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Not sure if serious. If so, no way. That's the best part. It's called the bark.
Almost took a bite out of my computer screen. That looks amazing.
Haha, I don't remember making a thread but can easily see it. I recall starting a lot of threads asking for information on random obscure brands that I didn't know anything about when I first started on here. I remember finding it, though. I think I "e-thrifted" it from ParisVegas for $4.99 back when he was still selling all sorts of random men's clothing for dirt cheap. I was impressed with the quality but the thing made BB Classic fit shirts look like a slim Cucinelli....
Just finished the series on Netflix. I noticed Mozzie wearing a Cucinelli shirt and pretty sure a Zegna sportcoat in one of the last episodes.
I've tried selling the later-issue dark green tiger stripe and flopped. The only guys really looking for that stuff are guys into paintball or like tiger stripe camo but want em cheap.+1. It's all about desirability. The original stuff brings in the big $$. The repro/later issue stuff just doesn't have the people willing to pay big bucks to drive the prices up. The later issue stuff is also way more common than the original stuff so there's more to go around.I'm sure...
Never too late to learn! Both, actually. Camo is hot right now.
Nope. Sorry. Mid-late 80's US stuff, used my Special Forces and navy seals. Green label with black text is a good sign it is't the good stuff, as that style military labels came into use in the early-mid 90's, I think. Most will just have a small black stamp on the inside collar area that will say something like US-M (US Medium) or A-S (Asian Small).
Yes, it's a variation of tiger-stripe camo.Unfortunately, as @Orgetorix said, not the tiger-stripe you are looking for. Sorry man. There are a number of countries who use or have used some sort of variation of tiger-stripe camo. What you want is the stuff from the Vietnam War era. There are still a number of different variations from that period but if you do get lucky enough to stumble across some, you'll likely find the John Wayne pattern which looks like this. Note the...
Glad to see that old drive belt found some new uses! If your wife wants some pictorial provenance for those, here's the belt that they were made from when I found it.
Sorry for your loss, @SomethingsFishy. That's awesome! Shame they're women's. That's an ooollld Gerry Label. I found a jacket with that label once, probably mid 60's. Had a weird belt around the middle with a steel buckle. Passed on it as I wasn't feeling the styling.Not sure about Prestige but I know Blue Note has a huge following and some can be worth a boatload. If you ever see any obscure 60's-early 70's psychedelic/acid/prog rock stuff, let me know.
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