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Oh dang. Yeah, last time I checked was nearly 10 years ago. Been writing it off ever since. Crap.....
I'd pick up Class 5 all day long. Great stuff. Good pass on the Powderhorn, though. Cool designs but no resale.That tiger stripe looks right, but the piece looks suspect (more of a fashion piece than an actual military garment). Is that a black ribbed collar?
Yep, sounds like all the Goodwill stores in my area. A new rack rolled out at one store and 8 women pounced on it. One woman ripped a shirt right out of a worker's hand, who was on the other side of the rack and trying to put stuff away. Heard him mumble a few choice words and then storm off.
Yeah, things can get tricky when you're talking that kind of money. It's a no-brainer at thrift prices, but at 300 Euros, that was a good pass. I go more by completed listings rather than live ones (lotta tire kickers out there). You probably did, but also make sure to read the description of the comps as well, as the ones you could be looking at may have been sold for parts/untested.Revox is a good name in open reel tape decks. Generally speaking, I've found the newer...
^^^ Gutter Helmet (or something similar) is one of the best investments you can make if you have a wooded lot. I hear ya on the leaves. Just cleaned up the yard yesterday, then the winds today made it look like I didn't do a dang thing.
Thanks again for putting this together, Hans! It's a lot of of work!
Turns out the Yohji blazer I found last week is a runway piece. AW 07. Look 8. Almost positive this is either the same donor as the Yohji haul I found several years ago, or it was acquired from that same lot. Either way, I really wish I knew who this guy is.
My local Marshalls had a bunch of Bills Khakis shirts, cords and twill khakis for $15 (compare at price was like $25 or something laughable like that). All the pants were 30 inseam though.
That's the stuff you're looking for. Great style and great colors. Nice find!Japan had some great repro vintage outdoor wear/gear when I was there last. They had actually licensed Banana Equipment and Wilderness Experience labels and were reproducing some of their daypacks. So cool!
Found this blazer last week. Fits spot on, but I just can't pull it off. AW 07. Look 8.
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