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There's a lot of different options out there. I'd take an LP cover with me to a furniture store and just play around. See where it fits. There's some beautiful book-shelves out there that will accommodate LPs. As TheNeedMachine stated, make sure it's sturdy.As far as I know, the Expedit from Ikea is the best thrifty option out there. It's what I'm using now, though it really doesn't match my decor. When I get some extra bread scraped up, I'd like to have a local...
Could very well be a high-end designer piece. Does it look like any labels have been removed? When I worked for the Salvation Army about 8 or 9 years ago, Target would donate a lot of their overstock and many samples to the main distribution center in Minneapolis, which is also where Target is based. The stuff would go to the "Target cast-off store" which was in the Salvation Army's basement. Target would buy really high-end stuff and design their clothing using the...
PM Sent.Love this!
Haha, I need a reel to reel. The ones I was telling you about I sold, unfortunately. Had trouble finding tapes. That's One of my bigger regrets when it comes to things I've sold. A year after I sold them I found a box of pre-recorded 60's-70's rock tapes. Now that I have the tapes I haven't seen a reel to reel deck since. That's how it goes, right?
Picked up some decent stuff today. Vintage Pioneer SE-30A headphones. Original box and literature included. They the in the literature to a Teac A-4010SL reel to reel deck. Now I just have to find the deck..... Frye Gaucho boots. 10 M I don't usually pick up Faconnable, but this was my size, fit perfectly, was cheap and I love the colors/pattern.
As Sparrow stated, that's the old mainline label. This was the next label. It's a little bigger. And I believe this is the current label I almost always pass on the small rectangular label unless it's in great shape, not terribly dated and super cheap.
Do Want.
This. Grab all the Hermes and soak in a tub of Oxiclean and white vinegar.
Saw those yesterday but passed. Already have a pair I got from J. Crew on super clearance.
I did manage to find a size and some other markings on the shoes. Can someone ID the maker? You may have to do a handstand to see it. I still can't figure out why my photos upload sideways and upside-down.....
New Posts  All Forums: