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That sale makes me want to hop a plane to Atlanta.!
Those look good to me. I definitely would have bought em. With vintage t-shirts, it seems that there is a market for both mint/good condition ones (people who collect them, frame them, etc) and the heavily worn/trashed one (guy's who like to wear them). Ride the Lightning definitely looks like an iron-on to me. I remember there used to be stores and booths in the mall that used to do iron-on t-shirts for $5. Those were everywhere.
Picked these up today. Pretty thrilled about the Wanda Jackson LP.
I'm living in the wrong city.... That's insane. And Damir Doma in a thrift?! For half off of $5?!
All my Ninja Turtles, GI Joes and other toys of that era met their fate in the infamous M-80 and Black Cat sandbox wars. This past summer, I helped my father take out some old retaining wall bricks and we tilled up what used to be the old "sand box". Unearthed many half melted and decapitated toys. Found a Han Solo figurine with his bottom half blown off. I imagine many others suffered a similar fate; probably the reason they're worth so much now.
Thanks again man! Now I just gotta wait until next winter to wear it. Haha.
Awesome finds!These are cool to see again. Haven't seen them anywhere since the late 90's. I recall wandering into in an Army Surplus store around 1998 or so looking for old stock Vietnam stuff (back when you had a chance of finding it in the Army Navy stores) and seeing all these really colorful camo BDU's and t-shirts. This orange pattern and there was a blue/black that I remember best. They called it "urban camo".
If it's the jacket I mentioned, it's essentially the Marty McFly vest with sleeves.
PM sent. That looks like the same jacket as mine (shorter length with rounded front pockets?). Been looking to replace mine, as it's pretty rough.
Super thrilled. Color is awesome. Great condition. Love the style (snap front, shorter length; like a down sweater). I need another jacket like I need a hole in my head, though. Haha.
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