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Picked up one of these made by Uline at the GW for $2. Best purchase ever.Nice find on the Pacific Gas & Electric. That album is one of my favorites. I think you'll dig it.
Wow - Spoo and jdrizzy! Both of those are amazing hauls! Well done! Now that all the excitement has died down, I'll post my meager finds. 2007 Folio Society printing. Vtg B&L Ray-Ban "Bewitching" model.
Man, you don't know how lucky you are. Here in Minneapolis it feels like 15 people fighting over the only nice thing in the entire store; a beat up RLPL shirt for $19.99.
Drop me a line if you make it through Minneapolis. Would be cool to have some non-Minnesotans join in.
We should have a little TC thrifter get-together before you leave the cold and wet state of Minnesota. There's a decent number of us on here. We can drink some beers, swap stories, etc.
Both. My mother is Japanese so I grew up learning the language. Summer vacation after 1st grade we spent 2 months visiting my family in Tokyo. Japanese schools run almost year round so school was still in session while I was there so my mother enrolled me in a first grade class at the same elementary school that she attended as she thought it would be a great experience for me. Looking back, I didn't hate it as much as one would think (going to school on my summer...
Aaah, I can kind of see them on the very bottom. Those don't look familiar to me. Japanese and Chineese do share some characters but I can tell the main characters are Japanese. Wish I could still read it. I can speak and understand some, but not as well as I used to.
That's Japanese, actually. I recognize a lot of the characters. If it were 15 years ago I could translate it for ya. Unfortunately the ability to read Japanese has left me.
Oh definitely. My wife (who is from SoCal) tried lefsa her first Christmas up here. She loves it. Now she makes sure to get it every year.
New Posts  All Forums: