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So I've gotta ask. True thrift? Either way, I think this thread just reached the peak.
+1. No clue how I missed that. I was about to buy one from their website at full retail Hopefully now I won't have to go that route...
I was wondering about the quality of those. I was browsing through his clothing line on his website a few weeks back. There's some decent looking button downs and was curious about those jeans as well
If you're in LA and not finding anything, I hate to say it but you're doing it wrong. Also, don't get yourself down if you've only been out 6-7 times. Many of us thrift at least 4 days out of the week.
Nice finds! That first jacket is likely mid 50's to early 60's. Has a cool rockabilly vibe to it. The Champion jacket is likely from the 60's. Vintage Champion stuff with that logo is really collectible. I sold a gym t-shirt from the 50's with that label (though mine was a bit older and said "Champion Processed Sportswear) for $150 in a 7-day auction. The varsity sweater looks to be from the 50's or early 60's.
Wow! Definitely contact LL Bean. They may even make you a great offer and buy it for their archives if it's old enough. I'd take a wild guess and say 40's or early 50's. Maybe even older. Really though, I'm not sure at all. I thought I remember someone mentioning they changed to the script logo in the late 50's or early 60's. Can't remember for sure, though. Here's one like yours but...
+1. Savers is one of the pricier thrifts here. Ties are $5-$20 with most around the $7-$14 mark. The $20 ties were ancient Zegnas.
Awesome show. I'm almost finished with it. I have about 6 episodes left. Great story line and character development.
+1. This is how I list them. However, in the Item Specifics I list them as "Italo Ferretti".
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