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I do indeed. Also, I just looked up the Starr Labs midi guitar. Got it for $20. Can't believe what it retails for. http://www.starrlabs.com/product/z6s-in-stock/
It's been super dry as far as nice clothing lately, but I did find a bunch more electronic stuff. Got everything for $147. Of course I missed the good records, NES and SNES games in the original boxes, Roland and Korg synthesizers, electric and acoustic guitars, recording and stereo equipment that were priced at next to nothing, but I'm pretty dang thrilled with what I did manage to get. No clue what this thing is, but it looked expensive, new and was priced...
One stop. Spent under $150 for everything. Teaser pics.
In a place like LA/SF Bay area, Chicago or Atlanta you could easily do this full time. Minnesota; not so much. Only way I stay afloat is that my wife has a good job, we saved a ton of money before we got married and I diversified beyond clothing. Trust me man, it's better off as a hobby. Had a 2 week dry spell last month and blew through my emergency stock pile.
I half thought about buying it for myself and seeing how long I could go without my wife burning it. It fit me too.This was taken about a month ago. My wife is trying to get me to chop it off. Looks like my alter-ego is not a secret anymore.
Going through pictures on my phone. Found these a week or two ago. Did not cop. Oldest Allen Edmonds I've found thus far. Thrift fit. Surprisingly made by a local high-end custom clothier. Did not cop. Almost bought it as a gag gift but have no idea who I'd give it to.
Finds from the past couple days.
Seriously? Wow. Man I'd love to meet some of these guys. Gilbert Shelton is probably my favorite cartoonist. Love the Freak Brothers. My mom flipped her lid when she decided to read a few pages of those and found out what they were really about. I still remember her making me take them back to the comic book shop. S. Clay Wilson is great too. Captain Pissgums. Haha.
I collect underground comics from the late 60's-mid 70's. Never seen any in a thrift. I've got all mine from either comic book shops, eBay or from family members.Got these as a Christmas present from my uncle last year. All original/early printings. He bought them as soon as they hit the shelves here in Minnesota (which was sometimes later than they hit the shelves on the West Coast).
Dang, what size were those Railcars?I've thought the same thing every time I drive by the one in Brooklyn Park. Then I think to myself, "It's in Brooklyn Park for a reason" and keep driving.
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