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True thrift, in fact cheaper than true thrift prices. Sad thing is, some guy was on the other end of the suit wall (yes, in LA the Goodwills have a wall of suits, not a rack) and he had like 15 suits/jackets and was still going. I hate to think of what he ended up with.....My inbox just exploded though....
Some better photos of those jackets I picked up in LA.
Love Tintin. Still do. Found out that Quobo (a TV station on basic TV) still airs the cartoon that I watched as a kid. Brought back tons of great memories.
For sure! Honestly I only had a couple days to thrift as my wife booked up the rest of our days doing family and vacation-y things. No vacation is without a couple thrift runs, though. Haven't seen ya on here in awhile! I'll definitely let you know next time I'm in town, which may end up being sooner rather than later. Would love to meet up with another SFer! Nice finds, by the way!Thanks man. It was great to meet you. I had fun! Hope to do this again next time. Anyway, on...
Finished packing. 2 1/2 suitcases full.
My mother in law's internet is crazy slow, it's late and I've got a plane to catch tomorrow AM so I'll leave you guys with this....LA, it's been fun. Hope to do this again soon.
NWT Visvim any good?
Wow, had no idea they made actual clothing. Very cool. Chamois cloth shirt?
Nope. Used to wear an M65 jacket all the time during the cooler months and still do from time to time.
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