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Wow.........I'm lost for words on this one. This is what dreams are made of, folks.Love this! Had no clue about this collab. Very cool. Blanket lined to boot Been crazy slow this week. Hit 9 stores and nothing! Well, almost nothing. Crossed this off my want list today. Not in the best shape but the cover has no seam splits and the vinyl cleaned up nicely. Spinning it now.
I was anon for awhile, but then I figured all the locals and some out-of-state guys whom I've met up with already knew what I look like anyway. That and laziness prevailed.Still can't get over how many folks were shocked that I didn't look like Mr. Magoo.
Synergy! You'll probably do better than me, though.http://www.ebay.com/itm/161225844446?ssPageName=STRK:MESOX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1561.l2649
Wow! Lucky. My local thrifts mark up anything and everything. Saw a vintage St. Johns Bay plaid shirt in a cool plaid pattern (probably early 80's) that I was going to by for myself. Then I saw the $14.99 price tag. Really? On a 30 year old St. John's Bay shirt? Ugh.On another note, I had no idea Zegna made for Versace. Nice!Had some good finds today.BB Golden Fleece Seven Folds. One is NWT.Charvet and a couple BB ties. I normally don't buy regular BB ties but these were...
Lucky! We're gonna be in the 30's this weekend. I can drive with my car window down again. Fresh air will feel good. Good find! I'd say late 70's-early 80's.I'd say you're right on the button. I would guess early 70's.This is awesome! Well done! While on the subject of snow removal, I thrifted this off Craigslist this past fall from a guy three blocks away. Best. Purchase. Ever. Saved me from lots of chiropractor visits.
My wife was born and raised in SoCal. She moved here because of me in summer of 2007. That was a pretty mild winter. She kinda laughed and said "Minnesota winters aren't that bad! The next winter brought this to us. She regretted those words she spoke the year before.
I'll send you some of our's, free of charge. Seriously though, this winter is taking it's toll on a lot of us up here. I'm also running out of places to put the snow that keeps falling...Nice finds! Love that Inis Meain shirt!Found a couple recent Zegna suits in my size today. Too dark to take pics though.
Not entirely. Actually, most if not all Zegna suit pants I've seen do not have a "Zegna" label in them. Try and locate the white size/ fabric content label. Post 2004 Zegna labels will state if they're part of a suit. Pretty sure those are just custom trousers.Also, nice finds! Love that Doug Sahm LP. I'm also a big fan of his band The Sir Douglas Quintet. New Oak St. Bootmakers?! Crazy....
My wife hates shopping in general but she supports my hobby and puts up with my long stops in the store. She will just sit and read or if it's nice out, she will sit out in the car and knit/sew/. She loves that I find her amazing, super expensive clothing for peanuts. She also likes how it offsets my clothing hobby purchases and since I've been laid off, it's helped pay bills.
Never pass on FIlson at thrift prices if in good shape.Very true. I've bought non-thrifters to a GW a couple times. Never again. I don't think I had ever been in and out of a thrift store that quick. You can try to ignore their boredom but after awhile their obvious signs can get annoying (hovering, nagging to leave, etc).Sounds like it could possibly be a Theta AR jacket. I thrifted one brand new for like $3 about 7 years ago. One of my trophy finds. Still have it to this...
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