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I can have some "Local school teacher earns extra income through mail fraud" posters made that you can put up in the area if things go sour this time around. Wow! Best Made in a thrift?? I've been eyeing their Dehen collab shawl collar cardigan for quite awhile now but can't bring myself to pull the trigger just yet.FSC is also a crazy thrift find. One of my favorite labels.
Blew my mind just thinking about rocking that as a sportcoat but a suit?! Wow! Really slow day today.Found the oldest Zegna item I've ever seen (it was a tie but my phone didn't seem to want the photo as I can't find it) and the oldest Gap item I've ever seen. The Gap shirt looks like it's from the very early 80's.Found this. In good shape but I paid up. Took a gamble - it's a M but looks very small. Women's or kids is my guess. Hope it pays off.Picked this vintage Penny's...
Wow! Crazy....Yes, you sir have thrifted a holy grail. Congratulations! Brown's also made a beach vest which someone on here found recently. Your's looks like a later piece, maybe 50's? Still worth a great deal.
At least an SFer got it. I was going to bid but forgot to.
+1. That thing is awesome!
TheODGuy: Wow! That is a great haul! Can't wait to see what the Tom Ford is..... Yep, I have quite a few "critter" ties from Ferragamo.Dang, that sucks about the guy sucking up all the good stuff. I hate knowing what I've missed. Also, PM sent on the Zegna.Never seen an original in real life before. I've sold the repro shirts they did a few years ago for $30+. The originals have got to be worth some good $$$. I have a friend who worked for BR in the 80's. He said he...
I'm a big fan of their whimsical critter prints - they can brighten up the dullest of outfits. I'm not big on the chain link and such patterned tries, though.
Dang, I'm a 36x32 in denim (2" cuff) but don't have a similar trade in those sizes. Almost had my wife convinced on a new Lexus IS-F but the RWD was a dealbreaker. Need AWD here in Minnesota. RWD can be a blast in the snow but can also be a huge pain when you just plain need to get somewhere and 6" of snow just fell.
Haha! Nah, she took one look and said "No way that is going to fit me now.". Tried it on and said "I told you so!".
Nice! I have that Simon & Garfunkle poster hanging in my "man cave". That M-1943 is awesome!Nice! I never knew Brioni made for Sulka....Oh the possibilities! I've always liked the Audi A7......Arg, why can't this be several sizes bigger!I could be wrong but that smock looks like it could be an old pajama shirt. I've seen a few like this that resemble an actual shirt, just a lot longer."Day late and a dollar short" type of day for me today.Grabbed this beautiful recent side...
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