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Wow. That is absolutely insane. How much were they asking on the current Zegna sportcoats and suits? I'd definitely pay above thrift prices for that stuff......
I actually had a huge crush on Debbie Gibson all through Jr. High.
Slim pickings round these parts. Found these (fake?) Incotex today. Passed as they had wear on the rear belt loops and I'm pretty sure these are fake. Any opinions? Who fakes Incotex?? The fabric was decent. Nothing phenominal, though. No pick stitching along the pocket edges. Construction felt really cheap. "Made in Portugal" label looks cheap and "off".
7 Stores and 1 pair of Filson tin cloth pants. It's been really slow lately. Here's some stuff I thought I'd document but did not purchase. Possibly the ugliest (newer) shirts I've ever come across in a thrift. Oldest Brioni shirt I've seen.
Good memory. Found it like a week and a half before the actual release date for like $5. Took the advice of folks on here and listed that thing fast before they were available to the public.
Who would throw those away?? Those look to be in really great shape.
Aaah, haha. Yes, the weather has been very un-Minnesotan but also very awesome. I love snow (for a little while anyway, but the bitter cold? That can stay away as long as possible.
GW reciept layout looked familiar. Where abouts in Minn. are ya? Dec. has been awful around the Twin Cities. Well, for me anyway.
You wouldn't happen to be from Minnesota, would you........?
More goodies going for super cheap this week! All items end tonight, Sunday 12/13 between 7-8 PM CST. http://www.ebay.com/sch/zelda58/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Outerwear Vtg 70's Camp 7 Burnt Orange Tan Mountain Cloth Down Puffer Vest Snap Small Med The North Face Men's Bionic Navy Blue TNF Apex Fleece Lined Soft Shell Jacket XL The North Face Black Hyvent Resolve Lightweight Rain Shell Jacket. Men's XL Taylor Supply Wool Wax Cotton Cape Shawl Sea...
New Posts  All Forums: