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Yep, all same donor. All around 46-48 R/L. Too big for me.
True thrift. I love junkyard "thrifting". Spend about 3 hours in single digit temps tearing into a '66 Barracuda last month.
Thanks everyone. My head is still spinning after pulling one Kiton and Brioni after another. It's been a long time since I've had a good suit haul. It was a great start to the year!FTFY I wish. I've got the itch to go on a short thriftcation, but the family situation currently limits my traveling abilities.Haha, we'll see how long the high from this haul lasts.
$15 PPU.
That is gorgeous. Wow. That's a tough act to follow, but I'll try...... One stop.
It's funny that there's actually some truth to this. The "record dealer" crowd in my locale has some folks who purposely do not bathe for the days leading up to a promising sale. The smell is so bad, your average person won't go near them because they can't bear the stench, so they basically leave them be and let them pick through the crates and take their time with no pressure. I told my wife this and she did not believe me. One day, we went to an estate sale and she...
I'd think I'm pretty easy to spot. My wife says I look like I'm homeless most of the time. She's trying to get me to cut my hair. Not happenin'.
Berman's made great quality leather garments. I have a vintage fringe jacket with that same label (before they shortened to Berman's). Probably late 60's-early 70's.
Score! That's minty, too!
Those are awesome. Never even knew such a thing existed.Reminds me of a vintage down coverall suit thing I found year back. It was like a wearable sleeping bag. Super cool and really weird. I forget what I was called. Something like The Abominable Sleeping Bag or something like that. My wife took a photo of me wearing it. Wish I could find it...
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