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This was too cool not to pick up. I had some 70's t-shirts with landscape prints like this a long time ago that seemed to have grown legs and walked away, Wish I still had em. Is there a specific name for this style of printing that was so popular back then? Screen print?
Cool that they preserved the sign. I have some great childhood memories from drive-ins. I think we have 1 left in the state of Minnesota.Still too rich for my blood.
That's awesome! Holubar is from Boluder too. Maybe had the same logo/font designer.
Ha, I actually told him to buy it. Was hoping it was a L and would fit me! I've been after one of these (a down shirt in general) for a long time. It's a quilted down shirt. Probably late 70's-very early 80's. Crescent Down Works makes one that I've been lusting after, but way out of my price range.http://www.crescentdownworks.com/prod_DownShirt.html
Well said.
I wouldn't. It'll sound awful. Search CL and pick up a cheap set of Infinity, Altec or Bose speakers. You can get a decent pair of bookshelf speakers for like $20-$40 and you'll thank yourself once you get spinning.Turntables and good vintage stereo equipment is really hard to come by in thrift stores these days. You're better off looking on Craigslist, post a want-ad in the paper (yes, I said the paper. Older folks who typically have this stuff and would probably get rid...
Just a couple random ideas. but vintage clothing advertising signs would be cool. Otherwise maybe paneling the front wall as an accent wall with reclaimed milk-paint boards or barn wood to kind of off-set the drabness.Looks good! What cartridge did it come with? Amy Grant's late 80's/early 90's stuff is a guilty pleasure of mine.
That is the beo-gam/duck hunter camo pattern. Based off the original HBT spot camo pattern used in the Pacific Theatre during WWII. That piece looks to be some sort of military issue, based off the size label (A-M being Asian Medium). That's a fantastic find. I've seen many commercially made pieces that were purchased by family back home and shipped to soliders overseas due to the lack of supply from the US military, but never seen one like this.
Yep. Dated 1974. Not as valuable as the older ones (65-72) but still an easy $50-$60.
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