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They guy had a table full of vintage Harley shirts. Lots from the 90's, but a fair amount from the 70's and 80's as well. 90% were gone by the time I got back around. These were hidden at the bottom of a garbage bag in the "clothes room". I wish I would have taken a picture. The "clothes room" was literally boxes, garbage bags and random clothes thrown in piles on the floor. You really had to dig. Both t-shirts are XL, but 70's/80's XL so likely about a modern slim...
Went to a sale this morning. Bad timing. Drove there in a snowstorm and had an appointment in 1/2 an hour which was 25 minutes away.... Hit the records first. Older couple beat me to about 50% of them, but they were picking out Hendrix, Zeppelin and CCR and passing over Stooges, MC5, Zappa, etc. Ok, that's cool. I'll take those sloppy seconds. After the records, the wife came in and dragged me out as we were 15 minutes late for our appointment. An hour and a...
A few Twin City Goodwills pays their processors extra to read up on high-end labels. Volunteers have told me they have lots of luxury/ fashion magazines in the breakroom, some focusing just on menswear( Esquire, GQ, Robb Report, etc). RLPL and Zegna get marked up regardless of age or item (ties, shirts, suits, everything). Explains how they learned even the most obscure labels like Common Projects and Patrick Ervell.
Here's an example of the random surplus they would sell. Most were sold in stores rather than in the catalog. [[SPOILER]]
Very cool find with the BR tags still attached. Goes back to BR's roots. In their early days as a safari and outdoor outfitter, they would sell random surplus stuff that they sourced from various places. Many were sold on the sales floor out of the wooden shipping crates they were shipped to the store in.The store in Minneapolis used to have an actual safari jeep in it. Pretty drastic change compared to the sleek, modern business-casual clothing they sell now. I have some...
I am indeed.
Congrats! Your life will never be the same (I mean that in a good way). Can't imagine life without my son.In other news, I can't remember the last time I found something decent in a thrift store. Can't believe how bad it's gotten around here.
Sucks that wrinkled stuff doesn't even make it to the floor here. It gets sent to the outlet or bailed.
Those Brioni's are very recent with that new-style "Made in Italy" label. Nice finds!
Nice! Q7? My neighbor just got one of these last fall. They are dang quick for being a bigger SUV. Blew the doors off my land yacht.
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