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+1. The patina on that is awesome.
Spot on! Brown label puffers are the most desirable. Still, at thrift prices that piece would be worth grabbing. No idea about the logo/patch. Probably a short lived ski-centered collection. That piece is probably mid 80's.@barrelntrigger. Man, seeing those pictures makes me want to go back to Japan so bad. Sadly it'll be at least another 4 years until the kid(s) will be old enough to handle an overseas flight.
+1 on saving your money. That Eton is older but real.
You did well! I would have bought all that stuff if I were to have stumbled across it.Forgot to mention the Camp 7. Right colors, right label and cool styling. Women's though.... Still, you never know. Work your magic on it!
Owch! Hate that.@SpooPoker Wow! Man. That's a great military haul.- M65 is 1967. Looks to be in good shape and a decent size.- No clue on the poncho but that is early Vietnam issue so should be valuable.- The cot probably isn't worth a whole lot but I could be wrong. Cool find though.- 1944 jacket is called an Ike Jacket. Not very valuable since they seem to pop up fairly often in great shape. Those patches may be worth something though.- The smalls are really cool. Never...
Versace is real but ancient. Rotel is great stuff but the home theater receivers aren't worth as much as their other offerings. Not a huge loss.
My neighbor and I were chatting and somehow got onto the subject of music, which then turned to records. He told me he had a whole crate full and said I could take what I wanted. Lots of common stuff (Elton John, Supertramp, Grand Funk, Three Dog Night, Steppenwolf, etc), but I did manage to grab these. The Artwork is a local Christian-psych private press and I've been after this Status Quo album for years.
Grabbed this hoping it was Baccarat. Was cheap enough at $1.99. Took the sticker off when I got home. No other markings besides the "France". Oh well, now I have a nice paperweight.
Had a good run today.ERDL
New Posts  All Forums: