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Here's some stuff I left behind. If they were my size, they'd be in my closet right now.
Awful week so far. Hit maybe 17 stores over the past few days and nothing. I did see some obscure Japanese stuff at the local discount store. Too pricey and too small for me. The SC wasn't a bad price, actually. $170-ish, I think. Pics of stuff I probably would have bought if they were my size but sadly had to pass on.Pics of the rest later as they are taking forever to transfer from my phone. It was heartbreaking to leave this behind, though.Couple e-thrifts came in...
I like 80's Sears Fieldmaster/Montomery Wards' Outdoor Exchange quilted flannel shirts for spring and fall and usually pick them up when I find a cool color combo/pattern.
I'd beg to differ on the mid 90's. I'd say mid 00's. I think that is a variation of their casual line label (the jacket seems a bit more casual than your average tailored jacket with the zippered pocket and such). The same font but with a small Z in a circle above "Ermenegildo Zegna" was used from the late 90's to around 2004. The Z in the circle was dropped around 04-05. The tailored labels had a large tonal Z behind the "Ermenegildo Zegna" text from 04-ish to about 07 or...
Awesome haul! Wow!
JL3212: That Toshiba turntable is a decent one. Not super high end but a good starter TT and way better than the mid-late 80's plastic garbage that litters the thrift stores these days. Worth fixing and getting it working properly. Are you sure the issue isn't with the cartridge? Could be a loose connection there or just need a new cartridge altogether.
Family thrift fit pic Me: Jacket: Inis Meain (Thrift) Shirt: Loro Piana (Thrift) Trousers: RLPL (Thrift) Shoes: Alden (Thrift) Hat: Vintage 30's Wekony The Hatter. (Thrift) Wife: Dress: Aqua (Thrift) Son: Carter's top, pants and socks (Discount)
Faconnable leather? I would.
Hell, I'd be extremely content with the Q50. Test drove one when car shopping earlier this year. I was very impressed.Yep, been there and done that.
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