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One of my trophy finds from a couple years ago. I heavily regret selling this. Paid $40.
Hard to say without any labels or anything but judging by that patina, style and pocket zipper I'd say 40's or older.
Me too. Minneapolis metro area thrift stores are so spread out. Nothing like LA where there can be 3 or 4 thrift stores within a couple miles on one street.
Some great stuff this week. All items (except the Canali suit) start at just $4.99 with no reserves! Everything ends Sunday (10/19) evening! http://www.ebay.com/sch/zelda58/m.html?item=161442689919&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESOX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Suits/Sportcoats/Blazers Recent Canali Staple Solid Dark Navy Blue Super 140s Flannel Suit 40 R $2095 Recent Luciano Barbera Collezione Sartoriale Unlined Solid Gray 2 Btn Suit 44 R Recent Ermenegildo Zegna...
+1. It's been pretty dry here, I'd be thrilled to find half of that stuff being left behind. Decent shoes are so scarce around her these days with all the shoe-focused flippers, even AE's in good shape are a rare find.
So which one of you outbid me on a FU Cashmere Kiton sportcoat in which the seller forgot to/didn't mention Kiton in the title?
I wouldn't. Got scammed out of a $200 record about 8 years ago. Read up on some forums saying the country's postal service wasn't the most reliable and that Greece is a hot spot for scammers. I stopped shipping anywhere international except Canada and Japan.If the price was decent, yes.
Yep! The angled pockets are also a giveaway for a Vietnam-era piece. Dated 1969.That salt and pepper tweed is gorgeous. Nice find on the Taylor Supply as well. I bought a few things from them a couple years back when they were having a clearance sale. Haven't been able to see their online shop in a long time though.....Those acetates are a killer find! Wow!
Double post.
Did you get these today? Size 8 1/2 with no soles for $6.99? They rolled out a whole bin of men's Nike's in size 8.5 with no insoles that looked barely worn or not worn at all today. Looked up a handful of them and they didn't seem to do very well so I left all of them. Would have grabbed a few for myself if they were my size.That label is from approx 04/05 -2008. Heritage is the fabric, I believe. Only seen a handful of Heritage label Zegnas but the fabrics/patterns have...
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