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Sadly the suit I bought had no fabric content/maker labels at all. Just had the "Private Collection" and the "Astor and Black made for ......." labels inside the jacket.
The Astor and Black Private Collection suit that Snoogz and I found was amazing. Loads of handwork. Probably the nicest suit I've handled (construction-wise) since the Borrelli I e-thrifted. Silk lining, too.Recent suede Orvis? Very much a thing.Almost makes me want to get out and face the war-zones today. Almost...
Haha, the only trend I really got into was the whole early 90's neon and pastel surfer type stuff. Ocean Pacific, etc. After that I kept it toned down.Whoa...
Guys, take note. This is how you do vintage outdoor wear! PM sent on the Holubar. That is amazing!
Haha, it was actually not a bad jacket but looking back on what I paid for it, I cringe. I recall paying $100 for it at the Nautica outlet store.Now that I'm thinking about it, I went looking for a picture of it (I brought it with me when I went to Japan in 2002 so I knew I had a picture somewhere). Not the same, but close enough. Funny looking back at how stylish I thought I was. Nautica jacket, whisker-wash GAP jeans, Doc Martin lace-to-toe boots.... I'd love to see the...
@TheNeedMachineFingers crossed those are real. If so, I'd say they're a candidate for this years Thrifties. Seriously though, if they're real that is an insane find.I had that same jacket about 12 years ago....
That is gorgeous! Crazy find, Moo!
Sadly I don't but it's an awesome looking jacket. Love the pattern.
Mont Blanc comes to mind but I don't think their boots were made in the US.
I save all my receipts. Purchases, car repairs/expenses, shipping, etc.
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