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^^^ Room looks good, Ian!Slow day. Just one pair of Polo RL made in England work boots. Am I correct in assuming these are C&J? The markings are similar to a pair of chukkas on eBay advertised as being made by C&J. [[SPOILER]]
Wow! Nice haul! What size is the ERDL camo?
Yes! Jean Shop makes very nice jeans! Great buy!
This. If I come out empty handed, I try to think "at least I didn't spend any money today". A penny saved is a penny earned.
Is Dior Homme really that desirable (besides the obvious suits, jackets, etc)? I had 3 really cool pairs of Dior Homme black trousers, one with a jeweled waistband. All 3 pair failed to break the $30 mark. I was super disappointed. Fairly normal sizes too.
Reverse orphan - so I'm looking for a Kiton jacket? Wow - first Lobbs and now Kiton? I'll keep my eyes peeled.
Thanks guys! The shoes are definitely a stunning find for me, especially being in Minnesota. I'm not counting on finding a pair ever again (especially in this condition) so I'm trying to soak it all in. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), they are a couple sizes too big for me (12 E and fit like a 13). Even if they fit me, I honestly don't think I'd wear them more than a couple times out of the year at most. I just don't get the opportunity to wear nice suits and shoes...
Thanks. Haha, I'm still in disbelief. Pinching myself right now to make sure I'm not dreaming. Lobbs in Minnesota?!
FTFY Hit the thrifts with my brother this morning. Had some great finds. Found our first ever Lobbs. Never thought I'd see a pair here in Minnesota. Not in a million years. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the little round silver plates on the shoe trees that were engraved with "John Lobb". I couldn't believe what I was looking at. Found the shoe bags mixed in with the backpacks and other misc. bags.There were some signs that crazy stuff was there too. One of the first...
Synergy man. Teaser.
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