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I assume you've had good luck with the cleaners or a good steamer to get the wrinkles out?There's a local store that sells vintage clothing and I'm guessing that their merchandise is purchased wholesale in bales, because almost everything is perma-wrinkled. I bought a cool vintage flannel shirt there once, and I kid you not, after 6-7 washes the wrinkles still would not come out. Ended up turning it into shoe polish rags
I think that is early to mid 70's, right before they switched to this label:Not positive though.
Thanks! Asked if anything else came in with it and sadly, that was it. Pretty easy piece for them to remember, though.Yup!
Found some cool stuff today. First furniture find in a long time. Repro waffle trainers for me. I usually pass on Bonoglibos, but I' never seen any tailored stuff by them before. Had to grab these. 4 suits, 1 blazer. All 44 L. Moohn tweed suit! Couple pairs of Aldehn shell. Haven't seen shell on a long time. Isaiah suede monks. 10 Current No Breeony left behind. 70's and has a small repair or fabric flaw on the right sleeve, but...
Yeah, all I heard this past year was how bad our winter was going to be this year. It's not over yet, but even if we get a wall of blizzards in March, we've still made it through 90% of the winter with hardly any snow.
May or may not have taken a small thriftcation.
One of the coolest Pendleton pieces I've seen. Wow!
RIP Nye's. Hadn't been there in a long time. Drove by the other day and it was gone... least they are preserving the two original brick buildings.
Almost tossed in a bid but forgot to.
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