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That feeling you get when you find out the store you've found at least half of your grail clothing finds is closed for good.
One stop. Sadly these aren't worth nearly as much as I had thought. True vintage. Deadstock. Size 10 Brioni pure cashmere. 38 Stefano Ricci. Current label Zegna brown flannels.
Does it work? Only one completed listing and it sold for a good chunk of change. Headshell: $9, cheap cartridge : $30 on Ebay. Missing headshell and cartridge not a huge deal. That one appears to be missing the dust cover, though.I'd run back and give it a second look.
Just one find today. At a store that I've never seen more than a 50% off discount, the cashier gave me 75% off which brought it down to 75 cents.
So....What's the most bizarre/disturbing item you've come across at a thrift store?Here's a sculpture that I came across about a year ago. [[SPOILER]] Creepiest find? I've probably had others which I've forgotten, but the most recent that comes to mind was this marionette I found in Chicago while thrifting with @silverwarebandit
That is awesome. Not sure what you need help with on it, but it's definitely true vintage of that era (mid 80's).Took me awhile to catch on, but I finally learned my lesson to do BINOBO on cool stuff like this. Sold one of the same vintage a couple years back for half that price at auction. Still kicking myself on that one.Awesome find. Unfortunately bib overalls don't bring in the most money in the vintage workwear category, but a great find regardless. This stuff is...
Nope. I do own the jacket version of that particular vest, though (I think they called this model their "down sweater"). If I ever came across the vest and it was in my size, I'd be very tempted to keep it.
Score!!! The harsh reality may be that the store threw the box away. If shoes are donated in the box to the stores in my locale, the boxes are thrown away to save space on the shelves ( when in reality, the box doesn't take up much more space than the shoes themselves do) unless they are obvious high-end stuff that would go in the case.
New Posts  All Forums: