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Both my wife and I have been voting daily. Hope we win this thing!
Cool find on the WWII Army pants, but unfortunately not worth a whole lot. If they were a bigger size they might be worth a little more. Guys were a lot smaller back then so a lot of the WWII turning up in thrifts is 36-40 R. Larger sizes are more uncommon with this stuff and perhaps may be a bit more valuable.The North Face is on the right track. The "puffer" style is where the money is at for jackets/vests, but brown label is good stuff.
Found a few things today. Cool Radio Flyer push wagon thing for my son and his toys.
What are the two on the bottom left? They look rather interesting.
As I was walking in this morning, I saw a mint (if not new/unused) Orvis Battenkill weekender bag walking out the door. The stop wasn't a total bust, though. I did manage to find a few things. V-cleats with box and bags (box not for these exact shoes but still cool) I never pick up Florsheim unless they're v-cleats in excellent shape for super cheap or shell, but for the price they had on these I couldn't pass them up. Found a couple coats. Shearling looks...
146Yep, I learned this the hard way a couple times. They are super excited as you enter the store but after they flip through like 10 shirts they say "Alright , I'm done."
Rogers LS/3 5A monitors. I think I paid $3.99 each for them back in 2006. Was working for the Salvation Army after school and worked afternoon-evening. We closed an hour earlier than Goodwill. I decided to drive over to the local GW about 40 min from closing. Hit the electronics first (as I always do at this store; clothing usually isn't even worth looking at) and saw these pretty plain looking speakers sitting on the top shelf. No such thing as smart phones or eBay app....
Wow, I knew they were desirable but that's really good! Think I'll make my BIN listing now....
Cleaned up some scraps this morning from what was apparently a pretty crazy donation. One stop. Orioles track jacket is tentatively n/a Sure am glad nobody around here picks up Bills Khakis (myself included unless there are 3 or more and priced under $6). First time finding ghurka pants. Some women's stuff. N/A unless my wife doesn't like them or they don't fit. Malo 100% cashmere x 2. Same style, one crew and one full zip. Some Native American flute...
New Posts  All Forums: