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It was a balmy 30 degrees today. Light jacket weather. Had the car window open 1/4 of the way and enjoyed the fresh air.
You visiting Minnesota?
The Pioneer RT-909 is my personal favorite.You can always double up!
I'll echo what others said. Nothing worth buying. Late 50's-early 60's. Probably institutional from the simplicity and tank-like build quality. These basic home or institutional models (suit-case body, built in speakers, etc) aren't worth buying.The ones you want have lots of gauges, buttons/switches and dials and most likely (but not in all cases) a brushed silver metal front. See images below. They most likely will not have any reels on them if you find them at a thrift.
Deets on the other pairs? If they're from the same era and selvege, they're probably worth $$.
Wait, what?? 6 pairs of deadstock Roebucks selvedge?? I sold a used pair for $120 at auction a year ago. Deadstock with the original tags, you're probably looking at over $200 per pair. Maybe more?Got a picture of the price-tag? If they are from the 60's (which those look like they are), that's definitely not the original price. Those were around $6-$8 new in the 60's. $32/pair is 90's-00's pricing.Either way,
I grab Lulu stuff all the time if it's priced right.
+1 on what Fueco said. Kop if in good shape.Vintage Marantz is an instakop, but always plug them in and test them to the best of your ability in the store if they have a no return or return for store credit policy.No vintage Marantz receivers in my stash at the moment, unfortunately.
They had some fantastic stuff for great prices a couple weeks ago. Had a green wool Mile Marker jacket in my cart for $150. Didn't want to wake up the wife when I went to get my card from my wallet so I slept on it. Got up the next morning to find they all sold out.
Not an expert but have sold my fair share of high $$ Polo items. Leather, Commemorative, dated 1990 and has the "suicide" skier on the patch? I think it's safe to assume the latter.
New Posts  All Forums: