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I guess I'm too slow. Tried for the American Flag hoodie. Had my address and stuff auto-saved so that saved some time. Put in credit card info and it was gone. Guessing 20 seconds. That is insane.
If you're still in the 80's put back the LP and grab one of those early Polo Bear sweaters (I think they started those in the 80's.....)!Sadly DJ promo's (usually have a white label; often referred to as white-label-promos or WLPs) aren't too valuable unless the album is really desirable and collectible (ie: Zeppelin I-III, maybe IV, Hendrix, Pink Floyd DSOTM, etc) and even then most of the time they're only worth a little more than the regular pressings. Things may have...
Really? Same brand? Cool! Yeah, this thing is amazing. I'd think the retail price would be at least twice what it is, if not more.
I wish! Haha. Sadly no and the retail is less than I had thought but the quality is insane and they sell NWT for pretty close to their retail price.
Count me in for a meet-up.I'll be driving around with my window partially open. Had some good finds today. Too dark for decent pics, but I found the nicest sweatshirt I've come across. Blows away the Reigning Champ, Wings + Horns, Rag & Bone, etc sweatshirts I've found. NWT too. Size L but sadly it fits kind of slim.
^^ WOW! Check out Anthropologie. You should have no issues finding one there. They carry a label called Free People that makes stuff like that.
Congrats on the baby!Here's some pics of yesterday's finds.Talbott Estate NWT/NWOT. Some of the nicest MOP buttons I've seen.5 Eton Slim fit (16) and 1 Eton Contemporary fit (16/5)2 NWT Grown & Sewn Heartland Jackets. Size Small & Medium. Fit true to size. Current model.And this is only the second Marmot Mountain Works piece I've found. Minty down vest. Size XL.
A friend of mine has that same belt & buckle. He bought it in the late 70's. Patina on it now is insane.I'd highly recommend a Mercury Grand Marquis. Had mine for years and really have had no issues with it. My father has 260k on his '03 he bought new and all he's done is brakes, oil changes and I think a headlight bulb. Plus it's like driving a rolling couch. Pretty bummed Ford stopped making them. I'll buy another once mine dies. Another plus is with little effort they...
I figure USPS is all plugged up. I shipped an eBay package via Priority Mail on Monday and still wasn't there as of Friday (even though it said the scheduled delivery was Friday but Priority Mail's 2-3 day guarantee should have had it there on Thurs).
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