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I'd suspect 50's to late 60's. Very possible the "69" patch is the graduation year. I agree with cpmac, the label does have a 50's look to it but these companies that made letter sweaters and jackets didn't really re-fresh their labels as often as mainstream labels like Arrow, Gant, and the various department store labels. The "Dry Clean Only" text also has me guessing a little later (late 50's or 60's).
Spoo: That Talbott leather jacket is awesome! Didn't even know they did stuff like that!Oh yeah, definitely a huge trophy find for me.$50k retail, perhaps? Maybe. I forget everything that has passed through my hands though.Very cool! Didn't know they still made stuff like this.+1. I have no problems at all being a middle man. He can make a buck and I can make a buck. Nothing wrong with that. Both him and Italian Suit Warehouse (Mandy Moody) both have flipped off me...
Hmmm, most expensive find? Well I'm not sure what retail was on them when new but they sure sold for way more than anything else I've ever sold ($2,800). I kept them for 5-6 years but honestly didn't hear any difference between these and my Boston Acoustics VR-M60s that I thrifted for $20 and could not justify having $3,000 speakers hanging around when a baby was looming on the horizon.Blast from the past quote from the day I found them.November 2006.
Thanks for the tip! Actually, the boy actually has been had Polo (well, when he gets to about 3-12 mo old he will have been had Polo). My wife and I hit a "Just Between Friends" sale which is like a pop-up quarterly children's consignment sale. We picked up maybe 25-28 Polo/Ralph Lauren outfits and onsies for less than thrift prices (GW charges around $2.99 for RL kid's stuff).Actually thrifted this last week. He's got a few years until he can wear it but I've had things...
Yeah, pretty much. Kind of odd.Dang. If my boy was several months older I'd be on this. If nobody else bites I'd be interested and will just hang onto it until next year.
Found a few things this morning. NWOB AE McClain 11.5 D N&F Weird Guy High Rise. 34 T&A Zegna loafers. 8 D BB Madison. Measures 42 S First time finding this label. Oh, and these. Kinda disappointed they aren't my size. 34. Eu 50
Sadly not. I'd guess no more than 10-15 years old. The green colored label is pretty new. I think they switched to the green colored info label from white in the late 80's. The colors in that particular pattern are pretty dark. This pattern was used by the Seals and other Special Forces in the late 70's on.The good tiger stripe is pretty bright. Hard to miss. There also most likely won't be any sort of label. Just a black size stamp near the collar (if it hasn't faded...
+1. Those prices are perfectly reasonable. My response was more aimed at what sounded like turning the thread into a live auction and selling to the highest bidder.
+1. Thought this was going to be passing on a (somewhat) decent deal since you were going to leave them behind. Not quoting eBay prices and starting an auction on here. No thank you.
+1. Big mistake. That's the type of stuff people will fight to trade you for.
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