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This is a great read. I have a copy myself. Nice find!
Where was it made? Are you sure it was WWM and not the John Rich and Bros. label (which makes their stuff overseas) which says "Woolrich Woolen Mills on it? The John B. Rich line is pricey but not WWM pricey.
Ah, nothing special. Late 60's-mid 70's duck hunter camo. This pattern is desirable on certain pieces (t-shirts, parkas, button down shirts. etc), but the actual hunting jacket and such like what that appears to be are a tough sell. Good pass.All burgundy label and all made in the USA.
Nothing wrong with REI. I'm more than happy finding Smartwool, Ibex, Arcteryx, Patagonia, etc.
Pretty sure the owner of a store just dumped a bunch of old stock they had left over from their store which has long since been closed. I think the store these came from closed in the early 90's.
Good run today. These were the pick of the litter. All unworn, deadstock. Sizes 32-38.
Nice haul! Several of those are still on my want list. The Tiffany Shade is up there on my list. Mainstream put out some killer psych stuff in the late 60's. Interested to hear what that first batch of private press LPs sound like. 70's?
+1 on what the others have said. It's just a phase. I go through it a couple times a year, sometimes more. Always when things slow down. Seeing the same crap and the same faces. Gets old really fast, especially when you're not finding anything.You are on the right track with thinking about the thriftcation. Doesn't have to be far. Just a change of scenery. This really helps me. Another, like Frenchy mentioned is to diversify. For every little niche there is a grail....
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