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Yep! Doing very well too and his window displays are still nothing short of amazing. I have him on FB too. Super cool guy.
Last minute thrift stop before I head off to Vegas for a couple days!Couple recent custom D/B suits that fit me like a glove. Made by a local high-end clothier who used to be a member on here. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Also, a killer pair of recent red label Isaia Aquaspider brown FF trousers and a pair of killer recent gray/purple plaid Zanella Platinum FF Loro Piana fabric trousers. (pics when I return).
Silverwarebandit: Score on those BoO items! Wow! Picked up a few items today. Not pictured: 2 Willis & Geiger Bush poplin shirts (both XL) & a Robert Graham paisley embroidery shirt. Got the RG for $1! AE Hancock. Mint! 9 D Monster Marantz home theater receiver. I have a similar model and it puts out a lot of power!
Nope. I actually think anything ASOS is a pass. Pretty mediocre stuff if I recall correctly.
I'd figure there's some killer vintage workwear to be found in small midwestern towns. I think in these areas, it's the opposite of looking for high-end clothing. Big cities won't hold much, the small towns are what you're looking for. People who've lived in the same house for a few generations and still have grandpa's old jeans folded away in the closet.
For new starter turntables on the lower-end of the price bracket, I'd recommend a Pro-Ject Debut or a Music Hall MMF 2.1. I personally had a Rega Planar 3 for about 8 years that treated me very well. You can score a killer used turntable for a good price on eBay as well. Thorens, Dual, etc.
Another recommendation for entry-level raw denim is Taylor Stitch from San Francisco. I have a pair of their jeans (I think mine are 14 oz) and they're great. They sell out quick, though.http://taylorstitch.com/collections/mens-denim/products/kuroki-copper-selvage-denim-15
^^ Yup, those are shell.
Only a couple finds today. Can anyone help ID the Polo Bench Made shoes? They don't have the hand-written size, etc on the inside that I've seen on others. [[SPOILER]] Also found this vintage Banana Republic bush vest with the tags still attached.
+1. I was thinking maybe a cell phone pic of the item and maybe hold a small piece of paper in front of the said item with your SF user name?
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