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Yeah, they're scarce but they are out there. A number of years ago I found 2 Pioneer RT-909 decks within 4-5 months (I think.....was definitely in the same year). Took me another 7 years to find another.
Thanks! Haha, actually from GW in Fridley. Maybe same donor but got split up? Funny; same style and size!
This is in the realms of possibility. Happened to me.
Haha! Pretty much....
I haven't found a decent pair of jeans in ages.This. I'll wander over into the least-traveled area of the store (thankfully we have good, even lighting in the thrifts up here with no dark corners that can hide flaws on clothing) and sort before I pay.As far as competition goes, Minnesota is almost as bad as LA, with about 10% of the quality/quantity. At any given time there's at least 7-10 pro flippers in the stores I frequent. Granted not all of them flip clothing, but...
No clothing finds today, but for the first time in what seems like forever I was at the right place at the right time to catch one of those elusive record collection donations. Sorry for the sideways photos. Still can't figure out why it does that. And inspired by amerikajinda's find, I perused the art section for the first time in quite awhile. Found this for $4.99. Probably not worth a whole lot but will look nice in my son's room. Might toss it on the bay...
Very true. The thrift stores around here put out new stuff pretty much all day. Most stores here don't play favorites with customers so everything at those places makes it to the sales floor. You're right, it is all luck and timing. I got that LV suitcase at a heavily hit store and there are usually vultures waiting around for new arrival carts, especially at the time I was there. That particular Friday afternoon is was dead.
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