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One stop. All from a store that hasn't produced anything good in over a month. First time finding Kiton tailored pieces. Woo hoo! Pics. First thing I found was this. Been after one for years. At 50% off $24.99, sure - why not? Then found this for the Mrs (she almost bought this same cap off their website but I told her I could probably thrift one. It only took 2 years....) Fanciest Polaroid I've seen yet. Still has film in...
+1. Brioni is one of a small handful of labels that come to mind (Hickey Freeman, Oxxford, Zegna, ) whose suit pants lack any sort of branding.
Well done. This is the stuff you're looking for.
Eu 52 L but measures like a US 40 L. So frustrated it doesn't fit true to size! If so it'd be in my closet.
Lots of awesome stuff this week going for really good prices. All items end this Sunday (9/27) evening! All items start at just $4.99 with no reserves! http://www.ebay.com/sch/zelda58/m.html?item=371445110705&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Suits/Sportcoats Vtg 60's Pennys Towncraft Blue Cotton Floral Tiki Hawiian Print Sport Coat 42 R Oxxford Clothes Cream Beige Pure Silk 1/4 Lined Blazer Jacket Coat Sz 42 R $2495 Vtg Polo Ralph Lauren...
Some great stuff on here the past day or so. Here's my finds from yesterday. Picked these up earlier this week. WWII issue pre-US Air Force.
That's a rancher coat. Definitely not vintage (pretty recent actually) and not the high end line but shawl collar, made in USA, wool and Navajo-type pattern? Good buy in my book.
Cool jacket but not the Woolrich you're looking for. Nice personal pick-up, though.
I believe TaT was a MTM company run my a SFer whose name on here was GetSmart. Not sure if he's still on here. Never seen any in person but have heard it was a good deal for the price in terms of fabric, construction, cut, etc.
This is a great read. I have a copy myself. Nice find!
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