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Found a few cool things today.My size. Fits perfect. Probably N/A. Don't think it's ever been worn.Bought this for me as it fit me really well. Not sure I can pull off the styling though. Gonna make this available for what I paid (I paid up), otherwise gonna return on Monday. Super nice. Softest leather I've felt in a long time. Tagged a Eu 50/M but fits like a 42-44 R.Couldn't wait to give this a spin. Was hoping for some great prog rock doused with Moog and synth....
Last chance on this. Gonna return it Friday morning. Killer suit and pretty sure it's brand new. Basting stitches still on the shoulders and pocket still basted shut.
Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!That Buckingham/Nicks album is a great listen. Very underrated.
Thankfully not Mastic Beach, NY. Buyer is in NJ. Fingers crossed....
Anyone in the Portland area willing to proxy some sweaters?
Thrift brag. Paid $8.99.Just paid. Now.......how do I protect myself from another bear sweater situation......? Any suggestions?
Yeah the Goodwill was a madhouse as always. You didn't miss much. Haha.
Goodwill by your place? Dang, that must have came out after I left. Wasn't there this morning.Here's today's finds. Sorry for the crappy photos but daylight savings time + dreary and rainy day + crappy flash on my camera that washes everything out = bad photos.Pop!@Fueco, Any idea on the model of this Patagonia H2No rain jacket/shell?Almost passed on this but decided to gamble and see if someone on here want's it for cost + gas + shipping. Same company that makes hats....
I would in a heartbeat.
Yeah that Loro is a beauty! I did a little digging and found that Jared M is a high-end men's boutique and custom clotheir based in NY, and they have some high end RTW stuff made exclusively for them as well. Retail on the sweater is $1895.http://www.jaredm.com/jaredm.htm
New Posts  All Forums: