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Cool find! Yes, that is 1963. That spot just looks like a random spot from something, maybe bleach or dye or something that just soaked into the fabric.
Eu 56 but fits more like a 44 L.
Been a busy week. Finally got around to taking a few pics of Monday's finds. Can't remember if I posted these. I think I did but they were just teasers/label shots. Kiton cashmere SC. Eu 53, fits like a slim 42 R. Kiton charcoal cashmere suit. Eu 50R. Fits like a 40-42 R. RLBL 3 Pc. Sz 46 but fits like a 40-42.
Yep. Probably late 70's or early 80's. Would be cooler if those colors were reversed but still a great piece.Nothing to that extent, but I do keep a folder with detailed (most are eBay photos) of my "trophy finds".
If those fit true to size and don't work out for you......
Not the big $$ tiger stripe but still a very solid pickup. Looks like a late 80's-early 90's issue from Alpha. White label, made by Alpha, M65 and tiger stripe camo? Well done, I'd say!That Loro vest is just insane. Wow...
Killer haul! Glad to see ya back on here! You thinking of making a trip back up to Minnesota soon? Haha.
Have a feeling football may have been affecting some auctions this evening. Gave away a recent $1600 shearling coat for $30.
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