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Thanks! He's a chick magnet. Get's a lot of attention from the ladies. Haha!Isaia jeans are a size 34, unfortunately.
Funny you mention that. He's been with me when I've had most of my big hauls over the past year and a half or so.
Today's haul. Haven't found a thing here in months. Bergdorf made by... and found this guy a week or two ago. Can't remember if I posted it or not. Usually don't pick up AG, but these were cheap, in mint condition and slim.
Almost didn't go out today because my son wasn't cooperating. Gave him some raisins and he was fine after that.
Nope, garage sale. About 5 minutes from my house. Almost all are in excellent shape. Those two Cream albums are mint. Hard to find those, even in beat-up condition!
Yep. I want it to be a butcher cover so bad, I think my eyes are playing tricks on me. Very very hard to tell, though. No obvious black "V" next to the trunk like on most others. it's very faint, probably just me wanting it to be there.
About 95% solid titles in great shape. Selling about 1/3 of these and keeping 2/3. All in excellent condition (some look never played) and all original pressings. Here's my favorites (all keepers). Beatles "Hey Jude" first pressing with title printed as "The Beatles Again" This looks interesting. Any extras/interests were all included. Even all the extras in "The Who ; Live at the Leeds" Local record label "Soma" made a couple comp LPs in the mid...
Feels like Christmas. I don't even know half of what's in here.
Off-topic (kind of), but is this for real? A bunch of common, un-graded/inspected $1-$4 records selling for $400?! Who is buying this stuff... https://www.ebth.com/items/2331586-record-collection
Had this happen with a current POW check Zegna suit a year or two ago. Tore the store apart. Nothing. Asked an employee to check the racks in the back. She said "I remember putting that suit out last night, it had the pants hanging with it".
New Posts  All Forums: