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Found a couple more tags in the pocket of my leather barnstormer. I'm awful at these; can anyone help place a date on this based on the union label?Hmmm, this looks reddish-brown where it's worn. Not sure if this is what you mean?
Happy Birthday!
These were a bitter-sweet acquisition. My last surviving uncle on my father's side is in very poor health. His life was motorcycles, his Corvette, photography and computers (he worked at Intel in the late 70's, etc). He wanted to keep this stuff in the family and wanted us to come pick them while he was still somewhat able to tell us the stories behind them. This would also be the last time we would see him, so my father and I flew down to Santa Barbera this past weekend....
Probably 50's, but that's just a guess. Cool find!On the subject of vintage, I got this in the mail while I was out of town. Paid up a bit for it, but I think I got it for a steal. Especially considering how hard it is to find vintage leather jackets from this era in my size (42-44). A vintage shawl collar leather barnstormer has been on my "Want" list for a long time. The fact that it's a Sears' Hercules label is just icing on the cake. I'm thinking 1930's. Has the...
You won't regret it. I joined the club the other day. I see what all the hype is about, these things are awesome!
Been MIA for the past several days. Been out of town without internet access. One of the things I had to do was arrange to have these shipped back home to Minnesota. Not thrifted, but can't beat free (well, for the cost of shipping home). @330CK, congrats! Wow! That's a killer jacket, too.
I've been fortunate to have witnessed pure aggressive greediness in full force only once. At opening, couple guys run to the suit racks and literally empty the suit racks, taking suits from the racks by the handful and throw them into the cart. I was speechless. Minnesota is pretty passive-aggressive. I've had my run-ins where I've had to step it up a notch, but mostly folks just grunt at each other or sigh really loudly in frustration. We have rack vultures too though...
I found a Anne Valerie piece in my "Yohji Haul" but couldn't find anything about her. It was pretty wild.
Father/son thrift fit. This was actually the wife's idea and she usually rolls her eyes at my thrift fit pics. Me: Stormy Kromer Macinaw (thrifted) J. Crew Flannel (thrifted) RRL jeans (swapped thrifted pair with @Denton Red Wing Iron Rangers (proxied from factory sale by @Ds13 Son: Osh Kosh shacket (thrifted) Gap shawl collar cardigan (garage sale) Shirt and jeans given by neighbors Boots (retail from Carters)
I'd do that in a heartbeat. I found one of those several years ago and sold it for like $400.http://www.styleforum.net/t/9006/the-official-thrift-discount-store-bragging-thread/38865#post_55223774 years later, surprised to see those photos are still up.
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