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Not the big $$ tiger stripe but still a very solid pickup. Looks like a late 80's-early 90's issue from Alpha. White label, made by Alpha, M65 and tiger stripe camo? Well done, I'd say!That Loro vest is just insane. Wow...
Killer haul! Glad to see ya back on here! You thinking of making a trip back up to Minnesota soon? Haha.
Have a feeling football may have been affecting some auctions this evening. Gave away a recent $1600 shearling coat for $30.
Thrift Brag.
^^ Aaaah, that's a game changer! Well done! Man, you must live in the land of amazing discount stores or something. You've had some killer "new stuff" hauls.
In LA? If so I passed on those Visvims a couple weeks ago. Liked the buckleback but don't like the highwater model. Cool to see that stuff, though!
Not sure of the country of manufacture, but I'll bet it was made in the USA as I've found more than a few from that era that were made here. Don't think they started outsourcing until the late 80's. That jacket is probably from the mid 70's-early 80's.
Had a pretty good day. My size. N/A
Thrift fit from a couple days ago Vintage Filson forestry cloth cruiser (thrift) Vineyard Vines OCBD "Whale Shirt" (thrift) New Simon Miller M001 Jeans (underpriced consignment) Hamilton Khaki Automatic (thrift funded) Chippewa x J. Crew Homestead boots (discount/sale)
@Letric +1. Also, anything with rack handles is probably something decent. Also, in most cases, the more knobs, dials and switches, the better.
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