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Nah, ended up talking to them (a group of young guys) and saw what they got. I really missed the boat on the suits and ties. Nice guys though and they have great taste. Sadly they're the same size as me. Found these earlier this week. Big guy selvedge. NWOT.Here's what I ended up with today.2x Canali cashmereThrilled about this one. Then got home to find I have the same one....NWOT Penfield Gibson jacket
Epic haul. 1 Store. Broke my spending record. Sadly not as epic as it could have been. Missed out on about 30 recent or new Brioni ties, new in box Stefano Ricci tie for $10, 18 sweaters, about 8 current Zegna suits and a Cucinelli sportcoat for $15. Trying not to think about that too much..... Pics to come.
Ah, thanks! I meant to add that to the list. Marmot Mountain Works stuff is super desirable!
Thanks for the correction, I changed it in the post.
Good news, folks. A member whom I had sent the guide to still had it in their inbox and sent it to me. Here it is. I won't spoiler it as I had a ton of folks message me about it and I don't want it to get lost again. Unofficial guide to vintage outdoor clothing Here are some of the vintage labels to keep an eye out for. This is in no way a definitive list. There were so many small companies in the 60's and 70's (hey-day for this stuff) that it's nearly impossible to...
Yeah, I tried. Unfortunately they're all long gone. Even in the Trash Can.
Been trying to thrift a pair for years but can never find them in my size (10.5, size 10 in Bean Boots). Found a pair of size 11 that were way too big. Ugh! I gave in and went to the newly-opened LL Bean store in the Mall of America and they were completely out of any style in my size. Looks like it'll be another year in my clunky Sorels.Nice finds and welcome aboard! You're not the only one. I do it all the time. I hate the really common names where you can't figure out...
Actually I've never heard of it before but certainly looks cool! Love that big triangular zipper pull. Nice find!
Haha, I would have if we didn't already have a while one my wife uses almost weekly that her mother got her for her birthday years ago. When we were over at my dad's place she saw it and said "Oh man! I want to trade!" as the Artisan model has the handle on the side of the mixing bowl and the mixing bowl is a little nicer. Might swap bowls one of these days.
Thrifted a brand new red Artisan model about 3 years ago. Gave it to my dad, who loves to bake. He never used it (saw it last week shoved in a corner and covered in dust with the manuals and such still in the bowl) and it slipped my mind he likes making the boxed mix brownies and such....
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