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Very cool find!I actually found out about them from some photos on Hartford Denim Co's Facebook page. I Googled them because I liked the shoes I saw in one of the photos. Turns out they're all friends and The Brothers Crisp shared their work-space with The Hartford Denim Co. until just recently. Both businesses have amazing attention to detail and I'll definitely be a repeat customer.
Slow day today. 6 stores and 1 RG shirt to cover gas. Oh well. I was happy to come home to see my thrift-funded online purchase sitting on my front step. [[SPOILER]] Made by The Brothers Crisp in Hartford, Conn. Olive brown Cone Mills selvedge duck canvas quarters. Horween Chromexcel. 6 iron leather midsole handsewn to the second man-made midsole. Brick red Vibram soles.
Great find! 2 pairs of shell from one store is awesome!
They're both shell.
Cool! Welcome aboard! I'm glad to see there's another member who enjoys vintage gear as much as I do.
Speaking of members who seem to have disappeared, what ever happened to Klobber? I miss his stories...
^^^ I still can't figure out the maker of Kuhlman's tailored stuff. I think it's just some random Italian maker. Still, after learning the hard way about not even being able to give away current, really tasteful Kuhlman stuff, I just leave it behind now. Congrats, Barrel!!
I think that logo is for their orthopedic line. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Alden-Mens-Leather-Orthopedic-Extra-Depth-Shoe-with-Removable-Insert-/120850029791?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&var=&hash=item1c23391cdf
Some of the Talbott BOC labels say Harrison Limited. Google search came up with a Harrison Limited in Birmingham that sells men's clothing.http://www.harrisonlimited.com/
Seriously, I wonder if that store is dumping any suits/jackets or shoes. I looked at their website and they carry Oxxford, Alden, Barbour and Samuelsohn. I'd be living in that store for the next few weeks.This. A dab of hot water on the hole and then hit it with a hair dryer on high heat. Hole should close up almost completely.
New Posts  All Forums: