked Edwin, Roy, Stanley, Russell, Everett, Allen, etc. My wife didn't particularly agree with a lot of them that I liked, but we both agreed not to go with a newer "trendy" name. We're pretty set on Paul. It's a family name from my father's side of the family and we both really like it.
Was on my watch list but chickened out at the last minute ($200 is a lot of bread for me to toss around).PM sent.
Happy birthday man!k4lnamja is a stand-up guy for sure! Oh, and dry in California is decent to very good anywhere else (with a few exceptions). I know exactly how you feel. Learned the hard way and won't ever stop at a thrift with someone who doesn't enjoy it ever again. More of a headache than anything else.
New Posts  All Forums: