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I hope someone here got that Kai D. jacket I mentioned yesterday. Went back this morning and it was long gone. It's been slow. Just a few things today. Another Pierrepont Hicks tie Topo Designs x Pierrepont Hicks portfolio thing.
Offering a solid navy blue Corneliani suit for cost+shipping. Pockets still basted shut. Great condition. 3 Btn. Side vented. Tagged Eu 54 L. Pants measure 34 x 31. My cost ($20) + shipping. Buy to flip, wear or give away. Otherwise I'm gonna return it tomorrow.
Sadly I'm not really sure as most of it is gone by the time I get there. There are a couple stores in particular that used to be goldmines, but a combination of vultures and the staff getting wise to labels and pricing have really made it hard to get anything these days.Yep, same exact situation here, except there is a small flock of them. Each one specializes in something different so they don't really compete but makes it so literally nothing gets through. I've almost...
What I would give to have Minneapolis thrifting go back to how it was 5 years ago. It's gotten so bad here. People camping for 6-7 hours at one store while tinkering on their iPads waiting for stuff to come out. Another thing is the supply of high-end clothing here is shrinking rapidly.Wow! As a former cellist, Yoyo Ma still is an idol of mine.
Ah! Thanks!Haha, I just now it looks like a face.
Yeah, that was my other guess since I know Manfrotto makes photography equipment. The head bracket thing on it is adjustable.
I've found two Manfrotto tripods in the past but what is this thing? The clamp head thing on it looks like it holds a pole/bar in place, so I'm assuming maybe a microphone on a pole?
I've had very little luck actually thrifting furniture. The stuff that turns up in thrift stores is usually garbage. However, some billionaire donated furniture from his castle to the local Goodwill a month or so ago. Chairs, couches, etc. Everything was gigantic. Gorgeous custom made china cabinets, two were over 15' high. They were all less than 5 years old and looked like they were never used. The store (this is Goodwill, mind you), priced the large cabinets at $1,000...
Sadly no. She had three Maxell tapes in beat up boxes that had voice recordings on them. She said she has no idea what happened to the turntable. She said her brother bought the system as it was years ago. If there was a turntable it's long gone. On the subject of being burned on trades or sales, please do post up the names. It'll give the rest of us an idea of whom to avoid dealing with. I've only dealt with the major posters on here and haven't had an issue yet.Sounds...
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