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I've said it before. I really miss LA.
Thanks for the tip! I'm lost when it comes to furs.Every time we go up there, I try and hit the Savers up on the hill. Have had decent luck there. The GW is awful, though.Yep. Been buying a lot of crap I really shouldn't be lately, just to make me feel like the trip was worth it. Then I get home, realize my stupid decision and return them the next day...This definitely restores my hope in our state. Kicking myself though becayse I was probably about 15 minutes away from...
Can anyone help ID this type of fur? Should I go back for it tomorrow at $24?
Exactly what I said to myself (in my head) when they said "sorry but those aren't for sale. They haven't been processed yet."
Pain is holding this in your hand, but not being able to buy it because it hasn't been "processed" yet. "Processed" meaning the record guy in the back will buy it and it will never make it out to the floor. Should have made a little effort to try and buy it, but knew it wouldn't get me anywhere.
So that's why I haven't been finding any decent glasses/sunglasses at GW.......
Hit a farm sale this morning. Couldn't pass this up. No idea on age. Guessing 1930's or older? Available Pulled this out of a cabinet in the barn. WWII Herringbone Twill USMC jacket.
Good! I think this would still be considered brown dominant ERDL camo. The very last of it. Not as valuable as the Vietnam era stuff, but still should bring in a decent return and worth saving from being used as a Halloween costume. In 1979, they switched to a slightly different pattern that is sometimes referred to as "transitional" or "RDF". Was right before the Woodland camo that we know today was developed in the early 80's.
Thanks! He's a chick magnet. Get's a lot of attention from the ladies. Haha!Isaia jeans are a size 34, unfortunately.
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