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Aldens and Cucinelli at Marshalls? Man, the nicest thing I've seen at Marshalls was a pair of ugly orange Walkover loafers for $99, and they only had one pair.
Every Western Wear label I've seen was white.
I just sold a flag sweater this evening for peanuts. Made me question picking it up. Cotton turtleneck w/ black and white flag probably isn't the most desirable, though. On the subject of bands, anyone want these shirts for cost + shipping before I re-donate? EC is size L and fits slim. Worn, kinda discolored and has some holes. Patina. Pushrods is an XL and fits like an L. Great shape.
Everyone's tastes are different. It's funny how something can sound amazing to one person, but sound absolutely horrendous to somebody else. One artist I cannot stand is Tom Waits. Many others love his music. I tried, but just couldn't get into it. I think that as long as you gave the music a fair chance, that's all that counts.
Yep. Sold that was one a year or two ago. It fetched $200+ at auction. From my favorite consignment shop that sadly closed this year. They'd get a lot of the "good" vintage Polo stuff and sell it for peanuts. Gonna miss that place.
Was at the right place at (kind of) the right time last night. My wife's friend from church just had a baby and my wife decided to make her and her husband a meal and bring it to them. I was going to stay home and work on listings, but decided to tag along. Turns out they were temporarily staying at the wife's grandparent's house who had just moved to a senior living complex and they were cleaning the house out since it had just sold. I strike up a conversation with her...
Found a bunch of Bijan suits and sportcoats in LA.The older sportcoats that I had found were made by Brioni. The most recent suit in the lot was made by Mabro. Had a "Hand made in Tuscany" label under the back of the collar.
What's the general consensus on Longhi? Found a killer leather/shearling coat (pics later), but can't figure the brand out. Quality is there, but can hardly find anything online (except discounted stuff).
Less than 2 minutes. Wow...
Sorry to hear about your job. You're in a good location to be a full-timer, though. That Sweet-Orr jacket peeking out of the back looks amazing.Owch! Hope you get as much back as you can. Maybe see if they distribute stuff as some of your stuff may pop up elsewhere.
New Posts  All Forums: