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Holy cow! Half dozen you say? I think I've that's how many Cucinelli pieces I've found in my entire thrifting career and they were either just shirts or sweaters. If any of those are if 42-44 R, I'll take em off your hands. I should probably post this before futuremyth posts his haul.Needed a small breather today so I hit the local thrift to help me relax a bit. Paid up for the speakers but seeing as these are only the second pair of KEF's I've found and were in excellent...
Thanks! Oh I've stocked up on everything from toys to clothing to sing-along DVD/CD box sets. Also picked up a bunch of minty children's LPs to get this little guy started on vinyl.
Speaking of the platypus, any e-thrifters who roamed eBay in it's early days remember this? For some reason I thought it was hilarious and have had this .gif saved for over 12 years.
^^ That David Chu and those Incotex are absolute
Wow! Well, I think I can safely say that little Paul feels pretty dang special right now. He'll be out in the field with his old man soon enough helping unearth some cool threads. Spoo: Those Nino Corvato pieces are amazing! Love the skull lining on that dinner jacket!
Thanks everyone! Both my wife and I have a lot to learn. We've got a long journey ahead of us.Jon, we actually had a home birth, so we never left the house! It was nice not having to drive anywhere. The midwife and her birthing team came to us. Oh I can already see it coming. I'm running on about 3 hours of sleep right now. So tired yet I want to stay awake so I don't miss a thing.
I'll be busy for awhile. : This little guy decided to show up early this morning. 6 lb 13 oz.
Aah, cool. That place is bonkers. Went there once, too intense for me. No clue on them but judging by the styling I doubt they're anything special. Sorry man.This is awesome! Love the vintage logo. Dibs if futuremyth passes.Don't think Lulu is fake (yet), so I'm gonna say real. Nice find!
Wow, Daniel's Clothing? I'm kind of disappointed. I figured he would at least have gone to Chavez or had a crazy wardrobe from Neiman Marcus.How long ago did you buy these and were they from the same store as the skull shirt I bought? I was talking to a regular there one day and she told me about a pair of jeans that had "Japanese" on them. She was walking towards the jeans aisle and right as she got there a guy grabbed the pair she was talking about and they looked just...
Haha, funny. Yeah, it had last week's color tag so I figure it had been there since maybe Friday night or Saturday. Yeah, that store is more miss than hit these days.
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