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Aah, cool. That place is bonkers. Went there once, too intense for me. No clue on them but judging by the styling I doubt they're anything special. Sorry man.This is awesome! Love the vintage logo. Dibs if futuremyth passes.Don't think Lulu is fake (yet), so I'm gonna say real. Nice find!
Wow, Daniel's Clothing? I'm kind of disappointed. I figured he would at least have gone to Chavez or had a crazy wardrobe from Neiman Marcus.How long ago did you buy these and were they from the same store as the skull shirt I bought? I was talking to a regular there one day and she told me about a pair of jeans that had "Japanese" on them. She was walking towards the jeans aisle and right as she got there a guy grabbed the pair she was talking about and they looked just...
Haha, funny. Yeah, it had last week's color tag so I figure it had been there since maybe Friday night or Saturday. Yeah, that store is more miss than hit these days.
^^ One of my favorite movies!
Wow!! Keep us updated on what's inside, please!Not sure about elsewhere in the states, but CL sucks for selling most stuff. Most prospective customers are merely tire-kickers or people who want a $500 turntable for $20. Not sure if anyone even looks on there for clothing besides flippers. Had a friend try to sell a NWOT Zegna suit on there for $150. He gave up after a few months and took it to the bay.
Wow! That is the newest Oxxford I've seen.
Found a few cool things today. I usually pass on Jermyn St makers but this was too cool to not buy. Wool long johns. Guessing 40's?
Summer's not over yet! Anyone want a pair of NWOB Nubucks? No clue on the maker - one is labeled for a local men's clothing store. Size 8.5 D and Wide. Just a little shop wear. Could not leave them at thrift prices. Passing them on at cost + gas + shipping. [[SPOILER]]
^^ Similar situation happened to me last month. Got there only to see a sign on the door that said "Power Out. Store closed until further notice".
Missed out on a copy of The Mothers of Invention: Uncle Meat by about a minute. Got kind of lucky though as the guy flipping through the albums missed a copy of Tom Waits: Closing Time. First pressing on Asylum and still in the shrink. I'm not a fan of Tom Waits but it'll make great trade material. Also, any TC folks come across a pair of charcoal gray Bonobos wool trousers recently? I found the matching jacket today stuck in the women's blazers but seeing as it's...
New Posts  All Forums: