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A furry is generally someone who wears animal ears/hats and sometimes a tail and from what I gather they pretend to be animals?
Is that for the Thorens? Like others said, trading should likely be kept to PM's, but please do post your record finds so we know what you found. I pick up stuff I know guys on here like (punk, jazz, etc) whenever I see it for trading purposes (I'm mostly into 60's-early 70's psychedelic rock and prog rock).
That cabin looks awesome! Let me know how the thrifts are up there. I've thrifted in Duluth before, but that's about it as far as thrifting up north. I'd imagine there may be some cool mom and pop shops that have some great vintage stuff buried within the racks.
Merry Christmas, everyone! Tomorrow will be my son's first Christmas. Too young to really know what is going on but still fun! Here he is next to our mini Christmas tree (been trying to "thrift" a tall and skinny Balsam Hill tree for awhile now as our old tree was too big for our living room at our new house. Not working out too well as I haven't found one yet. Might bite the bullet when they go on sale).
Sorry man, not kelly green and not the good Sierra Designs. That's more turquoise, I'd say. That piece looks like it's from the mid to late 80's. The good stuff is early 80's or older.Here's a good example of kelly green.
silverwarebandit and kbadgley84: Awesome hauls!!Not at thrift or underpriced consignment prices if they're in good shape.I think a lot of nice stuff makes it to the GW outlet. Ever notice how there's very rarely a wrinkled shirt, suit, blazer or tie at Goodwill (well, as least from what I've seen)? From what I've heard GW has strict guidelines on what can be put out. If it's too wrinkled or if the processor doesn't feel it's fit for whatever reason to hit the sales floor,...
Awesome finds, and welcome aboard! You probably know it already, but that Polo Sportsman sweater is $$$. LP Roadster is still on my bucket list.
Yeah, had that happen to me last time I found some great LPs. Hate to think what was missed but was pretty content with what I made it out with. I kept telling myself the guy who got first dibs liked Mitch Miller, Andy Williams and Lawrence Welk. I would if it's in good shape. Kelly green is a really desirable color and that one has the hood to boot.
New Posts  All Forums: