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Heard from a friend that the Scottsdale area is where it's at for thrifting. Curious to know if it's really as good as they were saying.
Look for a stereo repair shop. They're scarce these days but they still exist. I just had my old Kenwood receiver serviced by my local repair guys.Honestly, I'd scrap everything electronic in there and use it as a stereo cabinet for some more modern stuff (mid-late 70's stuff is great). Still vintage, will still use that awesome cabinet but will sound way better.This guy went all out but it can be done a lot quicker and...
Just a few things today.Vintage Polo RL suit. Pretty early piece. Made in March 1974. According to some reading I did, the first Polo RL ads appeared in NYC in 1974. Measures like a 42 R [[SPOILER]] This is why I go through t-shirts.
You have my condolences. I can't imagine the feeling and you and your family will be in our prayers.
I thought that tie looked familiar. Haha. That was quite some time ago. That store I got those ties from is pretty dead now.
Owch!Awesome! Didn't even know Topo Designs did clothing.
Decent day today. Ugg x Jimmy Choo Mandah boots. N/A Paul Smith "The Floral" Suit. 38 R Lulu Metal Vent T Lulu ABC Pant. N/A Usually don't pick up Bruno Magli but these were really nice, hardly worn and cheap. 9 1/2 Zegna-tex. 38 Kim Herring. Sz L
The Boneyard Kitchen and Bar in Uptown. Haven't tried anything else there but the chicken and waffles with the candied jalapeno maple syrup certainly was delicious.
Speaking of chicken and waffles, I most recently tried this amazing combination at a local joint that serves it with a side of jalapeno maple syrup. It's quite addicting.
Dibs if it is an L and Fueco passes. I have this same jacket, but mine is so worn I think it may need to be retired soon. Been after another for awhile. Hard to find this model (called the down sweater).
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