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I would grab it and clean it up for $20. Those are nice decks. I think they were rebadged Akai or Teac. This is my go-to for super cold days. It's been broken out almost every day for the past couple weeks, and I'll for sure need it tomorrow!
Cash is king.Just a few small finds today.This is nothing special, but I found a Green Mountain Threadworks backpack about 15 years ago and haven't seen anything from them since. The pack has great details and is well made. Was thrilled to find something else of their's. Pretty cool and it fits.
Had this on my watch list, but forgot to bid. Don't think I could pull it off anyway. Cool piece, though,Holy crap. True thrift??
That Yamaha......
Best thrift of 2016. Home-base And from a thrift-cation. 5 of these guys
I thought about exercising some restraint and waiting until Christmas to open mine, but then Fueco told me to open the first part. Then I just kept going. Haha, unfortunately not, though I'm hoping you'll be pleased with what I did manage to fit in there. The two remaining TF suits are in my closet and I don't think I'll be parting with them anytime soon. They fit like a glove, no tailoring needed.
Indeed it is. Glad to hear it got there alright!
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