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"There is insufficient inventory to purchase {1} units of |Classic Bedale Jacket::Olive::44. Classic Bedale Jacket Olive 44"
I would have grabbed those Wards boots, the Browning hunting jacket and that camo suit. Never heard of the maker but an insulated full duck camo coverall suit? Why not. Those boots look like they are from Ward's Blue Band line. Back then they had different labels with different colors (Blue Band, Red Band, Green Band, etc) to differentiate different levels of quality. Blue Band was top of the line.
Can't help you on the maker, but something looks really off about that label. The fabric content label looks right from the Prada pieces I've had, but that main label looks sketchy.
Just a few things today. Not pictured (accidentally deleted the pics) are a pair of Simon Miller M003, Maui Jim Makaha Readers and a Sharper Image watch winder. Alden 986. Sz 9 D Alden 561. Sz 9 D Red Wing 877. Sz 9 D
On the subject of ties, I probably have one of the smaller collections on here seeing as I hardly ever wear them. Maybe once or twice a year. I keep a small handful of ties I am really partial to. The two Talbotts make beautiful knots, as does the Seaward and Stern wool. All true thrift.
Sadly this is super common. Everywhere from Minneapolis to LA. I've seen impeccably dressed guys with beautiful suits and well curated outfits finished off my the ugliest rubber toed, corrected grain leather shoes. Just kills it. Seriously, why buy a $6,000 suits, $500 shirts and then $79 shoes. I don't get it. I mean, I can kind of see it in Minnesota where you need crappy shoes for the salt and slush in the winter, but in other places it just doesn't make sense.
That is awesome, but why pass on blanket lined Lee Stormriders (unless they're obviously not pre 70's)? I've had great luck with ones from the 60's that had been worn.
+1. If a donation like that dropped at one of my local stores, maybe 10-12 pieces max. would make it out. The rest would be sent off to who-knows-where.
Man, this is insane! Never seen so much Zegna before.Fingers crossed!
Trailwise Goretex is definitely a thing. That piece is probably from 1979-1981. Trailwise on it's own in great, Goretex is the icing on the cake. Well done. Excellent haul as well. So many choice pieces in there.
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