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The Loro Piana shake is still fresh in my memory. Only brag-worthy LP piece I've ever found (others have been just shirts and some cotton trousers).Oh, and
Not even gonna bother today. Will likely head out tomorrow after things die down a bit (though the weekend likely won't be much better...
They did and the stuff was/is pretty nice. It's scarce though. I've only come across a couple of them ever and I live about 1 1/2 hrs from where they are made!Also, I figured this may interest some of you who sent me PMs inquiring about the boots I purchased from these guys earlier this year. Looks like they're starting to get some attention now and also started a web-store.http://wtnh.com/2014/11/26/the-brothers-crisp-a-handmade-shoe-company-based-in-hartford/
Huge shoutout to Spoo for an amazing Private White VC wool bomber!! Couple thrift fit pics. Top two from today. Vest: Loro Piana Cashmere (thrift) Sweater: Polo RL Cashmere (thrift) Trousers: Incotex for Agnona (thrift) Yesterday: Jacket: Private White VC (From Spoo. Thanks, Spoo!!) Shirt: Johnson Motors t-shirt (thrift) Jeans: Rag & Bone (thrift) Socks: Sock Monkey Socks (discount)
Seems to be raining Inis Meain lately! Wow!Yeah, my wife spilled a bottle of water on our laptop and just about killed it. Still boots up and runs but they keyboard doesn't work so you need to hook up an external keyboard. Not a huge deal but we used this as an excuse to get a new Macbook, which we've been wanting for a while now. Selling the laptop for dirt cheap if anyone wants it. It's an HP Pavillion G7. Only a year or two old. On another note, Happy Thanksgiving...
Don't worry man, I was on a dry streak before the Loro Piana showed up. Keep at it!
Really bittersweet day today. Had a funeral this evening as was pretty bummed all day. Hit some stores to try and cheer myself up. Struck out at 3 of them. 4th store I found a pretty cool LP. Fifth store I found a different kind of LP. The cashmere kind. Really brightened up my day. Best part, it fits. First LP Second LP (crappy low-light cell-phone shot). Better pictures to come tomorrow. This thing feels amazing. Navy blue quilted cashmere vest with plaid cotton...
Today sucked. Then.....BAM!
^^ If that's a M, I think EasyE was looking for one.
I've always been fond of Trailwise's stuff. I have a green mountain parka from them. Really nice. Berkeley had a bunch of cool outdoor makers during the 60's and 70's. Only a couple really made it big.
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