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Reminds me of a rather strange occurrence that happened to me several years ago. I found $20 in a pair of khaki Polo RL cargo shorts I bought from a thrift. The next week I buy a pair of seafoam green Polo RL cargo shorts from a different thrift shop. The night before I wore them, I had a dream about depositing $100 into my bank account that I was dangerously low in. I wake up and put my cell phone in the cargo pocket and feel something paper-y in the pocket. I pull it out...
I found a similar men's pair last summer. I consigned with Spoo and we got really good money for them.
Yeah, things have definitely changed. However, speaking as someone who remembers the thread during those days, this thread wasn't really anything special. Just another thread. Sometimes 3-4 days would pass before someone posted up something and it was usually only 1 post. Nobody talked about sw&d, records, art or furniture. I think I was the only one who knew something about or cared about sw&d at the time since this thread is in the Men's Clothing section. Sure, I miss...
Oh God.... I'd pass on Canali, Zegna and Sulka if they are unvented, dated, etc. Brioni and Kiton and are definite buys. Even if dated they will sell well. Just buy them. You will be kicking yourself if you don't.
Loads of goodies ending tomorrow evening (Sunday 9/15). All items start at just $4.99 with no reserves! Everything except the Borrelli shirt and the Yohji and Willis & Geiger jackets are on my account. http://www.ebay.com/sch/zelda58/m.html?item=161103258794&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 The three items mentioned above can be found on my wife's...
Hmm, Canada must have wiped off on Minnesota or visa versa since we're so close. Prices have been exactly that here in the TC area for over a year. Havent' seen a shirt cheaper than $5 for years. Most shirts are at least $6.99, RG, Polo RL, Thomas Pink - $8.99. It sucks. I miss the days of $1 shirts, $4 suits and .25 ties.
Fingers crossed for 42 R
Sorry man, can't help ya there. My knowledge of vintage non-US military (besides Vietnam) stuff is very limited.
These are basic OD green cotton sateen work/utility pants. From 1984. The yellow label was used on these sateen pieces from around 1981-1985-ish. These things are great, they'll definitely take a beating. As Tony stated, not worth much at all but great for personal use. I have multiple pairs.
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