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Can't recall any specific item (which is probably a good thing, because that means it wasn't a big enough loss for me to still mourn), as most thrift stores around here have a 7 day return policy. Even in the days before cell phones I usually bought, researched and then either sold/kept/returned.What really tends to haunt me seeing what I missed. Watching that stack of records walk out the door with a copy of Hendrix's Electric Ladyland with the banned U.K. nude cover on...
Just one find today. NWT Barbour Wessex. Waxed cotton with tweed lined hood. XL but fits slim, like a regular L. Available
I think the issue is that most are dry cleaned and the chemicals they use literally eat away at the buttons, or cause them to become brittle and crack. At least that appears to be the case with the Eton shirts I find that have erroded/broken buttons.
Sounds about right. My guess is late 70's based on the label and styling.
Was sort of a grab and run deal. My son was getting restless, people were hovering and I was in a gambling mood. I think it paid off.
I never pass up Arcteryx if priced right.I've never found one until yesterday when I found two. Found another today at the same place. Was pleasantly surprised to see the completed listings, especially compared to what I paid.
Found some cool stuff today.Booo.... Oh well. Still cool and for $3 I'm not going to complain.Another one of these guys.Was thrilled to find these.To compliment this.1959 hot rod speed shop parts catalog [[SPOILER]] Vintage steering wheel spinner. [[SPOILER]] Guessing WWII era on these? Leather case.Next stop yielded a bunch of records.Got home to see my thrift-funded Amazon order waiting for me.All in all a pretty good day.
8 more months...
Almost forgot the clothes.
Here's the rest of the haul. Most random bunch of stuff in quite a while.Was pleased to see that the Hobbit book I picked up was this guy.http://www.ebay.com/itm/The-HOBBIT-1977-Illustrated-Deluxe-Edition-w-Dustjacket-Tolkien-Abrams-/201508388119?hash=item2eead5fd17%3Ag%3AgqIAAOSwL7VWoS2L&nma=true&si=UHhYtiJnXlRH4nILNCFkkHk6Lyc%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557A lot of posters went straight to the recycle bin. A bunch were packaged back up to re-donate....
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