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I almost always pick them up as I have a hard time leaving such nice trousers behind, although I did leave the last several pair as they were plain cotton trousers. Nothing fancy. I'll pick them up with you in mind next time. I've also seen polo shirts and sweaters from J. Hilburn from the same donor. The shirts aren't as nice as the pants, though,
Cool find! That was an entry level/mid tier receiver. The higher the number in the model number, the better. The entry level models were like the SA-202, Sa-300, etc. So you've got a good solid receiver there. You really can't beat the vintage stuff from the receiver wars days. You'd have to pay quite a bit these days to get that quality. Be careful when cleaning the front face-plate as the black letting can come off easy with harsh chemicals. I have a Technics/Panasonic...
There's a donor here who donated semi-frequently who is a 36x34 and always donated stone mint J. Hilburn trousers. I too thought they were Incotex. I'm not sure the maker, but they are really well made and I love the cut and details. Can't give them away on the bay, though so you can likely pick them up cheap on there if they pop up.
Very cool find!I actually found out about them from some photos on Hartford Denim Co's Facebook page. I Googled them because I liked the shoes I saw in one of the photos. Turns out they're all friends and The Brothers Crisp shared their work-space with The Hartford Denim Co. until just recently. Both businesses have amazing attention to detail and I'll definitely be a repeat customer.
Slow day today. 6 stores and 1 RG shirt to cover gas. Oh well. I was happy to come home to see my thrift-funded online purchase sitting on my front step. [[SPOILER]] Made by The Brothers Crisp in Hartford, Conn. Olive brown Cone Mills selvedge duck canvas quarters. Horween Chromexcel. 6 iron leather midsole handsewn to the second man-made midsole. Brick red Vibram soles.
Great find! 2 pairs of shell from one store is awesome!
They're both shell.
Cool! Welcome aboard! I'm glad to see there's another member who enjoys vintage gear as much as I do.
Speaking of members who seem to have disappeared, what ever happened to Klobber? I miss his stories...
^^^ I still can't figure out the maker of Kuhlman's tailored stuff. I think it's just some random Italian maker. Still, after learning the hard way about not even being able to give away current, really tasteful Kuhlman stuff, I just leave it behind now. Congrats, Barrel!!
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