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Bummer about the wiener dog breaking. That reminded me of this guy whom I completely forgot about and had left sitting in a bag on the backseat floor of my car.
Thanks! Yeah, here's some specs. I've always had good luck with Babolat racquets.
Wife and son are in SoCal for the weekend so what did I decide to do? Hit the stores, of course! Not a bunch of bespoke Caraceni pieces or anything like that's been dropping on here lately, but I'm not gonna complain.Thanks Spoo for IDing these! Footjoy sea turtle spectator golf shoes from yesterday.Rare Minnesota Kicks (yes, Minnesota had a pro soccer team!) belt.M-1951 fishtail parka with linerGrabbed this for my son for $5. I think he'll like it. .....and this. Took a...
Picked these up today. Vintage Footjoy. This looks to be the third time around for these guys as they have a really faded $2.99 price on the sole from who knows how long ago. Can anyone ID the skin? I think it's croc but would like to double check. Last time I thought I found croc it turned out to be lizard or something....
Wow! That guy's tastes were ahead of his time.Not much today. I did find this cool piece of vintage Merimekko fabric though.
Nice find! You sure that's vintage? Styling looks pretty recent to me, and there's Oxxford stuff made in the 2000's that looks dated!
Happy Birthday man! Shockoe jeans are pretty nice from what I've read. Sounds like they are on par with Raleigh, Baldwin, etc so you're right, they're not a pair of Roys or Iron Hearts, but they are still good stuff. Got some pics?
I'd pass. I see HT all the time and the few times I took a shot at it, it was barely worth my while. I'll only grab HT if made for a well-known and more upscale label like recent Brooks Bros., Orvis, etc.
They look like repros to my untrained eye. I too can't see why people are so interested in they have really long legs. Like others said, please post more detailed photos of the inside pockets, tags, etc. Those small details can tell you a lot.Score on the reel to reel deck! Fingers crossed that it works! Finding a power cord for these suckers is a pain. I have one in the basement I'm still trying to find a cord for. The plug in for the cord isn't exactly common.
So bummed this isn't my size!
New Posts  All Forums: