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Storm rider label? If so, they are indeed.
My God! I've been on this thread forever and this has to be my favorite piece of outerwear I've seen posted. If I found that and it fit me, it would never leave my closet!
I don't get out that far. This was in metropolitan red-neck country. Anoka County.
Found this inside the minty (possibly even unworn) late 60's tweed SC I bought today.
Do they fake Visvim? The uneven stitching throws me. How does the quality feel?
First of all, shoutout to 1ofTheCoolKids for helping my wife and I out on a CL purchase out in his neck of the woods! He saved us a lot of money! Today's finds: My apologies for the awful photos. I rely almost completely on natural lighting and today has been most dreary. Today was almost a complete bust until I hit a store that has my highest failure rate. 95% of the time I come out empty handed. It's in the middle of red neck country. Nice stuff sometimes gets...
If this were a size smaller you would have a PM. That is beautiful.
They're pretty old. If it were me I'd take the store credit.Jackets, button-down shirts and pants (especially wool), yes. I've always done well with them. Polos may not be worth it as they seem to be hard to move regardless of maker.
Not thrift related, but you guys are trustworthy and I've done something similar for another member in the past so I figure I might ask a favor of any Seattle based members. I need a set of winter tire wheels for my wife's car but can't find any that will work locally and eBay prices are either way too high or sold individually because they don't have a full set of 4. Found a set on Seattle C for a super good price. E-mailed the guy and they're still available but not sure...
Have had that one many times.
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