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Dang, I would have been all over that....
One of my coolest finds this year.
Some of those look like regular trousers to me (not part of a suit). Does that one pair of suede knee patches??
I always look inside for a label. Might as well, as I'm already there. Not that much more effort. If I relied simply on the touch test alone, I would have blown over a 1949 bespoke Hunstman suit that felt like sandpaper.As I was purchasing that Burberry's coat, I looked over my shoulder and saw some lady buying that same sweater.
Two cool finds from today.
Some ski shop must have dumped their excess inventory. Grabbed a stack of NWOT Burton jackets and pants for $15 each after discounts. Wish it was a bunch of NWT Tom Ford suits, but I can't complain as the time of year is perfect for these The coolest find of that haul was this, which sadly is probably worth less than a Burton jacket.
Son's thrift fit: Polo bear sweater (.25 from garage sale) Carter's pants (.50 from garage sale) Robeez socks (gift)
Yeah, the guy who sold it to her told her that as well, so she passed the info on to me and told me not to play any of my "good" records with it. Haha. Using a beat-up copy of the White Album. Definitely a novelty, but so cool.
Somewhat thrift related. My wife's gift to me. She knows me well. VW's and records are a couple of my long-time hobbies. Why not combine both? I guess a Japanese company made a limited run of reproductions, but they sold out super fast. So she tracked down this original from the 70's. She found it on Etsy. Found in a thrift store in LA (of course...). Super cool. Definitely a novelty piece more than anything, but wow. Never knew something like this existed.
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