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That's Mafoofan. He's from NYC if I recall correctly.
Sadly this is basically what it's become the MSP metro area over the past year two. It's at it's worst right now. There are two stores I would hit twice a day that I've almost completely written off because it's just not worth it. Not only can you never find a parking spot but there are at least 3 pro's in each thrifting niche (household, men's clothing, women's clothing, electronics, etc) there at all times of the day. The only way to get anything good is to battle them...
The Herb Alpert LP in the background is a great touch!
Spoo, that Yohji is insane!
Love the boots, Hans! I have a very similar pair. Chippewa x J. Crew homestead boots. They're my go-to.Shadow plaid, too! That is beautiful! This.
Happy early birthday! I'd grab them regardless as they look very well made. Can you post a clearer photo of the inside markings? Hard to see the word before 1974.
For sure! The jacket fit is perfect, even the sleeves! Love the styling. Thanks again!
That's a steal! Consigned a similar pair with Spoo and think they fetched around $1200!
Cool find! I am but have only found one piece from them. Think they were made in the mid 80's. Found a tent from them a few summers ago. Can't remember what I ended up doing with it.Found a couple cool things today.Vintage Levis 684 Big Bells. My size. slayer: I think I can pull off the 12.5" bells. My wife begs to differ.....Is this the Hilfiger I'm looking for? Secret Santa 2014Huge shoutout to Snoogz for delivering some awesome stuff that fits me great! He tossed in a...
Florian's find made me remember a question I ask myself a lot of times. Anyone every find something that's in otherwise really nice shape except for a tear or a few buttons that look like they were ripped off and wonder if the damage happened in store from either a careless worker or some idiot customer? Saw some crazy looking guy try on a shirt in the aisle last week and he literally looked like he was trying to pull a "Hulk" and burst the thing at the seams. Kept flexing...
New Posts  All Forums: