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Never had a huge issue with monograms, especially if they're not too noticeable.
PM sent. Found a few things today.Why must SW&D stuff fit so slim?! Size L but fits like a M. Can't even get it buttoned. Available at cost + time/gas + shipping.Mint Jack Georges leather briefcase.Mint (NWOT?) Orvis Harrington jacket. XLArcteryx. Sz LAlso found some cool shades.
Going by the label I'd say early to mid 70's.
Whoa, Kobito zukan! I loved these things. My wife refused to let me purchase a t-shirt with all the characters on it. I did get some figurines and such for my office, though. Loved seeing your pics. I miss Japan. It's a blast! We may be going back next spring.
Few things from today.Canali polo shirts. S/S. Eu 54. About an L. Might keep but they fit kind of short.So sad this isn't a size smaller. Usually vintage stuff runs way small. This almost runs a size big! This thing is awesome. I'd say mid 80's. Forgot to take a photo of the back. The back graphic is even louder than the front! Sz XLand these.Tagged Eu 56 but fits like a 42 Short. Solid navy. [[SPOILER]] And these feel even nicer than the cashmere. Not cashmere but feel...
Sorry man, can't really help ya on this one. You likely already know this but Avirex makes US military issue flight jackets and some civilian stuff too. Pretty expensive new and there is a good following for it. Looks like a flight cap of sorts. Should be worth a decent amount.
That pants haul is insane! I'd camp out there to see if the guy donated anything else.
A good read for those trying to understand denim. http://www.artofmanliness.com/2014/04/22/raw-selvedge-denim-introduction/
Bottega Veneta. It's only my second time finding this label. The first was a belt about 3 years ago.
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