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Think I forgot to post this guy from my vacation haul. My mother in law's internet is insanely slow and it wouldn't let me upload the pics for some reason. Kept timing out.
Dang.... Was hoping for some Pantera, Testament, Anthrax, etc....
Managed to find a few things today. Pop on the new Zegna label.
Awesome! I'd appreciate it! Any other cool 60's-70's stuff from that donor?
That's still on my "want" list. Promo to boot?!
Got both of these for less than a Big Mac Value Meal. First time finding the Highest Quality label. These are awesome.
Joke? Huh. Oh. Yeah. Smooth....Yep...smoooth.
For me, it was all about finding where the clutch engaged. Once you figure that out, you'll have a better idea on when to get on the accelerator and can play around with finding that sweet spot where everything just meshes perfectly thus equating to smooth shifts every time.There's probably someone on here that can explain it a lot better than that. It's easier to show than it is to write out.
Owch! Here in Minnesota they just stock them all year round, but hoard the best stuff in gaylords and stack them up in the backroom. Come Fall, all that stuff hits the floor.
Could be wrong, but this looks fake to me.
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