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Happy Birthday, Florian! Also, I would have blown right over those Space Jams.....
Founds some decent ties in an unlikely place today.
They remind me of the Cucinelli flannel cargos I saw at Off Fifth that I fell in love with but couldn't afford.
I don't see anything wrong with those. They actually look really nice.
^^ Agreed.
Spent the better half of my afternoon hooking up these guys. I'm borrowing these Carver components from a family member who had them sitting in his storage unit for over 10 years. He had actually forgot about them until recently when I was over there helping him look for a couple things. Saw them out of the corner of my eye and said "Whoa! What are those doing in here!?" He told me they're better off in my basement being enjoyed than sitting in there collecting dust. It's...
Ah dang. Thanks for the info! Not bad for $3 though and will still go on my man-cave wall along with my black light posters.
Art guys, is this anything? I bought it a year or two ago and had it sitting in my basement to be hung on the wall of my man-cave once it was finished. We were cleaning the basement and I re-discovered it. No signature/numbers that In can see, unless they're under the frame. It's definitely older though. [[SPOILER]]
Much better!
I would. Deets?
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