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Wow, had no idea they made actual clothing. Very cool. Chamois cloth shirt?
Nope. Used to wear an M65 jacket all the time during the cooler months and still do from time to time.
Take note, guys. This is the camp you're looking for!I've been after a copy for years. Was this at a thrift? If so I'd see if any more records are coming out. Someone had good taste in music.
Furniture is tough unless it's from a desirable maker (Stickley, Hickory, Herman Miller, etc).
The owner of this one must have been a snow bird if it ended up in Arizona.
When I was born. I'm half Japanese but I've been told that many people can't see it unless I take off my glasses.
From my Salvation Army days. Rasta hat, dreads (not real), and my cat pin. I think I was in the middle of eating something when this picture was taken.
Unfortunately, unless it is brand new and un-altered, fit is very hard to gauge on shirts. People take them in on the sides, shorten sleeves, shorten hems, add darts, etc. You end up trying on the wrong Isaia shirt and you may end up writing off the brand all together.
Score on that Eidos. Have still yet to see that one in person. But wait......A Rega P2 in a thrift?!? Seeing as I only own three pairs of dress shoes, this is easy.RLPL by C&J: $65 from YooxC&J Carlisle tan pebble grain. ThriftedAE Park Ave (Bought from SFer DigMeNow)
I've found out the hard way that expensive houses and cars does not mean good taste in clothing and household items. Saw a guy yesterday get into a newer Ferrari and he had cut-off sweat pant shorts and a really ugly graphic t-shirt. If said guy in expensive guy is wearing a nice dress shirt, suit, etc.....well, then I'd camp!There's a local thrift store that always has new BMW's, Mercedes, Lexus, etc in the lot. This is probably the most heavily flipped thrift store in...
New Posts  All Forums: