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Dang, you're right. She does have good taste! Any obscure psychedelic stuff molding away in there? There's some stuff I'm after that I'd be happy with just the vinyl, if the cover is toast.
I'm testing my album cover memory here, but I think that is The Moody Blues; To our Children's Children's Children on the bottom of that stack. That's a great album. Very under-rated. Higher and Higher is one of my favorite tunes.
Post up some pics, or you can PM them to me as well. Sadly those don't sound to be worth much as they are pretty common artists. Condition is everything. Also, if a picture sleeve was originally issued with it and is missing, value decreases drastically. When it comes to 45's, the obscure bands that only recorded a single or two and disappeared is really where it's at. O
Hans, that shoe haul is Just a few finds today. EG. Size 8 C. 202 Last Grenadine? JW Hulme leather desk valet
Oh I know it's a 5. I don't think I've worn a Small since I was in 5th or 6th grade. :3
Man, I had no idea these retailed for so much. I see them so often I figured they were sub $150 shoes...Also, that Folk jacket... You have a PM.
Nice find! I think that is a thread first for Imogene + WIllie. I found a pair of jeans from them once but they were priced at $50 and were 3 sizes too small.
Great find! I have that same shirt. Bought off here a couple years back from Troika (I think...). One of my favorite shirts.
Whoa! Cloak in Minnesota?!
Was this at the store we last ran into each other at? If so, I've had this situation happen to be a few times there (found some crazy item that any flipper would snatch up in a heartbeat with the past weeks color, or even 1/2 off color). Was there on Monday and definitely didn't see those!
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