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+1. Why pass on a bunch of Canali, Corneliani, Sammy and Zegna suits? That's a dream haul for most, if not all of us. Only plausible reasons I can think of is if f they areA) in a thrift shop near Minneapolis. Leave them all there, please B) priced highC) very dated styling/have extensive damage
Here's a couple things worth mentioning.Suit has been claimed [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Some stuff for the soon-to-be little one.Gotta thank Dahl5yankees for picking this up for me. Coming soon to a thrift fit near you.
^^^^^ Love that coat! Wow!Cool! Sounds like you still made out with some choice stuff!
Aaah, now I understand. Went down there with my wife a couple years ago as she had a conference at the Mayo Clinic. I had visions of thrifts filled with wealthy medical professional's high-end cast-offs. Boy was I wrong.....
I've lost count of how many times this has happened to me in just the past year or two. Ignorance is bliss.Sounds like you still had a great haul, though! Where in Minnesota are you? I've found Brioni as far away as Duluth.
Had a bunch of posts quoted. Amazing looking food, great finds and such. Then I X'ed out of it. So I'll just say this. Those food pics made me hungry. Those finds were amazing. Love that MMM shirt and the Homespun henley. Keep the finds commin'.
Found some cool pants today. Figured someone on here would want em. 39 x 32
Never had a huge issue with monograms, especially if they're not too noticeable.
PM sent. Found a few things today.Why must SW&D stuff fit so slim?! Size L but fits like a M. Can't even get it buttoned. Available at cost + time/gas + shipping.Mint Jack Georges leather briefcase.Mint (NWOT?) Orvis Harrington jacket. XLArcteryx. Sz LAlso found some cool shades.
Going by the label I'd say early to mid 70's.
New Posts  All Forums: