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Looks like a good pass to me. Looks trashed and repainted/spraybombed. Handle-bars are upside-down. Wouldn't buy even at $30. Did it have a model name on the chainguard or did they paint over that?
Mind you this was like 6 years ago. Values of most pre-owned clothing has decreased a decent amount since then.
Yeah, I had absolutely no interest in clothing until high school. In elementary school and jr. high I was all about random old stuff and records/stereo equipment.No clue about Pejsek, he literally vanished. We were in the middle of a trade and he just disappeared. Sucks because I had got some killer stuff from him in the mail too (his finds were indeed legit). Hoping nothing bad happened.Orange and white gingham check. Awesome shirt.One thrifted shirt led to a great...
I think I remember when you found that. I think that was when Pejsek was still pulling insane stuff from SF thrifts as well. I recall thinking about making a thrift trip to SF around that time.It was so long ago, I can't say for certain, but I'm pretty sure my first thrift-store purchase was either a Kodak 4200 slide projector or a 60's Mersman end table to match one that I picked up off the curb on the way home from school.
Just one find, but not gonna complain.
Sneaker guys, what am I looking at here? I can hopefully get them for a good price, but want to know if they are worth pursuing. Nothing on the bay.
@SpooPoker That's awful news. RIP Brian. My condolences to his family and friends. I'd love to help any way that I can.
Glad to hear you got your bag back!Travel tip: Whenever I travel, I either a) dress like a plebe and pack my LL Bean polos and Eddie Bauer shorts (basically how I dress 85% of the time anyway) or b) pack the nice stuff (things I care about the most) into a small carry-on suitcase and bring it with me on the plane.
These are probably the first notable clothing finds I've had here in months (had to go to LA to get my clothing fix). Used to be great, but lately it seems like the clothing supply here just dried up.
Yeah, that about sums up my one and only experience there. A friend who went with almost got his hand cut up when he tried to pick up a pair of Red Wing boots off the floor. Apparently those were part of one guy's pile.Found a few things today.Haven't found shell in forever. Florshiem Imperial PTB V-cleats. 11 D. Available.
New Posts  All Forums: