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Haha, that would actually be kinda fun.
Fred Bear stuff does really well. Duck camo pattern is the cherry on top. You should do well with it.
Owch! Yes, very much a thing.
Stuff from this week. Only one store carries this line in Minnesota. Found a women's down jacket and vest last year I gave to my wife and she loves them. Didn't know retail was as high as it is for this stuff. This is a men's Helgafell jacket. Size XL. Vtg camo raglan. L-XL Recent Canali. Eu 17 And a couple blackwatch RL umbrellas. They were priced up but bought them anyway. While taking off off the price stickers I saw that they were repriced...
Lots of great stuff ending this Sunday (2/8) evening. All items start at just $4.99 with no reserves! http://www.ebay.com/sch/zelda58/m.html?item=151565428663&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESOX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Shirts/Tops Band of Outsiders Men's Blue Stripe Long Sleeve Casual Cotton Shirt. Sz M Lululemon Men's Burgundy Black Mini Stripe Purple L/S Thermal Crew Top Shirt XL Lululemon Men's Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve T-shirt Heathered Blue. Size...
Decent new entry level stuff will still be on the pricey side compared to thrift prices, but check to see if there is a place around you that deals with pre-owned hi-fi gear. Otherwise search Craigslist. I'd go the vintage route for both cost and availability.Any Technics, Sanyo, Sansui, Dual, Pioneer, Kenwood, Yamaha, etc turntable and receiver from the mid 70's to very early 80's.As far as speakers, just look for a decent set of bookshelf speakers from Polk Audio, Kef,...
Looks real to me.That is Goodwill's price code for an item priced at $14.99. BE is $24.99 (I think). They use it so if someone rips the tag off and tries to get it repriced, they will know it was a higher priced item to begin with. It irks me that they write this directly on the piece of clothing and it isn't easy to remove.
I think this is to make up for that awful winter last year. We've still got March though. I'm sure we'll get dumped on at least a few times in March.Love this! You have a PM.
EasyE's coat find inspired me to get out today. Figured the Super Bowl and all the parties would have most people at home today like I've seen in past years so I would have the stores to myself. Boy was I wrong. Everyone probably had the same idea as I did. I did get one thing and the cashier was kind enough to let me use a 50% off one item coupon that expired yesterday. It was pricey otherwise. Aquascutum D/B Irish Tweed 3/4 overcoat. Tagged a 42.
Easy: That coat is absolutely insane! Candidate for this year's Thrifties for sure.Hard to see from the label photo (it's worn), but I'd say it's an M-65 made between 1968 and 1970. The label looks like 68-69 but hard to tell. They switched to brass zippers in 1972, I believe.
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