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+1, two thrifters each finding 2 Zegna Quindici ties and posting on the same day? Crazy! I've never even seen one in person. A Zegna Quindici tie is definitely on my thrift bucket list.
^^ I thought the same thing.
Oh, and that Portland Collection varsity jacket is awesome! Nice find!+1. A good example is Yohji and Issey Miyake pieces which use this sizing. That Blue Blue jacket is super cool!Wow... $937 and counting!http://www.ebay.com/itm/Amazing-Tom-Ford-Three-Piece-Suit-Gray-Window-Pane-52EU-Slim-for-Will-Smith-/121272713975?pt=US_CSA_MC_Suits&hash=item1c3c6ac2f7
^^ Wow! That is a very nice haul! NWT Tom Ford?? Those scarves are beautiful!
Just seeing that outfit makes me feel a little warmer. Then I look outside and see it's snowing and the warmth goes away...
Jefferson sounds about right.... Can't figure out how to import the whole page picture but that is good enough.
I remember seeing that shirt. Was on my watch list but forgot to bid. Laughed at the comment about the button being replaced with red thread. I'm kicking myself for not looking at her other items. $15 Zegna suits?! Glad someone on here got 'em, though.I'd definitely ask her to combine shipping. It would be very unreasonable of her not to. If not, she'd be pocketing $70+ just on shipping.
+1. I read this a week or so ago. Aimed at folks buying from their online store to resell on eBay for more than retail price. Doesn't affect pre-owned sales.That would be me. Cool piece!Picked up some cool SNES video games. Goodwill put the sticker on the paper label on the back of the cartridge. All came off clean except for the most valuable one.
Those shoes....
Yeah, the cheese bread is amazing. My wife looked up the recipe awhile back. It calls for a very specific type of flour or yeast, I think.
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