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If you live in an area where there are old mines, you may want to mine for old clothing. @Fueco is in the right area, I think. I know some guys from Colorado who look in old mines for old clothing left inside. They get $300 for a half-deteriorated 1910's work-shirt at auction, $500 for jeans with no legs, etc.
Here is a killer staple solid gray suit from Tom Ford. Made by Zegna in Italy to their Couture line standards. Staple soild gray. 2 button. Signature 5 button cuffs with surgeon's cuffs. Fully lined. Side vents. Trousers are flat front with no cuffs. Hook closure. Hook tab. Zip fly. Split curtain waistband. Side adjustment tabs. Loads of handwork. The fabric feels amazing. 100% Wool. Eu 54 R. Fits like a US 42 R. The suit is in excellent condition. Only a couple places...
Yes sir! Tiger stripe M-65? That's a rare bird. I've never seen one in a thrift. I bought one about 20 years ago from an Army/Navy surplus store that was closing and it was the only one they had. Was dated 1983 I think. Wore that sucker all through high school. Was so beat up and faded after that, I decided to sell it (think it fetched $200). Haven't seen another since.
You got it!
Best part? Free airfare and rental car. Worst part? Flying with a toddler is a PITA.Yeah, I've been finding a ton of 80's stuff lately, which is cool and sells well. This stuff is what I'm into though, so it's great to find stuff that I can put into my personal collection.
Thrift. Couldn't believe it. No idea who the owner was, looked through all the pockets for a business card or something to go off of. Nothin'.
Tom Fords were all one stop. The rest is from various places. Total from 2 days of thrifting.Thought that looked familiar! Saw that yesterday. Almost bought it but remembered how much I had in the car that I had to figure out how to get into 1 big suitcase and 1 big box. Don't want to have to ship unless absolutely necessary.
Was getting pretty bummed about the thrift scene back home. Figured it was time for a thrift-cation. Change of scenery would do me good. Had two days. Pretty thrilled about these records. Been after the Ancient Grease, Warhorse, Mayblitz and Bangor Flying Circus albums for ages. The details on this shirt are fantastic. Cat-eye buttons, runoff stitching, etc. My size too. Definitely a keeper. Had to stop for...
You in LA?
I have a feeling the contents of his estate will be auctioned off, but the Goodwill is only a 4 minute drive from Paisley Park....
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