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Not thrift related, but you guys are trustworthy and I've done something similar for another member in the past so I figure I might ask a favor of any Seattle based members. I need a set of winter tire wheels for my wife's car but can't find any that will work locally and eBay prices are either way too high or sold individually because they don't have a full set of 4. Found a set on Seattle C for a super good price. E-mailed the guy and they're still available but not sure...
Have had that one many times.
You and me both. Maybe next year!Don't get me wrong, Minneapolis isn't bad but compared to the stuff I randomly find in LA the difference is night and day. Found many things out there that I don't think I'll ever come across here.
And you say LA isn't a goldmine. :P Haha, I know you've gotta work a little harder to get the stuff (I've thrifted LA many a time) and man, it's 100 times better than Minneapolis. Can't even remember the last tailored Brioni piece I found.
I'd guess 40's as well.
Not much stuff here. Only one high end department store left here (Nordstrom). MSP newspaper said Minnesotans are too cheap for Saks and Neimans.
Don't forget Kansas City. Mainy (what ever happened to him?) used to pull out crazy high-end stuff and said hardly any competition and low prices.
Got some great stuff ending tomorrow (Sunday, 11/02) evening. All items start at $4.99 with no reserves! http://www.ebay.com/sch/zelda58/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Suits/Sportcoats/Blazers Recent Ermenegildo Zegna Heritage 2 Btn Drk Brown Blue Stripe Flannel Suit 44 S Recent Ermenegildo Zegna 2 Btn Charcoal Stripe 15 MilMil 15 Flannel Suit 42 S Ermenegildo Zegna Su Misura 2 Btn Charcoal Blue Stripe 15 MilMil 15 Suit 42 S Ermenegildo Zegna Navy...
You have a PM. If I won the lottery (not sure how that would be possible since I don't gamble, but hypothetically speaking), I'd still thrift as much if not more as I do now.
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