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Definitely. All are M except for middle one which is an XLT.I sent a picture of me wearing the super loud one to my wife. She said she will burn it if I try to wear that in public.
Was pretty happy to see these on the rack this morning. The front one is obviously the pick of the litter.
Sorry man, not the good stuff. Echoing Fueco, that is the bad 80's stuff. That styling isn't very desirable or valuable. You're looking for the down puffer style parkas/jackets, like the photo below.
Ah, could be! I was a bit rushed this morning, Had to pick up my VW from the shop (only 2 shops in the Twin Cities that still work on these cars!). Did well at my first stop, though. In before Spoo..... Vintage big-label Patagonia Other stuff from the week Current AE's with Dainite soles. 8.5 D Couple small Gant's. 36-38 R
You havin any luck in the sweater sections? Hit 6 stores today and they were all awful. $30 Lane Bryant and $79 Dale of Norway sweaters.
That's the vintage stuff. It doesn't sell incredibly well, but I always pick it up when I see it. Likely for the sake of helping place a cool vintage garment in the right hands instead of being turned into rags. On another note, I seem to have Thrifted the flu or a bad cold. Only one place I could have picked it up (Goodwill). The mailman brought an e-thrift to me today, which helped brighten the day a bit. Labeled as "vintage". Haha. Current Sammy tweed hacking jacket....
My 1962 Schwinn had the original tires on it when I bought it. Still held air. Being the cheapskate that I am, I rode it like that for 2 years.
He had a shopping cart and was having a really intense conversation with a 3' tall Curious George doll. Well, I guess that's not saying much for the folks out there. Coulda been a billionaire.
Gonna try. That Tom Ford jacket gave me some motivation! Some of my best finds have been from out there. Haha, I noticed that; some of the homeless guys dress trendy/cool out there. Coulda sworn I saw a homeless guy rocking a green Arny's Forestier jacket the last time I was there.
Happy Halloween! Me: 60's Berman Buckskin Co. fringe jacket (estate sale) 60's Leather Ltd. hat (same estate sale) 60's green sunglasses, ala Roger McGuinn. (same estate sale) 60's tire tread sandals (garage sale) 60's Lee striped bellbottoms (thrift) 60's embroidered & patchwork chambray shirt (thrift) Son: Minion hat (e-thrift) Yellow jacket and overalls (thrift)
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