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Score on the Fear of God. Wow.... After striking out all week, today finally yielded some finds.Never heard of this maker, but the quality is fantastic. [[SPOILER]] New AE Park AveFinally! Bean Boots. In my size! Found a moth hole on the lapel at the register, but figured this was worth it just for the buttons.This suit felt amazing, so I looked a little closer.I've heard the name before, but can't put my finger on it.Well this explains why it felt so nice. 93% cashmere!...
It's all about looks, in my opinion. I've picked up stuff with no branding, just based on the look. Did really well.
I spy an Omnigod and Edwin labels. Very curious to see what else is in there....
I like L.L. Bean for everyday beater wear. They stand behind their products and for a mass-market brand, the stuff is made pretty well. I love their chamois cloth shirts and flannels. L.L. Bean and Eddie Bauer are my go-to brands for shorts in the summer. I've been after a pair of Main Hunting Shoes for several years, but still haven't had any luck.
Had this on cassette. Played it until you could barely make out the songs. Debbie Gibson's Out of the Blue too. Had the biggest crush on Debbie Gibson as a kid.Couple finds today.Was gonna keep this, but then I saw what the going rate was.....Original box and all the pieces.Any idea how to tell what model this is?
Got my Secret Santa Box today. Tore into it not knowing what it was (have been expecting a few packages this week) and read the note. Thanks again for the awesome gifts, @Fueco! Also, the Herb Alpert Christmas LP was perfect as my Christmas selection is really lacking (this makes 5 in my collection). It's funny; for as many Andy Williams and Firestone Christmas LP's I see out there, most are really beat up.In fact, I'm spinning it right now while finally getting around...
Nah, I just don't have the space (or $$) for a dedicated studio set-up like that. I've experimented with mannequins and such and found that laying them flat with good lighting and good high quality photos is just as effective (for me, at least).I usually take them laying flat in front of a large window where I have excellent natural lighting. Unfortunately, it was snowing/dreary the first half of the week when I was working on that listing and lighting just sucked. I...
Haha, glad it went to an SFer. You should have no problem getting $200+ (I could see $250 easy). I was just too lazy to get the buttons replaced and I screwed up big time on the pictures (those awful photos were temporary photos that I was supposed to replace with better ones the next day....which I forgot to do....DOH!).
I just toss them in the dryer to freshen them up.
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