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Was that sale last fall in Minneapolis near Victory Memorial Parkway in a small 1930's house and had a ton of super desirable video games for dirt cheap as well? If so, I got there at 4 am, got # 14 and slept in my car for 4 1/2 hours. Then the guy running the sale told us he was not honoring pre numbers and made a lot of people really upset. We lined up by numbers anyway in order to keep all hell from breaking loose. He then told us only #'s 1-10 were going to be let in....
The day started out pretty dull. Picked this up to make the trip somewhat worthwhile. Then I found this....
That's what I thought. I remember seeing some pieces on the bay a while back with it spelled like that and kind of stuck in my head. However I've never seen it in person and thought that might have been something different.
Yeah, Eskandar is always worth grabbing. I have no idea who wears that stuff though. Everything is huge.
^^^ Wow! Your finds have been pretty crazy! That suit haul a few weeks ago and now NWT N. Hollywood (that Zegna is mind blowing, by the way)?! I'm guessing you're from LA.Seems like a lot of labels really upped their quality and fabrics over the past 5-10 years. Compare a current Zegna, Canali, etc to one that is 20 years old. They've come a long way!
I was gonna go to that today but had baby duty so didn't get out. Sounds like I didn't miss much.
Lots of great stuff going super cheap this week. Staple color solid recent Oxxford and Canali suits, Brioni houndstooth tie, Alden 958s, etc! Suits/Jackets Oxxford Clothes Charcoal Glen Plaid Super 100's 2 Btn Suit. Hand Made. 42 L Recent Oxxford Solid Black 2 Btn Artisan's Seal Wool/Mohair Suit. 43 44 L Recent Oxxford Solid Navy *Staple* 2 Btn Super 100's Suit w/ Hanger. 42 44 L Recent Canali Solid Khaki Staple 2 Btn Wool Side Vent Flat Front Suit 44 L...
Thanks, Cordovan by Cap'n! C&J "Boston" Loafers Before: After:
I would! That's a beautiful lamp and looks like if it's the large one it retails for almost $1000. I'm a sucker for arts and crafts style as well.http://www.shopwright.org/product/lamp-taliesin-large/lamps
Could be a high-end repro piece styled after vintage army surplus, but to me it looks like a vintage foreign (maybe UK?) military shirt and probably not worth much. Don't quote me though, taking a complete shot in the dark on this.
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