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Indeed it is. That one is dated 1969. Looks to be in good shape too. Nice find!
Came here to look at cool thrifted stuff. Thought I had accidentally clicked on the Facebook link for a second....
That's what you're looking for, but that price is tough. I'd probably pass at that price, but would buy at thrift prices/underpriced consignment prices.
I'd say 70's. Cool find.
Had a good morning. Both of these are in fantastic shape for their age, despite the amount of dust caked on the Dual. Both already dibsed by a lucky SF member. All cleaned up. Vintage Oakley razor blades. Cool RRL jacket
Score! Nice early model too with the metal hardware. Those catalogs are awesome. Was not aware that Choiunard was still manufacturing stuff under his namesake label in the mid 80's. When did the Choiunard label disappear?
Thread first??
This thread is on fire today. Wow! Also, Happy Birthday, Spoo!
@330CK. Sorry to hear about your loss. I will agree with you, though. That's a great (and fun) way to honor her memory. Great choice!Worst Pass: I don't really pass on anything. I always take the gamble. I can always return it if it's a flop. I'm sure I passed on something really great a long time ago, but nothing comes to mind. Mostly I tend to see what I've missed, usually my just a few minutes. That is the worst!What I never see: Cool mid-century modern furniture....
Definitely. All are M except for middle one which is an XLT.I sent a picture of me wearing the super loud one to my wife. She said she will burn it if I try to wear that in public.
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