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Pretty good day today. Brand new 100% Cashmere! By far the nicest feeling shirt I have handled. Also, the BB Custom Tailored I found a couple days ago. This is Martin Greenfield, correct?
Minnesota BB Outlet doesn't get shoes.
Actually it was all very much legit. Spoke with the owner's of the property, told them I was a picker/scrapper and they gave me permission to take whatever I wanted because the property was going to be developed and everything was going to end up in a landfill anyway. Did some charity work as well. Made about 80 "donate bags" of stuff that didn't interest me or any of my friends who picked the place with me. I hate seeing good stuff go to waste. About 70% of the bags were...
Today's thrift finds. Tommy Bahama rainbow selvedge samples. Did not cop (large "Sample" stand on the rear). J. Hilburn. N/A I hardly ever pick up Tom James, but this was recent (2011), solid navy flannel, 2 button, side vent and in super nice shape. Measures like a 40 S/R. Available for cheap. Recent BB Custom made solid navy suit. The store had it tagged as a 50 but they haven't a clue how to measure. Eyeballing it, it looks like a 46-48, maybe a 50....
Old signs eh? Well I think I can play too. I've been picking away at that farmstead I mentioned months back. The place is only 7 minutes from my house so it's pretty easy to cruise over there every couple days or so. Every time I go over there, I find something I didn't see before. Everything was picked for the low, low cost of free. Still can't get over the fact that all this stuff would have went into a dumpster if I hadn't grabbed it.Here's the license plates that I...
Solid charcoal Oxxford suit? That's always a good find.
Both my wife and I have been voting daily. Hope we win this thing!
Cool find on the WWII Army pants, but unfortunately not worth a whole lot. If they were a bigger size they might be worth a little more. Guys were a lot smaller back then so a lot of the WWII turning up in thrifts is 36-40 R. Larger sizes are more uncommon with this stuff and perhaps may be a bit more valuable.The North Face is on the right track. The "puffer" style is where the money is at for jackets/vests, but brown label is good stuff.
Found a few things today. Cool Radio Flyer push wagon thing for my son and his toys.
What are the two on the bottom left? They look rather interesting.
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