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You got it!
Best part? Free airfare and rental car. Worst part? Flying with a toddler is a PITA.Yeah, I've been finding a ton of 80's stuff lately, which is cool and sells well. This stuff is what I'm into though, so it's great to find stuff that I can put into my personal collection.
Thrift. Couldn't believe it. No idea who the owner was, looked through all the pockets for a business card or something to go off of. Nothin'.
Tom Fords were all one stop. The rest is from various places. Total from 2 days of thrifting.Thought that looked familiar! Saw that yesterday. Almost bought it but remembered how much I had in the car that I had to figure out how to get into 1 big suitcase and 1 big box. Don't want to have to ship unless absolutely necessary.
Was getting pretty bummed about the thrift scene back home. Figured it was time for a thrift-cation. Change of scenery would do me good. Had two days. Pretty thrilled about these records. Been after the Ancient Grease, Warhorse, Mayblitz and Bangor Flying Circus albums for ages. The details on this shirt are fantastic. Cat-eye buttons, runoff stitching, etc. My size too. Definitely a keeper. Had to stop for...
You in LA?
I have a feeling the contents of his estate will be auctioned off, but the Goodwill is only a 4 minute drive from Paisley Park....
@SpooPoker, Congrats on the big change! Livin' the dream!Hit me up if you do and I'll show ya around. Wouldn't plan on finding much, though. Minnetonka area has been plain awful. They hired people to pick the good stuff for their e-commerce website. Hardly anything ever makes it to the floor these days. It sucks....
That is an awesome post.Sadly that jacket isn't anything special and I haven't had luck with those off-year pieces (this is from 1958). M-65s seem to do the best.Score on that reel to reel deck. I sold my Pioneer and kinda regret it.......That lamp..... A thrift-cation may be in order.
Had a good day. More pics later. Teaser:
New Posts  All Forums: