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Just added Minneapolis.
Can anyone use some of leather drive belts. Over 80 years old, might be over 100 years old. One is 4 1/2" wide and the other is 2" wide. Not sure how long but there is a decent amount of leather here. No idea what you could do with them but figured the crafty-minded folks on here might figure out a use for them. Recused them out of an old barn. Free for the cost of shipping.
This is why I thrift wearing Clarks sandals, shorts and an LL Bean graphic t-shirt. Stealth mode. Wait, this exists?? Can you proxy? It appears I have some catching up to do.
Boy this moved quick. Page 3 already?
After an entire week of finding nothing, I struck gold this morning on my Saturday morning circuit. Everything currently N/AFirst time finding Dior Homme denim! Did a little research. These are the A/W 06 Cummerbund jeans. [[SPOILER]] The patina on this one is awesome.Was pretty happy with these until someone told me a guy was there earlier and cleared about 30 LPs.
I just can't get over how cheap/fake that new Polo label looks. Why change something that isn't broken? They had the old logo/label since the beginning and it became iconic, why change it now?
Congrats, Spoo! I may be wrong but I think he may have meant it is unstable server/storage-wise. The timing was probably just a coincidence.That's an awesome find! Any other labels or markings? They look to be WWII-issue chinos. The exact type that Dockers K-1 are replicating. Not sure if they are a repro or not. Maybe Buzz Rickson if a repro? If original and in that condition, that's a huge score (not sure what the monetary value would be but I've never found a pair, ever...
I recall a time when nobody even posted photos of their finds. Funny how things have changed. The past couple days in this thread made my head hurt. Hopefully we'll start fresh in the new thread.
+1. A local discount store had a bunch of these a few years ago. I picked up some really cool pieces for under $20 each.
Oh man.... You just found the thrift haul that I've been dreaming about for the past 15 years. As a few others stated, you've hit the jackpot. I'm just glad none of that stuff looks to be my size. I can't date union labels for nothin', but going by the label graphics and fonts, those look to be from the 40's-mid 50's. If I had to narrow it down I'd say early 50's. The Big Yank is obviously a lot newer. I'd say it was probably new when the Bicentennial embroidery was done...
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