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Usually stay as far away from thrifts as possible on big sale days. Decided to just bite the bullet today, Glad I did. Found these, despite the place being a complete zoo. First Sammy is absolutely amazing. Feels like a cashmere blend. All are probably from the same donor. 44 L. 2014 Adrian Jules tweed. More stuff.
Sorry man, not the good stuff. Rothco = modern.
Lots of goodies ending tonight (Sunday, 1/17)! Several hours to get your bids in! All items start at just $4.99 with no reserves! http://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?item=371532914821&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESCX%3AIT&_ssn=zelda58&_sop=1 Shirts/Tops WILD Robert Graham Multi Color Stripe Keep Smiling Dog Embroidery Shirt Sz 3XL Smartwool Men's Light Gray Merino Wool Crewneck Workout Base Tee T-Shirt Sz L *Luxury* Bijan Solid White Jacquard Spread Collar Dress Shirt Italy...
That's duck hunter camo. Based off the HBT spot camo from WWII. Used from the late 60's-early 90's. Depends on the maker and style. Got a pic of the front?
Nice find! Best match I could find on Camopedia is "Late War Lightweight Sparse" (circa 1969) or Advisor's Type Dense ( circa 1968). They were probably made by a local tailor over there, as tiger stripe was never officially issued by the US military. Soldiers would either have to have their own camo fatigues made by local tailors or have relatives back home ship them stuff that was commercially produced, as the US only supplied them with the rip stop OD green uniforms. In...
Congrats, Chet!
I don't pick up Southwick unless it's really nice. I think a 3 piece tweed should make the cut. 3 roll 2. 40-42 Short. Available.
^^ Yes!! More pics!!
Oh trust me, this coat really made me ponder that. A longer coat would also keep my legs warm, especially on days like today (-15 wind chill). I think longer coats just ring in my mind as very formal. I feel like you almost have to wear a suit or jacket with a full length overcoat and I wear a suit maybe once a year, if that. 3/4 length is more do-able for me. I agree though, this thing would look right at home in your closet.
It pained me to leave it behind, but the price made it a little easier to take. At half-price, I'd be all over it.
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