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Haha, I would have if we didn't already have a while one my wife uses almost weekly that her mother got her for her birthday years ago. When we were over at my dad's place she saw it and said "Oh man! I want to trade!" as the Artisan model has the handle on the side of the mixing bowl and the mixing bowl is a little nicer. Might swap bowls one of these days.
Thrifted a brand new red Artisan model about 3 years ago. Gave it to my dad, who loves to bake. He never used it (saw it last week shoved in a corner and covered in dust with the manuals and such still in the bowl) and it slipped my mind he likes making the boxed mix brownies and such....
Score on that Bellstaff! If you think they'd clean up well and weren't beat to hell, yeah - probably a bad pass.
Wow, seriously? This coupled with the news story I heard on the radio about them last week about them cheating charities out of money really make me not want to shop there anymore.
+1. I am known to have my wife kill spiders for me. However, I did kill a pretty good size spider with a can of WD-40 and a lighter on the garage floor of our first home. Left a mark.
I would have thought they were shell myself by the crappy listing. Would have been worth the gamble if they were shell.The stuff is pretty cool and not terribly made either. One jacket I saw had a hand-attached collar. Seems he sourced manufacturing from at least a couple different makers throughout Europe. The Italian ones are the best. The styling and cuts are great too. Patch pockets, pick stitching, hacking pockets and lots of cool, small details. I'm kind of sad that...
The LBM 1911 jackets I came across once were tiny. I would have needed to size up 2 sizes if I bought one.
Did a little personal shopping yesterday at the outlet mall. Made me wish I had went on Friday or even Saturday. Stores were pretty much cleaned out, though I did find a few things left that I took a liking to and prices were pretty dang cheap.Filson wool Cruiser shirts x 2.Pendleton shadow plaid fitted board shirt. Pattern reissued from 1958.Figured I'd take some better photos of that Loro Piana vest I found last week. Pockets feel like they're lined with velvet....
This.Glad to see you're still around! I really want to thrift SF someday...
Same here. Went to one of two "nice" Marshalls in the metro area and was knee deep in Carhartt, Buffalo by David Bitton and North Face. Not a single suit or blazer in the entire store.
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