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Doc, you have my condolences. Will be praying for you and your family.
This week's finds. Talbott 40 R Zegna 40 R Canali sport coats x 2. 42 R. Seriously contemplating keeping the brown plaid one. Canali suit. 42 R LVC 1947 . 34x34 @Fueco, do you happen to know the date on this one? Code is F1. Fall '01? Tyrwhytt suit. 42 S
Would some better shots help?
I think the Henry Poole smoking jacket stole the show in my last post, so gonna post these guys again with a question. Can anyone tell is these are real gator/croc or embossed?
Wes, that looks like a great trip!Nothing of any value, but an oddity for sure. Modern BDU jacket that states it's a hot weather jacket in Woodland camo, but appears to be a heavier-weight twill in Tiger Stripe camo.Why can't this be an XL?! One of my favorite bands. They've changed their style a bit over the years (blues-rock, progressive, folk-prog, etc), yet still had a distinct sound that you could pick out anywhere.
Not sure, but I don't think so. I used to see this stuff in the military surplus stores a lot in the mid 90's. I think they called it "Urban camouflage". Strange seeing those USAF patches on that, as I never really could figure out who wore this stuff and what it's purpose was. They used the woodland pattern but had some weird color combo's like yellow/black/gray, red/black, navy blue/black/gray and that purple one that you found. Haven't seen it anywhere since then. I...
Wow, cool. Was found not too far from there.
Had a good run this morning with @dahl5yankees. Pretty sure this came from the same guy as the Yohji haul stuff several years ago. Chouinard is a grail find for vtg outdoor gear Kinda rough, but cool. Wrinkled with a few stains, but super cheap. Rolled the dice. Pretty sure these are old but real. Kinda rough but so cool and cheap. NWT Eidos Staple solid gray wool suit. Eu 56 R. Can someone tell if these are real or...
Found that same one, but the vest style a year or two ago. Ran really small. I thought it was a kid's.Edit: Found it archived in the Thrifties. Paid $6.99 from the most picked over GW ever. Sold for $810 at auction. The jacket is way cooler. Interested to see what it fetches. The lift tag is the icing on the cake. Wow!!Right era but unfortunately not a huge home run. Still cool to find WWII anything these days, though.
Yep. M-1951 model.Krell in a thrift?!? I'd buy that at $50 all day long, considering it's in good shape and working properly.
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