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The earliest thrift find I can think of off the top of my head is a record; The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour. It appealed to me at the time because it had what looked like a comic book inside the gatefold cover. I must have been 7 or 8 at the time. Paid a quarter for it from the Salvation Army Red Shield store. Whenever we would go grocery shopping, I would convince my mother to drive down to the opposite end of the strip mall and let me wander through that store. She...
Good to see you're still checking in. Bay area is one of the better spots in the US to thrift, but not sure how it compares to Dallas (I recall you were finding crazy stuff regularly).
Dang, almost bid on a bunch of those but XL Gitman Vintage is just too big (these run true to'd think they'd fit slim). Won a lot with one Gitman Vintage OCBD in a size L that fits perfect and a couple other shirts I'll try to sell (though they're basically worthless) Might just donate them. Thanks for the heads up. Probably would have jumped on the BIN listings if they didn't disclose the damage (which she likely didn't).On that same note, beware of a...
Sounds like every one of my stops today.
Found a few things today. And some cool wall art. Really heavy. Definitely not something from Target. No markings or anything, so can't find out anything about it.
Almost bought that but the linen content kept me thinking. I only wear shorts/short sleeve shirts in warm weather, if I can help it.
My thrift resolution is to update the thrift section of my brain from the year 2005 and to 2017. It took me a little while, but I haven't picked up a Thomas Pink shirt in over a year. Used to be able to sell striped F/C Pink shirts for $40-$50 with no effort. These days it's hard to get $20, even for really nice ones.The main thing that I'm getting hung up on is label shock on MC shirts (casual and dress). Can hardly give them away anymore unless they're current, in great...
Love both of these. The Columbia is 80's.If you see this label, it's really early. Late 70's.That is the Gerry you're looking for, folks. Puffer jacket in a good color and has the original hood to boot.
Need some help on this one. Read that prior to 2002,production was moved to Madagascar and the quality was poor. Well, the quality is definitely not on par with the real ones I've seen in the store. Painted on logos on the zipper pulls, etc. Still, has Lampo zippers and real down insulation. Rolled the dice. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the help! Might actually get a decent frame for it and hang it somewhere if I can't find it a home.
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