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This. I guess it depends on how hard the stores you go to are hit and their location. You'll have better luck digging through the crates out on the floor at a hole-in-the-wall store out in the middle of no-where rather than one in a suburban area.The stuff out on the floor at the stores in my area have all been sifted through a thousand times over. Vinyl has became so popular lately, everyone and their brother digs through records. The new arrival carts are hit harder than...
I think it's the passion that drives us. You've gotta have an interest for it, otherwise digging through a musty crate of vinyl just does not sound appealing. Just as through flipping through thousands of shirts doesn't sound appealing to your average person. Every time I see a crate of vinyl, I think to myself "there just might be that super rare private press 60's psychedelic rock LP buried in there". It's paid off many a time.
Always wanted one of these.
I own the Corrado's older and slightly more angular brother.I remember sitting in a brand new Corrado G60 at the Minnesota State Fair's VW booth as a kid. Also oogled over the GTI (I think it was 1992). My mother tossed all the car brochures I used to collect from the state fair. Wish I still had em. Called up the VW dealer asking for brochures when I was about 5 and my mother caught me. They must have loved my enthusiasm for VW's, as they mailed me a promo VHS of that...
Things have been slow around town lately. Slim pickins would be an understatement. I did find one thing worth buying yesterday, though. Likely the most comfortable slippers I've owned. $5. Beats running to the mailbox in my Clarks sandals.
Whhhhyyyy? I'm glad you gave him a scolding, but also glad you are going to try and salvage those. EWMI has been on my want list for like 15 years.The sad reality of it is that we are part of a small percentage that values and appreciates old clothing. The general population thinks that nobody wants this stuff because it's old and out-dated, then they proceed to either toss it or donate. Same goes for patina. It pains me to think how many pairs of Big E Levis and other...
That's the good stuff. There isn't a bad Sierra Designs 60/40 parka. The new repro stuff is just as good as the vintage stuff, in my opinion.
M-65. Definitely worth picking up if in good shape. That liner is dated 1975. If you remove the liner, the actual coat will have a similar label on it with a DSA # as well. The 2-digit number in the middle will be the year.
Thrilled and heartbroken at the same time. Crossed one off my list today. WWII shawl Mackinaw wool coat. Just a bit too small. Little tight in the armholes. I'm thinking of getting the buttons moved over a bit. I can definitely make it work with that done. In the pocket, I found this: Greyhound ticket dated 1946. It's entirely possible the last time this jacket was worn was 70 years ago.
Awesome, thanks man. Decided not to roll the dice though. Too funky for my tastes.
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