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Any 46 L guys like Zegna and Oxxford?
First decent haul in a long time.
highvoltorb: You have my condolences. Really sorry to hear about Zombie.
Thanks, any more pics you need specifically? I can't find any markings on the inside at all.
Sadly, Mason's don't get a ton of love resale-wise but they are great. Slim fits, great fabric and construction, etc. A local boutique carries the line here. Most of the pants and shorts I've seen were EM's and they quality and styling seemed no different than other offerings from the label. I used to pick up shorts on super clearance. Retail price on the shorts was like $140-ish. They make shirts as well. I've seen several in local thrifts and the quality is great.
Yeah, that was me. Sadly the stuff doesn't get a lot of love. The patterns and details are great. The suits are about the only thing that sells. I usually get $50-$80 for them. Anything else I can't give away.Found some pretty cool stuff today.Alden Shells w/ bags and trees. 10.5 CUnworn AE Cody. 9.5 DRRL. Sz M. Flannel workshirt. Feels like the old Five Brother shirts. Might keep this, Not sure yet.Anyone need a cheap but nice iPad case?Women's shoes. Spoo (or anyone),...
Wow!!After that Kiton jacket appeared I did this too. Haha. I want to just hop on the Amtrak and rent a car when I get there. I can snooze all the way there and back.Had an ok day today.C&J. 10 1/2 DAlden. 9 1/2 EAnd this bad boy. I'm thinking 1930's or early 40's. [[SPOILER]]
Man, I really need to make that Chicago trip....
I was torn between Chicago and Texas. Chicago is 6-7 hrs from me. Hmmmm....
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