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^^^ Wow! Your finds have been pretty crazy! That suit haul a few weeks ago and now NWT N. Hollywood (that Zegna is mind blowing, by the way)?! I'm guessing you're from LA.Seems like a lot of labels really upped their quality and fabrics over the past 5-10 years. Compare a current Zegna, Canali, etc to one that is 20 years old. They've come a long way!
I was gonna go to that today but had baby duty so didn't get out. Sounds like I didn't miss much.
Lots of great stuff going super cheap this week. Staple color solid recent Oxxford and Canali suits, Brioni houndstooth tie, Alden 958s, etc! Suits/Jackets Oxxford Clothes Charcoal Glen Plaid Super 100's 2 Btn Suit. Hand Made. 42 L Recent Oxxford Solid Black 2 Btn Artisan's Seal Wool/Mohair Suit. 43 44 L Recent Oxxford Solid Navy *Staple* 2 Btn Super 100's Suit w/ Hanger. 42 44 L Recent Canali Solid Khaki Staple 2 Btn Wool Side Vent Flat Front Suit 44 L...
Thanks, Cordovan by Cap'n! C&J "Boston" Loafers Before: After:
I would! That's a beautiful lamp and looks like if it's the large one it retails for almost $1000. I'm a sucker for arts and crafts style as well.http://www.shopwright.org/product/lamp-taliesin-large/lamps
Could be a high-end repro piece styled after vintage army surplus, but to me it looks like a vintage foreign (maybe UK?) military shirt and probably not worth much. Don't quote me though, taking a complete shot in the dark on this.
Wow! SCORE on that Martin guitar! Jackets? Not very many. Only 3 Beauforts and a small handful (3-4) of Bedales over the 15-ish years I've been thrifting. First was around 2007 and paid up $20 (that was a lot of $ for a thrift shop at the time). It was a waxed cotton Beaufort (sold it). Second was a tweed Beaufort in my size that I paid up $39.99 for around 2010. Still have it and have gotten a ton of compliments on it. Third and last was at a discount store for $100 and...
Can't see the pics, but I'll say this anyway: I need to move to Texas!
Thought this was pretty crazy. Finally got some jeans weather here in Minnesota so I broke out my Sugar Cane 2009s that I bought in Tokyo a couple years ago. As I'm flipping through a rack of jeans at the Goodwill I spot a label I have never, ever seen secondhand before. In fact the only time I saw it in person was in Japan while buying my pair. That's right, found a pair of Sugar Canes while wearing Sugar Canes. Not only that, but they're the exact same model! What are...
That is awesome! I saw some MRD stuff in Tokyo when I was there. Great stuff, but like you said, I don't think it's a true vintage label but more along the lines of being heritage-inspired.
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