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Today's finds. First time finding a pure cashmere suit. Beautiful! Someone liked Charvet... And this found a spot in my living room pretty quickly.
A buddy of mine and I went thrifting one time. As he grabbed the handle of the door, he said "shell cordovan boots!". We walk in. He hits the shoe section. Pulls a pair of C&J for Polo RL cigar shell loafers. Only nice pair of shoes I've ever seen there. That tactic must work!
Looks like a good pass to me. Looks trashed and repainted/spraybombed. Handle-bars are upside-down. Wouldn't buy even at $30. Did it have a model name on the chainguard or did they paint over that?
Mind you this was like 6 years ago. Values of most pre-owned clothing has decreased a decent amount since then.
Yeah, I had absolutely no interest in clothing until high school. In elementary school and jr. high I was all about random old stuff and records/stereo equipment.No clue about Pejsek, he literally vanished. We were in the middle of a trade and he just disappeared. Sucks because I had got some killer stuff from him in the mail too (his finds were indeed legit). Hoping nothing bad happened.Orange and white gingham check. Awesome shirt.One thrifted shirt led to a great...
I think I remember when you found that. I think that was when Pejsek was still pulling insane stuff from SF thrifts as well. I recall thinking about making a thrift trip to SF around that time.It was so long ago, I can't say for certain, but I'm pretty sure my first thrift-store purchase was either a Kodak 4200 slide projector or a 60's Mersman end table to match one that I picked up off the curb on the way home from school.
Just one find, but not gonna complain.
Sneaker guys, what am I looking at here? I can hopefully get them for a good price, but want to know if they are worth pursuing. Nothing on the bay.
@SpooPoker That's awful news. RIP Brian. My condolences to his family and friends. I'd love to help any way that I can.
Glad to hear you got your bag back!Travel tip: Whenever I travel, I either a) dress like a plebe and pack my LL Bean polos and Eddie Bauer shorts (basically how I dress 85% of the time anyway) or b) pack the nice stuff (things I care about the most) into a small carry-on suitcase and bring it with me on the plane.
New Posts  All Forums: