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All the time. Tennis racquets, camping and backpacking stuff, baseball gloves, etc.Funny, I thrifted that exact shirt in 2007 and wore it on my trip to Vegas that year. Got a compliment on it from the guy at the Zegna shop too.
Nice! Love Wilderness Experience. McHale looks interesting. Frameless packs?
Nice score! The Sl-1700 is a great, reliable turntable. You did well. You should be able to get a replacement stylus from LPgear.http://www.lpgear.comI got one for my Shure (forget what model it was) a couple years ago. Worth investing if you've got a good cartridge and it sounds like you do.That "Eat a Peach" gatefold artwork is a trip. I want that in poster form so bad.I've got some pretty killer fabrics besides this one. Pure cashmere, Super 150's with lapis lazuli,...
No idea. Haha. Thought I had put it back. Thankfully it's the same size as a friend who just got a new job and is looking for nice dress shirts so I'll give it to him. Probably isn't any worse than the Stafford ones he was wearing.
Wow! I am impressed. Thank you!
38 but fit closer to a 36. May keep them but not sure yet.
Wes, Very sorry to hear about your dog. Went through the same thing with our black lab a few years ago. It's tough... A few questions: Thought these were Rubinacci (London House) but these are NH. Any ideas on maker? Really well made. Any of you denim heads have any idea who made these? They were dirt cheap for still, heavy selvedge jeans so I grabbed them regardless of not knowing the maker. Rubinacci Silk Lots more stuff but my mother in law's...
You know you've hit it big when your suit fabric has diamonds in it....
Couple of my favorites.
LA, I love you. That is all.
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