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EasyE's coat find inspired me to get out today. Figured the Super Bowl and all the parties would have most people at home today like I've seen in past years so I would have the stores to myself. Boy was I wrong. Everyone probably had the same idea as I did. I did get one thing and the cashier was kind enough to let me use a 50% off one item coupon that expired yesterday. It was pricey otherwise. Aquascutum D/B Irish Tweed 3/4 overcoat. Tagged a 42.
Easy: That coat is absolutely insane! Candidate for this year's Thrifties for sure.Hard to see from the label photo (it's worn), but I'd say it's an M-65 made between 1968 and 1970. The label looks like 68-69 but hard to tell. They switched to brass zippers in 1972, I believe.
Sitting here doing listings and thinking about stuff I found and really regret selling. What are your top finds that you really regret selling? Mine: #1. Breitling Aerospace Navitimer with box, original documentation and service receipts. Paid $40. Sold $500. Really wish I would have kept. #2. About 50 or 60 of Easton Press's 100 Greatest Books Ever Written. All in excellent shape. Got them all for $100. Took them to Half Price Books that day and sold them for $250....
Nice finds! Any fabric content labels on that champion? If true vintage, that's a huge score. I sold a 50's Champion Processed Sportswear gym t-shirt for $150 awhile back (auction, not BIN). Could be from Todd Snyder's collab with Champion too, but I think that's all made in Canada and didn't mention the chest size on the sizing. My vintage t-shirt was just labeled a 46.
Some great stuff ending tomorrow night (Saturday, 1/31)! Lots of stuff going super cheap. All items start at $4.99 with no reserves! http://www.ebay.com/sch/zelda58/m.html?item=371242145941&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Shirts/Tops Woolrich Woolen Mills Daiki Suzuki Upland Field Shirt Engineered Garments Sz L Ralph Lauren Purple Label Brown Orange Houndstooth Check Casual Shirt Sz L $450 Vineyard Vines Murray Shirt Pink White Gingham...
Sympathy weight. I gained 13 lbs over the past year. My wife is losing her baby weight. I haven't lost any of mine.
Found a few things today. 1964 Pac boot. Sz 12 3 Brioni shirts all in a row for $4.99 each. Collar worn.... But couldn't leave this behind. Rest of the shirt is perfect.
Heard from a friend that the Scottsdale area is where it's at for thrifting. Curious to know if it's really as good as they were saying.
Look for a stereo repair shop. They're scarce these days but they still exist. I just had my old Kenwood receiver serviced by my local repair guys.Honestly, I'd scrap everything electronic in there and use it as a stereo cabinet for some more modern stuff (mid-late 70's stuff is great). Still vintage, will still use that awesome cabinet but will sound way better.This guy went all out but it can be done a lot quicker and...
Just a few things today.Vintage Polo RL suit. Pretty early piece. Made in March 1974. According to some reading I did, the first Polo RL ads appeared in NYC in 1974. Measures like a 42 R [[SPOILER]] This is why I go through t-shirts.
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