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Don't really see how it's any different than going out in the summer time and seeing people wearing sandals...
Sadly their casual clothing doesn't attract the amount of interest that their outerwear does. I pass on their button-down shirts and pants now unless it's for personal wear (which is almost never - I'm not impressed with the quality or cut of their shirts).
If this doesn't scream 1996 (label, color and style of garment), I don't know what does.Why must there be only size 32 left. Nice!! I got the same pair from the Tellason Crap Shoot. Too full-cut for me but still very cool.
I think this wall in my basement will confirm that.+1 on what MyMainMan said regarding the homeless situation here. There are a lot of shelters and tons of programs to help people get back on their feet. This winter has been brutal (though these were common 20+ years ago), so I can't even imagine someone trying to live out of their car in this.
I'm in. I just request it be someplace where parking is easy (ie: a parking lot). I suck at city driving because I can't parallel park for 'nothin. Dahl is local too, I'll see if he wants in.Oh, by the way - I pulled a bespoke Huntsman suit for $18 out that dumpy thrift a few years back.
My wife has been after me to cut mine. Not gonna happen anytime soon. Looks kind of like Paul McCartney's hair circa 1968 at the moment.
So today was almost a complete bust. 6 stores and not a single thing worth buying. The whole state must have had the day off because kids of all ages were running wild and the places were packed. Thankfully store #7, my favorite spot for vintage stuff, didn't disappoint. Found this super cool red/black buffalo check wool shirt. This thing has to be from the 40's or older, judging from the label. My guess would be 30's. In excellent shape minus one missing button on the...
Wow! Score on the Brioni overcoat! The name might not ring a bell, but I'm sure you've seen their logo somewhere before. I think I saw it on an SF banner.
Wow - oldest T&A that I've seen. 70's is my guess.Cool - I found a Whyred cardigan once upon a time. Back when Target (based here in Minneapolis) used to buy high-end samples from Europe ( as well as high end designer goodies from Barneys, Fred Segal and Ron Herman) to design their pieces after. When they were done with them they would donate them to the Salvation Army, where I worked at the time. They would intentionally mix them in with the Mossimo/Merona garbage but one...
+1, two thrifters each finding 2 Zegna Quindici ties and posting on the same day? Crazy! I've never even seen one in person. A Zegna Quindici tie is definitely on my thrift bucket list.
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