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In my high school days, I'd drink a 12 pack of pop a day. Sometimes more. Then pizza for dinner. Lived like that for 5 years. It's a miracle I'm still alive.
Same here. I used to find Maui Jims and Ray Bans from time to time. Even found a few Persols. But ever since GW started buckling down on the e-commerce thing (past year or two) here, it's been dry as a bone.@impuntura.
Picked up this early 60's (I think) Schwinn Speedster from a local yard sale for $15. Original owner. 89 years old; he even filled the tires up and greased the chain so whoever bought it could "hop on and ride away". Had a thick layer of dust and grime. Cleaned up pretty well. Has lots of scratches, chips and dings. All adds to the patina. Pretty sure these are the original tires... Chrome is polishing up nicely.
Mono Hard Days Night may be worth something, but condition is everything and eBay has really watered down the market on most records. Still a nice group of LPs and someone looking to get into vinyl on here should jump on this.
And if that would have been at one of my local spots, I probably would have passed.....
High today was 69. Felt great - Fall is on the way, I've been eyeing the stack of cardigans and jeans in my closet for awhile now.
Ah yeah, I figured something like that they would have done their homework on. If they had one or two priced high, the rest were probably high as well.+1 on what Fueco said. 70's vintage. In a couple months, that will do pretty well. Condition is everything though. Make sure there are no repairs, holes or heavy wear. Size is a factor too with vintage outdoor stuff. Sizes M-XL do better than XS and S.They changed to this label in the early 80's.
Just the recent Canali suit would have me smiling ear to ear.
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