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Haha! Seriously though, a guy I know who hits that store once every 3 days or so has been scoring big there the past couple weeks and the tailored stuff is all the same size so it sounds like it could be the same donor. I've only been there a handful of times as I don't get that way much and found something one or two times. Really doesn't seem like the type of place that would get nice stuff. Then again that might be why it's overlooked.
After striking out for the past week or so some cool stuff finally ended up my way. Someone really liked Ben Silver ties. I think this is brand new.... Thought this was cool but not too keen on the Target logos... Oxxford charcoal subtle POW check 2 btn suit. 43 L This is going straight to my closet. First time finding this label. Almost blew over it thinking it was just another Rogue State/Rogue Status piece of garbage. So bummed this does not fit...
PSA for Minnesota folks: I hardly ever get there but you Minnesota guys may want to hit Unique in Columbia Heights soon. Bits and pieces of a pretty crazy donation are trickling out. New Aldens. Arny's safari jacket, Kiton cashmere, etc.
Not really feeling like posting my meager finds from today after seeing these new SF or LA guys pulling out Kiton and Brioni cashmere like it's Stafford.Seriously though, wow! This past week has been insane in terms of finds on here.Don't really know anything about it but I saw it for the first time at the Adidas store in Tokyo a couple years ago. Thought there was some cool pieces so I took a couple pictures. Was told by the staff I couldn't take pictures. Figure the...
LA huh? I can't believe that Isaia and Etro suit lasted that long there. Stuff gets vacuumed up the moment it rolls out at most stores. If I had it my way I'd bike everywhere. Sadly, living in the suburbs it's tough to bike anywhere but on the bike paths and the local grocery store.
Don't worry man, same thing happened to me. 5 stores yesterday and not a single thing (actually nothing all week). I think the thrift gods were a little intoxicated yesterday and sprinkled the crazy dust a little too heavily in some areas causing them to run out for the rest of us.
That jacket is This thread on the past several pages. Thought I saw a Brioni Vicuna and a couple mind-blowing first posts...
........................what just happened?
I'd suspect 50's to late 60's. Very possible the "69" patch is the graduation year. I agree with cpmac, the label does have a 50's look to it but these companies that made letter sweaters and jackets didn't really re-fresh their labels as often as mainstream labels like Arrow, Gant, and the various department store labels. The "Dry Clean Only" text also has me guessing a little later (late 50's or 60's).
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