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Haven't been out much lately. The baby's sleep schedule took an awful turn last week and we just figured out why a couple days ago (we were putting him to bed to late and he was over-tired, thus not staying asleep). Not sure why it was fine for 3 months and just now changed, but someone told me as soon as you get used to your baby's schedule, it'll change. Well, it did. I also lost a very close uncle on Saturday morning, so dealing with that as well as helping my father...
It's fun to see how little shoe styles have changed over the years. Many of those shoes resemble shoes I would see in the store today.
That Loro Piana and that Cantarelli cashmere are my favorites from today. Wow!If in good shape and an in-demand size (M-XL), then yes.I saw this the other day and thought "What the Hell??".I've thought about holding a contest for most bizzare/hilarious clothing label name, kind of like the scavenger hunt last year. I found an ugly 80's women's sweater today with the label "Have a Hug". I'm serious, the name on the label was "Have a Hug". I've also seen "I'm a Plum", "Mr...
One would think so by looking at them but I've had crappy results with both makers. I thought I had came upon a fortune when I stumbled upon a cache of gorgeous Leonard Paris ties. Sold them for about $8 each.
Awesome! Congrats!Ah, gotcha! Usually never find good women's stuff in the men's section. Always the other way around.
Nice find! You mean men's in the women's section?
Yeah, the beard is the result of last year's No-Shave November. Never ended up shaving it off and actually like the ease of not having to shave every other day but rather trim it once a week or so. I've wanted to get it to Grizzly Adams status but the wife won't let me.
No-shave November
Speaking of weather, we're looking at single digit lows next week. In November. Bah. At least I can wear my winter coats again....Snow came pretty quick to us here. Finished cleaning up the yard and put away the garden hoses on Sunday while wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt. 10" of snow fell on Monday. Here's a look outside my front door.If I can't manage to locate it somewhere (maybe in an old PM or something), I'll try and make a new one and post it instead of doing...
Yeah, unfortunately I kept the file on the laptop in which my wife spilled a bottle of water on. I don't think I posted it, just sent it out to people interested via PM. I probably should have posted it. Maybe someone still has it and wouldn't mind posting it up.
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