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+1 on what the others have said. It's just a phase. I go through it a couple times a year, sometimes more. Always when things slow down. Seeing the same crap and the same faces. Gets old really fast, especially when you're not finding anything.You are on the right track with thinking about the thriftcation. Doesn't have to be far. Just a change of scenery. This really helps me. Another, like Frenchy mentioned is to diversify. For every little niche there is a grail....
I've only ever thrifted 2 watches. That Omega and the Breitling Aerospace. You really brought that Omega back to life.
That D'Avenza is probably 60's.
Yes, that's the good stuff. Brown label. That vest is probably late 70's/early 80's. Good style too, puffers are very desirable.
Whoa, original hood too?! Forgot to mention this. Couldn't pass it up.
No sign of The Thriftening up here but I'll gladly take these. And this.
+1. That's what you're looking for. 70's logo/label.
Whoa. Those are awesome. 70's or maybe even a bit older. Never knew they made something like that. .
I'm guilty of breaking the rule of thrifting where you hop in front of the other guy when I get stuck behind a guy trying on every blasted jacket on the rack and carefully critiquing every detail on the jacket. Or slowly examines every shirt on the rack. A couple weeks ago I was in one particular store for a little over an hour. When I got there this one guy was on one end of the shirt rack. When I left he was almost at the end of the rack.Halloween is the one time I like...
Here's a better pic. The quality of the garment itself is really nice, which is why I grabbed it. I have idea what I'm looking for label/tag-wise.
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