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I'd be camping at the store for the next several weeks if I were you.
Not really. I used to see them all the time and passed. After he asked me to keep my eyes open for them I've rarely seen them (besides trashed XL ones).
@futuremythGreat haul! That M-1956 pack is awesome, no clue on a date though. You have a PM on the Lulus. Glad you found one! The hipsters around here must be cleaning these out because I've had my eyes peeled for these for ya but haven't come aross any. Definitely vintage. Mid-late 70's.
N/A. Already hooked up in my father's living room. 'Denim" was 1/2 off today. Picked these up last week but hadn't got around to taking pics. N/A (already on the bay).
Slow day. Managed to not come out empty handed, though. Not an early 80's monster boombox, but I'll still take it for $6. Very clean and works well.
I was thinking the same thing. Lots of great folks on here. Then again, there's always the chance that it may not get passed on either. Wasn't there a tie box or something awhile back that failed because someone just never passed it on? I guess we won't know until we try.
One time I wore a sport coat just for kicks. No reason, just wanted to dress nice. Got asked by multiple people if I was going to a wedding. One guy even asked "Wedding or funeral?"
Haha, same here. Looking back, I really regret leaving some stuff behind but was trying to be kind to my wallet. I would have grabbed more but since there were no dressing rooms, it as hard to judge the fit of some stuff. I was eyeing some of those EG blazers, though. Also walked around with a Barbour waxed jacket for about 15 min. Not sure when you were there, but it was pretty chaotic right after they opened. Bailed out about 2:30.
Dang.....well now I almost feel embarrassed to post my finds. Already put the effort in to take pics so here goes. Very rare early Vietnam era jacket. Dated 1963.
Welcome. You've got some very solid finds there, especially for a first post! Rag & Bone, BB 1818 navy blazer, Zilli, etc are all excellent finds. Probably shouldn't have passed on the BB 1818 suit and definitely shouldn't have passed on the Borrelli (especially a tailored piece; those are rare and very desirable). With that said, I have never seen a Borrelli tailored piece that had a label with a department store on it, only shirts that were made for Neiman Marcus.
New Posts  All Forums: