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From the past few days. Oxxfords from one donor. All were super wrinkled. I did my best with the steamer. About 70% effective. The first three jackets are likely orphans. No signs of the pants. Navy fawnskin flannel is definite sportcoat-able. They measure to a 46-48 L and the trousers are 39/40 x 32 AE Cody Magnanni Lulu stuff. Incotex Cotton/Cashmere cords. Another LL Bean Signature piece. Same donor and same cut as the...
Why can't these be a 36 waist?! Yes sir! That's the correct vintage and style that you want. I've almost given up on Marshalls here. I haven't seen anything nicer than Polo RL shirts there in years. Suits/blazers? Not a chance.
Oh dang. I don't think I've ever reunited a suit at Savers.
Goodwill? They're awful for splitting up suits. Also the best possibility for reuniting orphans as they process everything in-store.
Nice find! 70's would be my guess. They switched from the script label in the early 80's if I remember right,
Both. Value-wise it's probably like a decent RG shirt. Duck camo is hot and duck camo chamois cloth shirts by Five Brother, Woolrich, Eddie Bauer, etc do well.
I think that may be the most valuable find ever posted in this thread.
Damn. That is insane! Makes me wish I knew left from right about art. Just can't figure it out and trying to decipher/ID an artist's signature seems to be half the battle.Not all the time...... [[SPOILER]] Those look promising. Any other labels or markings? What do the buttons/snaps look like?
+1. I know Manhattan is a goldmine as far as quality but curious to know what the actual prices are.
Where've you been, man!? Haven't seen you round these parts in ages.
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