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Sympathy weight. I gained 13 lbs over the past year. My wife is losing her baby weight. I haven't lost any of mine.
Found a few things today. 1964 Pac boot. Sz 12 3 Brioni shirts all in a row for $4.99 each. Collar worn.... But couldn't leave this behind. Rest of the shirt is perfect.
Heard from a friend that the Scottsdale area is where it's at for thrifting. Curious to know if it's really as good as they were saying.
Look for a stereo repair shop. They're scarce these days but they still exist. I just had my old Kenwood receiver serviced by my local repair guys.Honestly, I'd scrap everything electronic in there and use it as a stereo cabinet for some more modern stuff (mid-late 70's stuff is great). Still vintage, will still use that awesome cabinet but will sound way better.This guy went all out but it can be done a lot quicker and...
Just a few things today.Vintage Polo RL suit. Pretty early piece. Made in March 1974. According to some reading I did, the first Polo RL ads appeared in NYC in 1974. Measures like a 42 R [[SPOILER]] This is why I go through t-shirts.
You have my condolences. I can't imagine the feeling and you and your family will be in our prayers.
I thought that tie looked familiar. Haha. That was quite some time ago. That store I got those ties from is pretty dead now.
Owch!Awesome! Didn't even know Topo Designs did clothing.
Decent day today. Ugg x Jimmy Choo Mandah boots. N/A Paul Smith "The Floral" Suit. 38 R Lulu Metal Vent T Lulu ABC Pant. N/A Usually don't pick up Bruno Magli but these were really nice, hardly worn and cheap. 9 1/2 Zegna-tex. 38 Kim Herring. Sz L
The Boneyard Kitchen and Bar in Uptown. Haven't tried anything else there but the chicken and waffles with the candied jalapeno maple syrup certainly was delicious.
New Posts  All Forums: