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Was sort of a grab and run deal. My son was getting restless, people were hovering and I was in a gambling mood. I think it paid off.
I never pass up Arcteryx if priced right.I've never found one until yesterday when I found two. Found another today at the same place. Was pleasantly surprised to see the completed listings, especially compared to what I paid.
Found some cool stuff today.Booo.... Oh well. Still cool and for $3 I'm not going to complain.Another one of these guys.Was thrilled to find these.To compliment this.1959 hot rod speed shop parts catalog [[SPOILER]] Vintage steering wheel spinner. [[SPOILER]] Guessing WWII era on these? Leather case.Next stop yielded a bunch of records.Got home to see my thrift-funded Amazon order waiting for me.All in all a pretty good day.
8 more months...
Almost forgot the clothes.
Here's the rest of the haul. Most random bunch of stuff in quite a while.Was pleased to see that the Hobbit book I picked up was this guy.http://www.ebay.com/itm/The-HOBBIT-1977-Illustrated-Deluxe-Edition-w-Dustjacket-Tolkien-Abrams-/201508388119?hash=item2eead5fd17%3Ag%3AgqIAAOSwL7VWoS2L&nma=true&si=UHhYtiJnXlRH4nILNCFkkHk6Lyc%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557A lot of posters went straight to the recycle bin. A bunch were packaged back up to re-donate....
First couple "mystery poster" tubes opened. Each tube had 3-4 posters in each one and they were $1 per tube. Rolled the dice and bought them all. For $1 each, there had to be at least one or two good ones in there. Right?Original 1977 Star Wars poster [[SPOILER]] Taking a little break. 10 more tubes to go.
Thanks! Him and I have a deal worked out. He distracts everyone by being cute while I grab all the good stuff.
Heard the news about Prince on the radio a little bit ago. Another legend lost. RIP. On another note, I have no idea what I just bought......
One of the flippers I used to deal with snatched a Loro Piana (actual LP, not just the fabric) cashmere car coat from a new arrival rack. Basically right from under my nose. She then pranced around the store with the label purposely facing out as an 'FU' to anyone who knew what it was.
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