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Bottega Veneta. It's only my second time finding this label. The first was a belt about 3 years ago.
Found a few things today.Ties:Some cashmereNWT Costume National suit. Has a a few marks on the right sleeve. Trousers have a button fly. Really cool. Eu (I think) size 40. If anyone wants this for their wife/lady friend, it's available at cost (a touch above standard thrift prices) plus shipping. [[SPOILER]]
No problem! Recognized that little square logo.
Bernard Zins
Picked up one of these made by Uline at the GW for $2. Best purchase ever.Nice find on the Pacific Gas & Electric. That album is one of my favorites. I think you'll dig it.
Wow - Spoo and jdrizzy! Both of those are amazing hauls! Well done! Now that all the excitement has died down, I'll post my meager finds. 2007 Folio Society printing. Vtg B&L Ray-Ban "Bewitching" model.
Man, you don't know how lucky you are. Here in Minneapolis it feels like 15 people fighting over the only nice thing in the entire store; a beat up RLPL shirt for $19.99.
Drop me a line if you make it through Minneapolis. Would be cool to have some non-Minnesotans join in.
We should have a little TC thrifter get-together before you leave the cold and wet state of Minnesota. There's a decent number of us on here. We can drink some beers, swap stories, etc.
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