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Never pass on FIlson at thrift prices if in good shape.Very true. I've bought non-thrifters to a GW a couple times. Never again. I don't think I had ever been in and out of a thrift store that quick. You can try to ignore their boredom but after awhile their obvious signs can get annoying (hovering, nagging to leave, etc).Sounds like it could possibly be a Theta AR jacket. I thrifted one brand new for like $3 about 7 years ago. One of my trophy finds. Still have it to this...
Score on those Piccolos! If only they were a little bigger. Those Neapolitan cords though......
A VW forum I'm on does a beer exchange sort of like this. I'm not a beer drinker (I don't drink at all, actually due to the Asian Glow followed by nausea) but can appreciate the idea.
Had a decent day today.I love going through the trousers rack and then seeing this 3 times in a row3 Incotex. Black, navy and khaki. All flat front with no cuffs.Couple custom shirts. Thankfully the guy shared my measurements and didn't bother to have them monogrammed. And this for gas money
Same here. $75 is too much for me to possibly end up with 3 v-neck t-shirts (I despise v-necks) but $50 would ease the pain a little if that were the case. I'd do the $75 for the three crew t-shirts pictured, though.
Sounds like a possible SW&D haven! That blazer is a killer find!
Piccolo shirts are amazing. They get way less attention than they deserve;
Awesome! Thanks, Wes!
Hard to say. I can;t find any information as to current value but after seeing some photos, it looks like a $60-$100-ish turntable. Definitely not worth sinking $300 into. For that price or less you can get a nice working Pro-Ject or Music Hall...
Back in those days that was an absolutely insane amount of money. I'm going with the stage coach robber's stash theory.
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