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Nice find! I think that is a thread first for Imogene + WIllie. I found a pair of jeans from them once but they were priced at $50 and were 3 sizes too small.
Great find! I have that same shirt. Bought off here a couple years back from Troika (I think...). One of my favorite shirts.
Whoa! Cloak in Minnesota?!
Was this at the store we last ran into each other at? If so, I've had this situation happen to be a few times there (found some crazy item that any flipper would snatch up in a heartbeat with the past weeks color, or even 1/2 off color). Was there on Monday and definitely didn't see those!
Thanks for leaving that beauty behind! I've only found a small handful (3 or maybe 4) Savile Row garments in my entire thrifting career, so I had to grab it. Even better because it kind of fits me (workable if I lose a few pounds) and it's styling is classic.Sounds like we often hit the same spots. Wonder if I've seen ya before without knowing so.
Kind of a boring day. Not much in the way of finds today besides this.Really heavy tweedy-feeling SC. Check out those hacking pockets and English (long) side vents! Slim 42 R. Fits me but I'd need to lose a little more in the gut to be comfortable. Available [[SPOILER]] Also can't pass up these cool 60's pants when I see them. [[SPOILER]]
That is insane! My favorite find on here lately! Congrats man!
Shoutouts to Digmenow, TheNeedMachine and Tben for some very welcome additions to my closet. You guys are awesome!
Great photo set-up! I like! Something about that Ricci just looks off......
Haha, very tiring! You may not have noticed, but that post was made at 6 am. Baby Paul had a stomach ache all night so we were up every 40 minutes or so. Hoping that there is a light at the end of the sleep deprivation tunnel soon! He is growing fast, though! Over 2 weeks old now. Dang. Yeah, I tried both on. Don't think I will be able to get back there anytime soon. Oh well.
New Posts  All Forums: