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That is awesome!
Interested in seeing the cap itself. Had no clue Filson made a newsboy cap. 6 panel style?
If it's the store by your work, you can tell them employees and they will call the person out over the intercom and have them re-park. The lot is so small there for the amount of traffic so they take their parking lot seriously. They will sometimes warn you to repark if you have the guts to park on the white line areas as well.
My wife and I love OITNB. Can't wait for the next season!Fargo obviously targets the stereotypes, but there are areas of Minnesota (the more rural, small-town areas) that basically fit all those stereotypes and pretty much all over Minnesota (even in the Cities), you'll find at least a few of those stereo types.We don't really think about it daily but when people point it out, it's hard to deny.http://www.mnvideovault.org/index.php?id=15512&select_index=0&popup=yes#0
Hans, you're absolutely killing it! Wow!Owch - that is heartbreaking! That hippie-folk stuff sounds interesting.I feel your pain. Today would have been an absolute bust if not for catching a new arrivals cart at the right time. A flipper who lives at this store was rummaging through the bins on the top so I checked out the bottom bins. Found these two guys hiding under a backpack. I have no clue when it comes to this stuff but because these are metal and weight 5+ lbs...
Dang, you're right. She does have good taste! Any obscure psychedelic stuff molding away in there? There's some stuff I'm after that I'd be happy with just the vinyl, if the cover is toast.
I'm testing my album cover memory here, but I think that is The Moody Blues; To our Children's Children's Children on the bottom of that stack. That's a great album. Very under-rated. Higher and Higher is one of my favorite tunes.
Post up some pics, or you can PM them to me as well. Sadly those don't sound to be worth much as they are pretty common artists. Condition is everything. Also, if a picture sleeve was originally issued with it and is missing, value decreases drastically. When it comes to 45's, the obscure bands that only recorded a single or two and disappeared is really where it's at. O
Hans, that shoe haul is Just a few finds today. EG. Size 8 C. 202 Last Grenadine? JW Hulme leather desk valet
Oh I know it's a 5. I don't think I've worn a Small since I was in 5th or 6th grade. :3
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