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I've got a sudden urge to fly out to LA again....
Whoever got me, I'm pretty easy. If you're lost though, here's some ideas: - 60's rock records. Hendrix, Zeppelin, Cream, Kinks, etc. The weirder, the better. - 60's hippie stuff. Black lite posters, underground comix, underground newspapers, etc. I never see this stuff in thrifts, but you never know. - SW&D stuff. Jeans, shirts, jackets, boots, etc. Size L or slim XL. True 36 waist. Size 10.5 D shoes. - Luggage. Been after a nice canvas/leather weekender bag or...
That is awesome! Great find!
Will be posting Monday night. That WWI uniform is insane! Got pics of the labels or stamping? I've never seen anything pre-WWII. I'd rock that Archie Bunker t-shirt, but I'm guessing it's a 70's L (which unfortunately I am not).
Unfortunately not. Kinda bummed, but I'm seeing it as a blessing in disguise. I really don't need another vest. Haha.
Thrift highlights from the past couple days. Too awesome to not pick up at $6.99 each
Those are awesome boots! Great job on cleaning them up and congrats on the sale!
Owch, recently? I've had awful luck with seeing what I've missed out on. A few weeks ago, I missed out on a mint Thorens TD 125 Mk II by about 10 minutes. Was $20.
Picked this up this morning. Judging from the look and feel and considering what I found at this store yesterday (and the stuff I find there in general), I'm pretty sure this is real. I could use a little help, though. Real/Good fake/Bad Fake? [[SPOILER]]
I'm early by a few days, but close enough. Have I really spent a decade on SF? My does time fly....
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