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Congrats, Hans! Awesome news! Like other's stated, having them close together in age will be beneficial in many ways.
Hit the nail on the head. Well said.
Hard to say what it was like elsewhere, but here I was batting 100 every time I went out. High end furniture, killer records, good vintage stereo equipment, awesome vintage clothing and all sorts of high-end MC. Stuff would just sit for days.There weren't any spic and span thrift stores that had brand new buildings built just for them. Most were in run-down strip malls, were dark, unorganized and had a distinctive musty odor to them. Funny as most Goodwill stores these...
When I worked at Panera Bread years ago, they would donate the bread but throw everything else away. Bagels, pastries (back when their pastry/dessert selection was amazing), panini sandwiches, etc. All thrown away each night. The employees were allowed to fill a small brown bag with stuff to take home (of course it was much more than that), but still a lot of great stuff was tossed.
It's way harder. I was just talking to another regular about this yesterday. We were both saying how the "peak" was about 8-10 years ago. Everything is working against us these days.
Anyone notice that Linda's titles improved quite a bit over the past week or so? Just sayin'.....
Yep, that's tiger stripe. You should do well on that as both tiger and duck hunter camo seems to be a hot trend lately.
Since all the cool kids are doing it. Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot and Costco sparking water.
If it fits and you like it, keep it. This stuff is rare. I've never seen any King of the Mountain or Sleeping Indian anything. You probably won't find another to take it's place.
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