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I'll go ahead and upload my meager finds now before Bandit drops his haul. Paid $1 for this.
Beautiful jacket! Never knew they did tailored stuff. I see shirts from them all time time, mostly golf shirts.
Love Glass Tiger. Have their first two albums on vinyl and they both get regular play. Clear vinyl is a plus! Nice find!
Beautiful shirts and ties from Charvet and blazers from Oxxford this week. No reserves! Everything ends this Sunday (8/23). http://www.ebay.com/sch/konomi89/m.html?item=171896242455&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Blazers Oxxford Clothes Sport Coat Blazer 52 54 L PURE CASHMERE Millionaire's Coat $4595 Oxxford Clothes Sport Coat Blazer Metal Crest Btns Open Weave Twill Gray 52 54 L Oxxford Clothes Sport Coat Blazer Metal Crest Btn Open...
I believe that patch is called a "cookie"? Either way, I sold a very similar hat for $50 last week at auction. Probably way undersold it as a cap with the same patch as mine was up for BIN at $250 and had watchers.I've seen their stuff before. Not bad at thrift prices but doesn't have the following or command the same prices as vintage North Face, Class 5 or Camp 7 stuff does. Great for personal use, though. That was right around the era that many companies were starting...
I am not looking forward to the cold and the snow but am also catching myself eyeing my jackets, sweaters and jeans in the closet. I'm getting sick of dressing like a slob. My standard summertime wear ( high temp above 70) is t-shirt, shorts and sandals.
Wow! Nice find. Probably late 60's-early 70's vintage. Looks to be in great shape. Hardly any wear on the zipper pull. No idea on temp rating, sorry. Haven't seen a Gerry sleeping bag before. Great color too!
Thanks for giving that stuff a good home!
Full leather Duluth Pack?
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