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Congrats!!! I've seen that check lining on some Borrelli pieces, and judging by the quality of the guy's other stuff, the fact that he has Borrelli shirts and that retail price, that would be my guess. Plus the square label near the collar is similar to Borrelli's as well.As for me, I had a dry run today. Hit 6 thrifts and came out empty-handed from every one.
I fear Halloween for this exact reason. I've never experienced this situation first-hand but you just lived my nightmare. Can't imagine all the Kiton, Brioni, Isaia, Savile Row stuff that's been cut up, vomited on, painted and thrown away because "it was just a cheap thrift store suit I bought for a costume". On another note, I recall a time going into my local GW to find a guy who loved bold, colorful Talbott BOC and Seven Fold ties donated a bunch of them. I happily...
Synergy! Found this same shirt a couple days ago. Just finished "the treatment" on the collar.
Had another decent run today.Anyone need an espresso machine?Unworn.Italian made pipes. [[SPOILER]]
Almost forgot this guy.
Pretty good day today. Brand new 100% Cashmere! By far the nicest feeling shirt I have handled. Also, the BB Custom Tailored I found a couple days ago. This is Martin Greenfield, correct?
Minnesota BB Outlet doesn't get shoes.
Actually it was all very much legit. Spoke with the owner's of the property, told them I was a picker/scrapper and they gave me permission to take whatever I wanted because the property was going to be developed and everything was going to end up in a landfill anyway. Did some charity work as well. Made about 80 "donate bags" of stuff that didn't interest me or any of my friends who picked the place with me. I hate seeing good stuff go to waste. About 70% of the bags were...
Today's thrift finds. Tommy Bahama rainbow selvedge samples. Did not cop (large "Sample" stand on the rear). J. Hilburn. N/A I hardly ever pick up Tom James, but this was recent (2011), solid navy flannel, 2 button, side vent and in super nice shape. Measures like a 40 S/R. Available for cheap. Recent BB Custom made solid navy suit. The store had it tagged as a 50 but they haven't a clue how to measure. Eyeballing it, it looks like a 46-48, maybe a 50....
Old signs eh? Well I think I can play too. I've been picking away at that farmstead I mentioned months back. The place is only 7 minutes from my house so it's pretty easy to cruise over there every couple days or so. Every time I go over there, I find something I didn't see before. Everything was picked for the low, low cost of free. Still can't get over the fact that all this stuff would have went into a dumpster if I hadn't grabbed it.Here's the license plates that I...
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