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Never seen this much Brioni posted in this thread, and I've been on here for awhile. Insane. Keep it up, guys. Maybe send some of that luck my way, eh?
Camp at that store man. I'd be there everyday for the next week at least.Eddie_vdr or something along those lines. He had some insane connections.
Need a more clear pic of the bottom label. Could be a thing. Looks like military issue.
I want to know what the donor does for a living. What's the retail value of this donation? Over $100k?
Ah, cool. A good friend of mine had a pair of Mission bookshelf speakers a number of years ago. I remember being pretty impressed with the sound for their size.
Wonder if he donated any shirts or shoes.....
I think Silverwarebandit just lived what most of us dream about.
I'll go ahead and upload my meager finds now before Bandit drops his haul. Paid $1 for this.
New Posts  All Forums: