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Owch. That's a painful image to look at. I'm active in a few local preservationist groups and seeing the amount of people who just don't care is quite disappointing. Yeah, we can't keep everything and turn all neighborhoods into museums but why tear down a perfectly good house that was built 100 times better than what is going to replace it? I just don't get it. People with more money than sense, I suppose.In other news, I spoke with the head of the company in person...
For sure. I want to document this place before it's gone. I saw what the company paid for it and honestly if I were single I would have bought the place myself to live in (no way I could get the wife to live there but it just needs a little sprucing up). Nice little house, large shop/garage and the lot is beautiful. Shame it's going to be more medium-density housing by next summer....Pics to come.
Update:Spoke with the company co-founder who gave me permission to take whatever I want. Called the local PD and they said I need a written note in case they get called out to the scene. Gah. What a lot of hassle but I don't want to get hauled off in a squad car over some old oil cans and boots. Gonna cover my bases. Thankfully the company HQ is 5 miles away so as soon as I'm headed over there shortly to get the note and then off to do some picking. I sure hope they didn't...
Bad pass. That is really recent. Found a similar one a couple weeks ago. Retail was likely $700+.
Cool Hunting People was a pretty obscure label. Pretty sure they're now defunct. A local trendy/SW&D-ish boutique carried the link about 6 years ago but haven't seen it since and never saw it pop up in the wild. If I recall correctly the prices weren't really cheap. Jackets were like $350-$450 if I remember correctly.
Nice turntable! My rough guess would be late 50's or early 60's. That is $$$$. Killer haul as well. Wow. An original N1 deck jacket is on my bucket list. Those boots are beautiful...Somewhat thrift related issue (more along the lines of free antiquing)So the last slice of paradise in my area (wooded property that is the remaining 5 acres of a farm with a creek and pond on the property) seems to be doomed. The house and out-buildings were built in the 30's when the last...
Man, sounds like something I would save up all year for and just go to town in November. I always seem to find the cool jackets and sweaters in spring/summer (they stock them all year round here in Minnesnowta) and I have to hang onto them for 6 months until I can sell them.
Pretty sure passing on that vintage "Big Label" Patagonia snap-T was a huge mistake. Also would have grabbed the Filson hat.
When I worked at the Salvation Army years ago we did this. We got stacks of small colored paper squares (different colors for different weeks). Prices written with grease pencil. Most workers didn't care and stapled them right on the actual clothing piece but I tried my best to staple it to the label.
Looks very recent to me. Nice find!
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