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Why can't these be a 36 waist?! Yes sir! That's the correct vintage and style that you want. I've almost given up on Marshalls here. I haven't seen anything nicer than Polo RL shirts there in years. Suits/blazers? Not a chance.
Oh dang. I don't think I've ever reunited a suit at Savers.
Goodwill? They're awful for splitting up suits. Also the best possibility for reuniting orphans as they process everything in-store.
Nice find! 70's would be my guess. They switched from the script label in the early 80's if I remember right,
Both. Value-wise it's probably like a decent RG shirt. Duck camo is hot and duck camo chamois cloth shirts by Five Brother, Woolrich, Eddie Bauer, etc do well.
I think that may be the most valuable find ever posted in this thread.
Damn. That is insane! Makes me wish I knew left from right about art. Just can't figure it out and trying to decipher/ID an artist's signature seems to be half the battle.Not all the time...... [[SPOILER]] Those look promising. Any other labels or markings? What do the buttons/snaps look like?
+1. I know Manhattan is a goldmine as far as quality but curious to know what the actual prices are.
Where've you been, man!? Haven't seen you round these parts in ages.
No idea on the maker but those tags make me think it's from the mid 60's-mid 70's. Neat piece, I've seen a couple similar ones over the years.
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