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Saw those. Gorgeous fabrics but the owner killed the resale value (in my opinion) by taking a chunk out of the label while cutting his name out. I'd rather have someone else's name in script font on the label rather than a roughly cut-out hole right through the lining.
It's Femme, unfortunately but still not a bad deal.
All it takes is one donation to make the day. Hit 3 stores and came out empty handed from all of them. Feeling pretty bummed, I hit one more, just because it was on the way home. Glad I did. I got really lucky because all this managed to make it from the new arrival racks to the actual racks. Pretty sure this donation was undisturbed. Sorry for the crappy dark photos. Apparently the sun goes down at 3:30 now so by the time I got home, it was almost dark. I'll have better...
There are many small tailoring shops who have Adrian Jules make their custom tailored stuff. Definitely worth looking into. AJ is impressive stuff.
I think I've seen some Adrian Jules with that pattern on the lining.
Sorry man. That's "Duck hunter" camo. Also known as "Beo Gam". Was widely used for hunting (obviously) but was also used by the ARVN in Vietnam. The solider had their folks back home buy them the camo stuff aimed for the civilian market from sporting goods stores, etc because at the time it was better than the plain OD green uniforms the military was supplying them with. They hadn't yet developed the ERDL camo pattern which came about in 1967-68. Even that stuff wasn't as...
I'm usually not impressed with J. Shoes (probably on par with Cole Haan in terms of retail price and quality) but these definitely had me doing a double-take while digging through the new arrival shoe cart. They are really nice looking, in great shape and the price was definitely right.
All are US 10.
I'd return em if you paid up and/or bought to sell (which it seems that's the case). Yes, Swedish military. I think 50's-60's. I've sold a few pairs and they all fetched around $30. They are built like tanks so they don't really wear out, thus they are all over. They sold them in Army Surplus stores for quite awhile too, which is how a lot of them ended up over here. I think you can still buy them from the Sportsmans Guide catalog for like $30.
Recent finds. Did I mention it's been slow? No idea what model these are. They appear unworn but have no tags inside.
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