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No sign of The Thriftening up here but I'll gladly take these. And this.
+1. That's what you're looking for. 70's logo/label.
Whoa. Those are awesome. 70's or maybe even a bit older. Never knew they made something like that. .
I'm guilty of breaking the rule of thrifting where you hop in front of the other guy when I get stuck behind a guy trying on every blasted jacket on the rack and carefully critiquing every detail on the jacket. Or slowly examines every shirt on the rack. A couple weeks ago I was in one particular store for a little over an hour. When I got there this one guy was on one end of the shirt rack. When I left he was almost at the end of the rack.Halloween is the one time I like...
Here's a better pic. The quality of the garment itself is really nice, which is why I grabbed it. I have idea what I'm looking for label/tag-wise.
Found a few interesting things today. Wondering if someone can authenticate this for me. Picked it up for $20 during peak hour (I never thrift in the evening, but made a stop to avoid traffic). Not sure how the vultures missed this. I'm leaning towards real. Quality is there, labels don't look "cheap" like on a knock-off, and not sure a knock-off would come with a beaver fur collar. Sadly, the beaver skin collar (probably the coolest feature of the coat) is MIA. Still...
Reminds me of what I saw today in the glass case. Stupidest pricing I've seen in a long time. Not only is the price outrageous to begin with, this store is in an area where most people shop at WalMart or Dollar Tree.
+1. The patina on that is awesome.
Spot on! Brown label puffers are the most desirable. Still, at thrift prices that piece would be worth grabbing. No idea about the logo/patch. Probably a short lived ski-centered collection. That piece is probably mid 80's.@barrelntrigger. Man, seeing those pictures makes me want to go back to Japan so bad. Sadly it'll be at least another 4 years until the kid(s) will be old enough to handle an overseas flight.
+1 on saving your money. That Eton is older but real.
New Posts  All Forums: