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Must've been at least 5 or 6 years since I've seen a thrift price a shirt below $5 around here.
That moment when you're looking for something you bought, could have sworn you purchased and brought home only to see it not on the receipt. Only explanation I can think of is that someone nabbed it from my cart in the store and I was too bedazzled by the Schott leather and M65 jackets to notice is was missing at the checkout. Was a brand new lime green Le Creuset tea kettle for $3.
Wow, score!! I've found several nice pieces of stainless steel cookware at thrifts over the years. Viking and All-Clad. Can't beat em. Great stuff!Those towers are gorgeous. $15 for those and the center channel?? Wow. How do they sound? I've always been curious about NHT.
Today's finds.
There's a lady who does this that frequents my local shops. She brings a portable stool and two carts. Gets to the book isle, dumps an entire shelf of books into one cart. Then the process begins. She unfolds the stool right in the middle of the isle, sits down and starts to scan the books from the cart. "Bonk!" "Bonk" "Bonk" "Ding!" "Bonk!" "Ding!" "Bonk!" "Bonk!" "Bonk!". That's all you can hear.I am assuming "Bonk" means bad and "Ding" means good.
I actually found a few of his ties in thrift shops over the past several years. From what I recall he ended up getting his business off the ground and even had some local news anchors wearing his ties.Indeed it is. Nice pick-up! Great color, too.
Very jealous. Brooklyn Tailors is great stuff. Got a few shirts from an outlet a few years ago and love them. Great cut, fabrics and quality. They sell (or did sell) the shirts and ties at Len Druskin. Never had the tailored stuff as far as I know. I saw the suits on Gilt (I think) awhile back. Pretty pricey, if I remember right.
I think Chicago took over #1 spot for best Thrift City.
New Posts  All Forums: