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Sure is! Nice find! I wouldn't call it a shacket, though. If it's what I think it is, it's just a regular chamois cloth shirt.Agreed. As I stated before, I live 35 minutes from where they were based and have not even seen a pair in person before.
Maggies in a thrift? Seriously? Wow! I live 35 minutes from where they are based and I've never even seen em before!
First time finding a shirt from this line. Blows regular Eton shirts out of the water.
I would totally rock that lunch box.
It's been said before but I'll say it again. Who the hell donates this stuff!? Wow!Long time no see! Glad to hear you're still in the game. How are things there compared to Dallas? Good to see ya back. Also, did you upgrade your thrift mobile? I thought you had a Camero or Trans Am?
A few LPs I forgot about that I grabbed on Monday. Aso picked this up for a song on Monday.
Nice finds! Those are all choice titles, but I'll agree with you that Soft Machine's first LP is the pick of the litter. Scored an original pressing with the die-cut cover at a garage sale about 10 years back. That guy had great taste in music. Bought both crates of albums and the box full of tapes. Wish I would have chatted with him, he probably had some great stories to tell.That sucks about seeing what you missed; I know the feeling all to well. I've been on the other...
Man, Chicago is on fire! Stuff from today. One stop. N/A. 20 Charvet shirts 47 ties. Mostly Charvet and Brioni with a few Gucci and some Stefano Ricci. A few things from Wednesday.
Whoa, is that a Seva 123? Awesome find!
Nice! I found down parka from them a few years back. Good stuff!
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