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Those look pretty recent. Willis & Geiger stuff is still made.http://www.landsend.com/pp/StylePage-443114_A6.html?CM_MERCH=REC-_-FPPP-_-GGT-_-1-_-443114-_-437746http://www.landsend.com/pp/StylePage-437751_A6.html?CM_MERCH=REC-_-FPPP-_-GGT-_-2-_-437751-_-437746
Father and son thrift day. My son sure enjoyed it! We found some decent stuff too (haven't found any worthwhile clothing in awhile)
Score! Wilderness Experience is on my "labels to look for" list for outdoor gear. That label is from 1979-81. That's a nice looking parka, too.
I'd rock that J. Press. Also, if I lived in Japan that Yamaha stereo would be mine! Wow...
Whoa, talk about synergy. I got the mug, but that thing looks huge. What is it?
Yeah, vintage tailcoats are a really hard sell. I've only picked up one (probably 15 years ago) because it was dated 1909 and in fantastic shape with silk covered buttons that had oak leaves embossed on them. I have no idea what happened to it, though.
Slow day today. I did manage to come across some nice furniture though (hardly ever see nice furniture in thrifts around here). The manager informed me that there was a lot more and half of it sold a few hours before I got there. Wonder what else there was. Regardless, the stuff wouldn't match my decor and I have absolutely no room for any more furniture anyway. Everything except the desk chair looked brand new, without a scratch. The manager told me she spoke with the...
^^ I've had the picture issue on here for quite awhile now. Can't figure it out.
Bummer about the wiener dog breaking. That reminded me of this guy whom I completely forgot about and had left sitting in a bag on the backseat floor of my car.
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