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I highly doubt one guy making a random phone call will stop someone from donating their clothing. If it bothers them, they will just black out or remove their name in the future.I was gonna say.....I've never had anyone say no. Worst they did is never call me, but this very well could be the Minnesota-Nice thing....
People may joke, but I've had some fantastic luck with this. Worst they can do is tell you no or to screw off. On the motorcycle topic, just got this last week.
Found this same coat awhile back.
^^ $125 for the TT? Good pass. I'd buy if under $20.
Frenchy, that's one of, if not the best haul I've seen on this thread.
These suit hauls today are nuts! Wow! Here's my finds from the past week or so. Vintage t-shirts. Size XL BB Alden Shells. 11.5 D Got money to blow? Buy your kid a $200+ shirt. Was pretty thrilled to find these. 2 light-weight flannels and 2 cords. 34.
Welcome to the forum! Fantastic first post. That LB linen is gorgeous!
Awesome find! No idea of the value, but I would have bought it for $30. I agree with Shoeluv on the age, either late or post WWII. These were developed in the early 40's, I think.
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