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@SpooPoker, Congrats on the big change! Livin' the dream!Hit me up if you do and I'll show ya around. Wouldn't plan on finding much, though. Minnetonka area has been plain awful. They hired people to pick the good stuff for their e-commerce website. Hardly anything ever makes it to the floor these days. It sucks....
That is an awesome post.Sadly that jacket isn't anything special and I haven't had luck with those off-year pieces (this is from 1958). M-65s seem to do the best.Score on that reel to reel deck. I sold my Pioneer and kinda regret it.......That lamp..... A thrift-cation may be in order.
Had a good day. More pics later. Teaser:
Haha, same exact thing happened to me.For sure. Dated 1968. Good stuff.
Yeah, the big $$$ real-deal stuff won't have any labels. Just a small stamp with the size near the collar and many were very faint or wore off. Hope it's still there.Sorry man. Those are cool, but not a home run. You won't lose money. Like others stated, barcodes came in the late 70's or early 80's. I want to say 1983, but don't quote me on that. Late 70's had a wierd looking punch-hole bar-code thing. Hard to describe and can't find a picture online. Had a bunch of small...
Ummmm, you might wanna go back for that one. If it's what it looks like to me, that's the equivalent value of a Kiton Cashmere suit.
Yeah, I left a Rugby one awhile back that was priced around $30. Looked like they only fetched $60.
Today's run yielded some cool records. On another note, any leathercare experts here? I need some ideas on how to get this water stain out of the leather on my Duluth Pack carry-on. Last time I flew, I had it under the seat in front of me. Some kid lost his juice cup and it ended up by my bag, with juice spilling all over it. Didn't notice until we got off the plane. It sat in a puddle of juice for 2 hours. Did a quick Google search which told me to evenly wet the whole...
I like finding cool odds and ends but man, I miss the nice clothing.
Wow! Guys on here are simply killing it! At least I can live vicariously through you guys. Thrifting seems have up and died here...Good call. Right colors/pattern though.
New Posts  All Forums: