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Today's finds.
There's a lady who does this that frequents my local shops. She brings a portable stool and two carts. Gets to the book isle, dumps an entire shelf of books into one cart. Then the process begins. She unfolds the stool right in the middle of the isle, sits down and starts to scan the books from the cart. "Bonk!" "Bonk" "Bonk" "Ding!" "Bonk!" "Ding!" "Bonk!" "Bonk!" "Bonk!". That's all you can hear.I am assuming "Bonk" means bad and "Ding" means good.
I actually found a few of his ties in thrift shops over the past several years. From what I recall he ended up getting his business off the ground and even had some local news anchors wearing his ties.Indeed it is. Nice pick-up! Great color, too.
Very jealous. Brooklyn Tailors is great stuff. Got a few shirts from an outlet a few years ago and love them. Great cut, fabrics and quality. They sell (or did sell) the shirts and ties at Len Druskin. Never had the tailored stuff as far as I know. I saw the suits on Gilt (I think) awhile back. Pretty pricey, if I remember right.
I think Chicago took over #1 spot for best Thrift City.
Yep, I'm a true L. 44 R. Fits me pretty well and plan to hang onto it for awhile but everything's for sale.
One of my favorite finds in awhile.
Almost bought this the other day for myself but way too big. Beautiful shirt, though! Breuer shirts are really under-rated.
I used to read and write fairly well, as well as speak pretty fluently. I attended some of First Grade there. We went to Japan for a month and 1/2 (maybe 2 months) over my Summer Vacation from 1st grade. Well, school still runs in the summer time there, so my mom had the idea to enroll me in school there for a month or so, so I could experience school over there as well as attend the same school she did. I wasn't too fond of the idea then but I made do with it and...
Oh it had some inspiration from Gundam as well, but saw X before I got into Gundam.Funny, I've actually been meaning to read that for awhile. Heard it's a great book.
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