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Today's finds.
All BB4. Great colors/patterns.
Looks like he might have just reversed an ugly reupholstry job.Co-Op is Barney's younger/trendy department. Sort of like The Rail at Nordstrom.
@TheNeedMachineSure is. That's the later (but just as desirable) brown dominant pattern. Dated 1970. 1967-69 were green dominant and had a really distinct lime green color.
Not an expert at all, but that telescope certainly has "the look" ti be something significant.
Rag and Bone really took a dive in quality and design. Recent resale trends reflect this as well. I remember their early days when the pieces were all made in North Carolina or New York. Design, details and quality were all phenomenal. Sad to see what they've become.
Today's finds.Legit? Feels right. Quality is there. Model # looks off, though. [[SPOILER]]
Nice find! That's the good stuff. Late 70's-early 80's puffer vest. Good color combo too.
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