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Dang. Well a member expressed interest in them so I'll go back on Wednesday. Thing is, they didn't say Chipp. The label looked the same but just had a "W" and New York underneath. There was a tux from the same donor a few weeks ago that had the same label but the trousers had "Chipp" on the braces buttons. Can anyone shed any light on the "W" label. Am I correct in assuming these are Chipp?
This is my second one I've found. First one was last fall and was NWT. These are well worth the price, even at retail. Great stuff and well made.Found 6 Chipp suits today. Unfortunately 2 were orphans. The nicest and most recent as made by Martin Greenfield. That one just happened to be one of the orphans . Saw the suits themselves don't do that well anyway and ended up leaving them. I did manage to find a turntable, though. Dual 1218. Works and sounds great. Still has...
I've sold orphaned pinstriped current Zegna jackets for $80 and orphaned pinstriped Brioni jackets for $60 before. These are auction prices too.
Stuff from last week.
@barrelntrigger, @Thrift Vader or anyone else that may know:Usually pass on this stuff but was desperate this week. I've picked up a lot of real Bape and Billionaire Boys Club from this store before, so I took a gamble even though I have my doubts. Any idea of this is real or fake? Tags seem a bit blury and there is no fabric content/madein label on the inside seam. Sorry for the pictures rotated every which way. [[SPOILER]]
I would have offered to buy them and donate the money to the charity.
Dang, I would have snagged those two more recent Canali suits...
In all honesty I'd cross Minneapolis off your list. There is just too much competition and not enough goods to go around here. We only have one store now that caters to high-end men's tailored clothing now that Neiman Marcus left us. I'd say your best bets would be Chicago, LA, Dallas or Houston.
Tons of great stuff for sale this week. All items start at just $4.99 with no reserves! Everything ends Sunday (6/14) evening! http://www.ebay.com/sch/zelda58/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Suits/Sportcoats Modern Canali Solid Brown Birdseye 2 Btn Side Vent Wool Suit US 46 R $1995 Recent Banana Republic Tailored Fit Navy Blue Pinstripe Flannel 2 Btn Suit 40 R Brooks Brothers Custom Tailored Solid Navy 3 Roll 2 Suit. Martin Greenfield 48 L Recent Z Zegna...
Saw these on Wednesday. Definitely cool but wasn't too sure on coveralls. They looked 60's to me.
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