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Double post.
Did you get these today? Size 8 1/2 with no soles for $6.99? They rolled out a whole bin of men's Nike's in size 8.5 with no insoles that looked barely worn or not worn at all today. Looked up a handful of them and they didn't seem to do very well so I left all of them. Would have grabbed a few for myself if they were my size.That label is from approx 04/05 -2008. Heritage is the fabric, I believe. Only seen a handful of Heritage label Zegnas but the fabrics/patterns have...
Definitely looks like true vintage to me. Probably early to mid 70's.Haha, awesome! I remember you were ripping your hair out trying to figure out where it went. I would have been too!
It's been a slow past couple weeks. Been striking out hard lately. Finally found a few things today to lift my spirits. Recent and mint Canal flannel suits in staple colors. Charcoal gray and navy blue. Navy is Super 140s. Eu 50 R And first time ever finding one of these. XL
kbadgley84 - Happy birthday! What a great present from the thrift gods!
Haha, I'm the same way!
Sometimes ignorance is bliss.
So I've gotta ask. True thrift? Either way, I think this thread just reached the peak.
+1. No clue how I missed that. I was about to buy one from their website at full retail Hopefully now I won't have to go that route...
I was wondering about the quality of those. I was browsing through his clothing line on his website a few weeks back. There's some decent looking button downs and was curious about those jeans as well
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