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Barrel: Awesome pictures! Was the Edo era park somewhat near the Hakone Onsen (I think it was a checkpoint)? If so, I went to the same one a few years back when we stayed at the onsen for a few days.
Thanks for the info! Yeah, the weight is perfect for Fall, so the timing couldn't be better.
I was gonna say.... Synergy!!
Wow!!! Brioni shearling?? True thrift? Holy crap....
^^^ Lone Pine is awesome stuff. Had a leather jacket from them once and it was amazing. Really expensive too. You scored on that one. Stuff from today. Tori Richard w/ Target logo Is this the Hilfiger I'm looking for? I like seeing this. Never heard of em but took a gamble at $1.99 What's in the dovetailed box? Interapid dial indicator. Sure, I'll take it. Best find of the day? Vintage Filson ligther-weight Mackinaw. Fabric reminds me of an old WWII...
I believe 10X was their sportsman/hunting line, I believe. Not worth anything really. Good pass.
You should request the Knowledge Box. Then you'd be able to see first-hand what shell looks and feels like. Seeing a photo is one thing but actually seeing and feeling firsthand it is completely different.
Yep. I've feared this for a long time. Kiton cashmere suit getting cut up , shredded and having fake blood painted on because it's only a $10 Goodwill suit.
One stop. All from a store that hasn't produced anything good in over a month. First time finding Kiton tailored pieces. Woo hoo! Pics. First thing I found was this. Been after one for years. At 50% off $24.99, sure - why not? Then found this for the Mrs (she almost bought this same cap off their website but I told her I could probably thrift one. It only took 2 years....) Fanciest Polaroid I've seen yet. Still has film in...
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