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I know the feeling all too well. I have a friend that I wish I never turned on to thrifting. Doubt he ever set foot in a thrift store before he met me. Created my own competition.
PM sent.
Hit 10 stores today and came out empty handed at 9 of them. Worst run I've had in a long time. Shoulda known better. I have awful luck on these big sale days. Only luck I had was at the Filson outlet. Got a red chambray Cruiser shirt for $29 still on the website for $195 and a blackwatch wool Mackinaw cap for $16. Here's some stuff from Wednesday that I just got around to taking pics of.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I'm thankful for this forum filled with great folks who share the same crazy hobby as me! Also, Happy Birthday, HansderHunds!
Well done, I'd say! I had a few pair of Saki eyeglasses frames and they're great. Buffalo horn sunglasses though, that's a whole 'nother level!
I have a stash of issues of the Berkeley Tribe. Great reading.
Class 5 is probably my favorite vintage outdoor gear/apparel maker.
Unfortunately I've never seen a standalone turntable or all-in-one system that wasn't a total piece of crap and the turntables on all the ones I've seen are awful. Cheap cartridges, tone-arms with no counterweight so they wear down your records really fast, cheap construction, etc.Best I've seen is this, and it isn't thrifty at all. Maybe a little gimicky as well, but looks to be the best bet as far as engineering and sound...
You just hit the jackpot! Seriously. Full outfit?? Wow....Well I didn't see that coming. Holy crap!
Jay Kos is an instakop for me if it's a tailored piece. A Jay Kos Harris Tweed overcoat though? Whoa!
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