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I just can't figure out women's stuff (besides Lulu and Eskandar). I've picked up some insane St. John pieces before than ended up selling for peanuts. I've since given up on it.
+100. Sleeping Indian Outfitters and King of the Mountain?! Mind blown.....Any tips on how to tell? I just guessed beaver skin as it looked similar to the beaver skin ones I saw on the bay.
Thanks! It's a little rough around the edges but I think it's savable and should clean up pretty well. Figured for a quarter I couldn't lose. Haha.
So my find from today for 25 cents seems to be a little more cooler than I had originally thought. Bought it simply because it was dirt cheap, it but it fit me (very rare for vintage hats), it was cool and it was old. No name vintage beaver skin top hat. Took about 5 minutes on Google playing "fill in the blanks".
Those look pretty recent. Willis & Geiger stuff is still made.
Father and son thrift day. My son sure enjoyed it! We found some decent stuff too (haven't found any worthwhile clothing in awhile)
Score! Wilderness Experience is on my "labels to look for" list for outdoor gear. That label is from 1979-81. That's a nice looking parka, too.
I'd rock that J. Press. Also, if I lived in Japan that Yamaha stereo would be mine! Wow...
Whoa, talk about synergy. I got the mug, but that thing looks huge. What is it?
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