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If it works, buy it and run!
Haha, nah. My wife is from the LA area and her grandfather was in rough shape (he passed away today). We flew out to see him and help out with the family. Only hit the stores one day and it was pretty dry. Found a few things but nothing crazy.Dang....just a few days too late on that one...
Can't remember if I mentioned or not. All the shirts I got yesterday were mostly with a few of these mixed in.
Nah, I left on Saturday afternoon. These were about 25 minutes away from my house.
Got all this for less than thrift prices.
Ah yeah, I'm far from an expert on those. Haha. They are definitely old, though. If WWII is ruled out, I'd guess 50's.
I feel your pain. It's gotten so bad around here, and the thrift stores knowing and hoarding every men's label from Eton to Patrick Ervell doesn't help either.Those RB's are vintage so there is no model #. 1960's or prior. Could be WWII-era aviators. Either way, I think you're looking at good $$ with those original lenses.
Been MIA for the past week. My wife's grandfather is in frail health so we spent the week with her grandparents helping out. Catching up on a crapload of posts.....Thrifting around here sucks, so I got out and hit some stores on one of the days. Was nice to actually see great stuff in the wild again. Got a few cool things. Pics tomorrow.Depends on how "vintage" and what it is. Whatcha got?
Overall it's in pretty decent shape. Needs a little TLC. Sat for the last year or two, so need some fresh gas an a battery charge. Maybe run some Seafoam through it. I inherited it from my uncle. He was the original owner. It's a 1975 Commando 850 Roadster that he bought it in 1976 for $1500 (I think?). I have the original bill of sale too. Originally a roadster, he bought the Interstate gas tank and seat and converted it to the Interstate model in 1977. I have the...
I highly doubt one guy making a random phone call will stop someone from donating their clothing. If it bothers them, they will just black out or remove their name in the future.I was gonna say.....I've never had anyone say no. Worst they did is never call me, but this very well could be the Minnesota-Nice thing....
New Posts  All Forums: