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This happened last night/this morning regarding a $120 item. [[SPOILER]] Gee, thanks......
Any stereo heads or record guys in the Chicago area, PM me.
^^ That T&A is beautiful!Same here. Was plowing through episodes of Prison Break until our baby made his appearance. Now it's tough to get through an episode.
Anyone remember this guy? He's apparently been doing well as I've come across a handful of his ties in the thrifts as well, so someone is buying them!Recent finds.Italo Ferretti x 3 [[SPOILER]] Chili pepper pattern 7-foldSome scarves. Cashmere & Lambswool.Burberry trench w/ camelhair liner. 40 R
Great haul! Those glen plaid suits are drool worthy.
I've got a few jacket like that. Namely a WWM Upland jacket. They are literally forearm patches. Super cool piece but I'd feel like a fool wearing it like that. I need to get that fixed before the cooler weather sets in this Fall.
That gave me a good chuckle.
Wow! Well done! Seriously. That place looks amazing. Love the kitchen.
^^^ Message sent on the Gitman Vintage.
Was very tempted to buy that for myself a few weeks ago. Sadly it was a bit too big. Good price, though!
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