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Today's finds.Legit? Feels right. Quality is there. Model # looks off, though. [[SPOILER]]
Nice find! That's the good stuff. Late 70's-early 80's puffer vest. Good color combo too.
Just a couple things today. Minty. Probably unworn. Since when is a 44 an XXL.....
This thread is making me hungry.
Some wonderful things for sale this week. All items start at just $9.99 with no reserves. All items end this Sunday (2/19) evening. Suits/Sportcoats Bonobos Light Gray 2 Btn Wool Suit 100's Italian Fabric Flat Front Side Vent 44L Bonobos Gray Flannel 2 Btn Wool Suit. Marzotto Fabric. Flat Front Side Vent 44 L Bonobos Navy Flannel 2 Btn Wool Suit....
My local stores went so crazy on marking up Lulu stuff, they started marking up knock-off Lulu stuff as well. Saw a LuLand (Kirkland) metal-vent-ish shirt the other day for $19.99!
Just one find today. Available. Wool with a softer cotton lining. Really neat.
Not sure about value going up, but assuming it's just like the record market, the value of the originals will likely stay stable. There are widely available re-issues of many expensive/desirable records, yet the original copies still command the prices they always have. Why? Because collectors would rather have the real deal. Even if you can't tell the difference, it makes a difference in the collector's mind. Just them knowing they have the original vs a reissue or...
Just my opinion, but that awful label redesign did not help one bit. They've essentially had the same label (with a few tiny tweaks) since the beginning (well, as far back as I've seen) and it's basically become an icon. Why change it? Might as well change the pony logo while they're at it. The new label just looks cheap.
I assume you've had good luck with the cleaners or a good steamer to get the wrinkles out?There's a local store that sells vintage clothing and I'm guessing that their merchandise is purchased wholesale in bales, because almost everything is perma-wrinkled. I bought a cool vintage flannel shirt there once, and I kid you not, after 6-7 washes the wrinkles still would not come out. Ended up turning it into shoe polish rags
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