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Haha, this happened to me about 5 times yesterday.- Ooooh, Robert Graham?? Nope - Bugatchi Uomo- That looks like it could be Isaia! Nope, Apt. 9.- Turnbull & Asser, please? Nope, Charles Tyrwhytt.....
Told ya man. It's prime picking down there. Nice score!
Yeah, I never even knew about this. I've been searching for a Dehen shawl cardigan for the past year on there and this popped up on my tri-weekly search. We'll see how it looks on me and how well it fits when it gets here. If I decide to pass it on, you'll be the first to know.
Just e-thrifted this. Did some research - these were a very limited run and were never available for purchase.
Here's something I just couldn't bare to leave behind. Olive (more brownish than your average olive green, in my opinion) St. Andrews for Bergdorf Goodman suit. 2 button. Center vent. Tagged 46 S. Has some stains on the front that may or may not come out. I picked this up figuring someone on here would want to try cleaning it up since it was standard thrift price. Available at cost + gas + shipping to whoever wants it. Otherwise I'm going to return it. Flip it, wear it,...
I'd go for the Stanley if I were you. Try to bargain with them as well. I've had good luck getting CL sellers to budge on prices.
My neighbor asked me to look through a bunch of old stuff from her aunt's estate before she donated it to see if there was anything I wanted to sell (we'd split the profits). I grabbed a bunch of stuff, but I figured some of you guys might like this. Vintage hickory stripe engineers hat And they gave this to me as a thank you for helping them sell some stuff.
Sadly it isn't. Looks like it's from the 80's or 90's and made in China. That label is the one you want though, just on an older piece. The good stuff will Say Berkeley, California or Oakland, California on the label.How is the condition? I've heard Drexel is great stuff, but I have great personal experience with Stanley. We purchased our nursery furniture from their now defunct "Young America" line (we got a killer deal on the last floor models from the boutique) and I'm...
Today yielded some decent findings.Spoo (or anyone else), are these real gator/croc/lizard/whatever? I've found vintage Footjoy lace-ups in the past that were real crocodile so I figured I'd take the gamble on these since I can return them. [[SPOILER]] Lululemon. Size 32 Solid navy (!) Brioni suit. 2 button. Side vent. NM Nomenta model. 46 RPolo RL. USA made. Side vents. Sz 42-36Recent Oxxford SC. 46 RCouple Billy Reid shirts for myself.Jil Sander D/B navy blue jacket. Eu...
Awesome find! Now I'm really curious; who brings Loro Piana to Plato's Closet?
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