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Found a few things this morning. NWOB AE McClain 11.5 D N&F Weird Guy High Rise. 34 T&A Zegna loafers. 8 D BB Madison. Measures 42 S First time finding this label. Oh, and these. Kinda disappointed they aren't my size. 34. Eu 50
Sadly not. I'd guess no more than 10-15 years old. The green colored label is pretty new. I think they switched to the green colored info label from white in the late 80's. The colors in that particular pattern are pretty dark. This pattern was used by the Seals and other Special Forces in the late 70's on.The good tiger stripe is pretty bright. Hard to miss. There also most likely won't be any sort of label. Just a black size stamp near the collar (if it hasn't faded...
+1. Those prices are perfectly reasonable. My response was more aimed at what sounded like turning the thread into a live auction and selling to the highest bidder.
+1. Thought this was going to be passing on a (somewhat) decent deal since you were going to leave them behind. Not quoting eBay prices and starting an auction on here. No thank you.
+1. Big mistake. That's the type of stuff people will fight to trade you for.
Anyone's significant other, sister, cousin, friend, etc need some nice women's denim? Available at cost + gas + shipping. Wife didn't want em. Measures 32 x 34 (uncuffed). [[SPOILER]]
Scott makes pretty decent skis and skiing apparel. The whole South Face thing has be stumped. Why such a well-known company would try and make make a bad spin-off of another outdoor apparel's brand is beyond me. Could be a fake trying to cover two well-known labels.
Thanks guys, I'll check it out.
I know this isn't the place for this, but did eBay get hacked or something? My password isn't working to get in to my account, eBay's customer service number won't even accept calls and their customer service section on the website just says "We're making some updates and will be back soon. Thanks for your patience."
PM sent! My son will thank you in several years. Score!!
New Posts  All Forums: