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Tell me about it. Before I found these I've found maybe 3 Ben Silver ties. Then, over the past 3 days I find 68 Ben Silver ties. Still trying to wrap my head around it.
Looks like burled walnut veneer on the lid. That is beautiful! Went back to proxy a couple Chipp ties for a SFer and found more Ben Silver ties! Also a cool Talbott BOC. First one of these I've come across.
Yep, one of the women's labels to look out for. If those McNairy shoes were a size and a half smaller I'd be all over them!
I never leave Brioni behind unless it looks as if it's been through a war or is priced too high. Sold an ugly green striped orphan for $60. Like selling a decent RG shirt.
Dang! Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Still, that is an insane denim haul!!That RLPL suit is gorgeous, and those boots!
Ok, I was wrong. I only had 63 ties and two of them (whilsical Ben Silver printed ties; ladybugs and hippos) went to my brother. Here's the rest. 61 ties. 98% Ben Silver with a RLPL, Arny's, J. Press and an insane Neapolitan maker mixed in for good measure, Total donation was over 300 ties (rough estimate but I'd imagine I'm not far off). I grabbed almost all of the Ben Silver ties. Left a whole bunch of Talbotts. Also left behind a bunch of Chipp and Yale Co-Op ties. They...
Broke my record for amount of things bought. 64 ben silver ties. Some wool tartan unlined and grenadine. Pics to come.
Haha! Seriously though, a guy I know who hits that store once every 3 days or so has been scoring big there the past couple weeks and the tailored stuff is all the same size so it sounds like it could be the same donor. I've only been there a handful of times as I don't get that way much and found something one or two times. Really doesn't seem like the type of place that would get nice stuff. Then again that might be why it's overlooked.
New Posts  All Forums: