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Wait, is he from the Twin Cities?That's a great solid haul. There's a lot of staples in there. They also appear to be in fantastic shape. Well done!
So a couple years ago I had a very rare WWII camouflage herringbone twill jumpsuit taken out of my cart and the guy actually walked out the door of the GW without paying for it in order to avoid being stopped, had I noticed before he exited the store and alerted the store workers/management. He must have watched me put it in my cart too, as I really buried it in there so it wasn't sitting in plain sight. Well, I finally found out who took it. A friend and regular who hits...
PM sent.
Yeah, I talked them down on the price(even thought it wasn't that bad to begin with and the budged pretty easily) and figured it was worth a gamble. Lone Pine is primo stuff.
The mystery continues....Recent pickups.Any ideas on if this is cleanable or not? Couldn't leave a Lone Pine shearling for how cheap it was and not give it a shot.
Sorry, been away from the computer for a few days. Catching up on the thread. Yes! That is the tiger stripe you are looking for! You're looking at good $$$! Do you have some pictures in better lighting? There are several different colorways and IDing which one it is that will help you a lot in selling it.http://camopedia.org/index.php?title=Tiger_stripeJohn Wayne pattern is the most common and still pretty valuable.Awesome find! I'd say 50's but hard to really pinpoint a...
@vexco That Camp7 is the stuff you're looking for. Great color. A down puffer and has the hood to boot. Well done. Toss it in the wash and you're set! Shoutout to @silverwarebandit for showing us around Chicago. Had a great time. Also had some amazing Chicago style pizza. Spoiled me for life! Haha. Thanks again!
Score! Class 5 is one of my favorite vintage makers. I've found jackets, vests and packs but never a sleeping bag, Great find! Like Fueco said, definitely toss it in the wash and then in the dryer with some tennis balls.
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