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Am I the only one who's seen something really cool or something they collect on an episode of Hoarders, watch the said item(s) get tossed into a dumpster and then want to cry?
Why can't that be closer to Minnesota??
Congrats man! I'm jealous! Loved the A7 since it came out. I've always been a fan of the fastback hatchback. Glad to see some makers bringing it back (Audi A7, BMW 3-Series GT, etc). That interior looks gorgeous. Beautiful shoes, too. That would be really fun to look at. I'd be interested for sure.
List them in lots of 100 or so on eBay. Sold a bunch of meh ties this way awhile back and averaged $80-$120 per lot. Very minimal effort involved too. I just laid them all out on the floor, took some pictures and listed the labels that were the most prominent in the lot.Thrifted that same drum machine earlier this year and missed out on another last week. I did, however manage to get a book about all the cool stuff you can do with them. It's yours if you want it.
I've found that in most cases (there are some exceptions like Kiton), if they have an actual label in the pants then they are odd trousers. With Zegna, this is also the case. If the size/fabric tag also says "trousers" or whatever (no mention of "Suit"), you're golden. Still, I'd keep an eye out for anything else from the donor.
What was wrong with those Incotex?
Some stuff from the past couple days. AE Marlow 9 C Never heard of this one but is a limited edition and the markings on the tail remind me of Brioni. Wonder if it was made by the same manufacturer.
Yet another thing to add to the list to look for. I've kinda figured out that a lot of vintage necessity type stuff that was generally went through fairly quick and then the packaging tossed away goes for decent money because it's so scarce these days. There's a collector for just about anything.
Surprised nobody mentioned this one yet. http://www.forbes.com/sites/vannale/2014/09/24/one-of-100-maseratis-2015-quattroporte-zegna-takes-exclusivity-to-new-level/
Round 3 of electronic stuff. Was basically given everything I got today. Paid $10 for everything. Box full of guitar and keyboard magazines. Most from the late 80's and early 90's with a handful of modern ones. Finally found something decent clothing-wise. Hardly worn AE's. Size 11 C.
New Posts  All Forums: