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So today started off bad. Came across a pair of solid charcoal Brioni trousers. Not a bad thing, right? Well, they were from the same donor and at the same store as the suit I picked up on Monday. They were also half of of a recent Super 150's Delta model suit. Jacket was long gone. Who knows what else came and went. Bought them regardless as they're still solid charcoal Super 150's Brioni pants for $5, but would have been better if it were the full suit. Was pretty...
Wish we had that kind of selection; good enough for flippers to pass on $30 Charvet suits. Anything with remotely any value gets gobbled up here.
This.I'd consider Charvet to be grail-level.
Synergy. Found a bespoke cashmere (?) DB navy blazer made by Giacomo Trabalza today with these same buttons. No vent and looks like it sat at the bottom of a pile of clothes for at least 6 months. Probably made a mistake leaving it for thrift prices.Reminds me of the Goodwill stores in LA. Suits are inconveniently placed on two racks. One about 3' off the ground so you have to kneel for an uncomfrtable amount of time to go through them all. The rest are directly above them...
If it were wool and a common size I would buy that for $75.
Sorry man, I'm pretty lost when it comes to foreign camo. Pretty sure that is some sort of military piece, though.
Does anyone know what type of exotic skin pattern this belt was embossed with?
T'was I who posted it. Got sick of seeing nobody buying something so awesome.
I was honestly so surprised it lasted so long on the bay. Every time I'd search for "Freemans Sporting Club" it would pop up. Must have sat at that price for like 2 months. I almost bought it a couple times but it would have been too small for me. Was also really surprised to see it was a HF mainline piece. They're very conservative. I would have expected this maybe from their Hickey line.
First is an awful fake. The other two are real but pretty much worthless unless you like them.
New Posts  All Forums: