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They're both shell.
Cool! Welcome aboard! I'm glad to see there's another member who enjoys vintage gear as much as I do.
Speaking of members who seem to have disappeared, what ever happened to Klobber? I miss his stories...
^^^ I still can't figure out the maker of Kuhlman's tailored stuff. I think it's just some random Italian maker. Still, after learning the hard way about not even being able to give away current, really tasteful Kuhlman stuff, I just leave it behind now. Congrats, Barrel!!
I think that logo is for their orthopedic line. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Alden-Mens-Leather-Orthopedic-Extra-Depth-Shoe-with-Removable-Insert-/120850029791?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&var=&hash=item1c23391cdf
Some of the Talbott BOC labels say Harrison Limited. Google search came up with a Harrison Limited in Birmingham that sells men's clothing.http://www.harrisonlimited.com/
Seriously, I wonder if that store is dumping any suits/jackets or shoes. I looked at their website and they carry Oxxford, Alden, Barbour and Samuelsohn. I'd be living in that store for the next few weeks.This. A dab of hot water on the hole and then hit it with a hair dryer on high heat. Hole should close up almost completely.
Wait, what??!I can't even imagine. Real thrift to boot?! How did they display them? Were they hung up or just tossed into bins/boxes? That is insane.
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