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Pretty sure passing on that vintage "Big Label" Patagonia snap-T was a huge mistake. Also would have grabbed the Filson hat.
When I worked at the Salvation Army years ago we did this. We got stacks of small colored paper squares (different colors for different weeks). Prices written with grease pencil. Most workers didn't care and stapled them right on the actual clothing piece but I tried my best to staple it to the label.
Looks very recent to me. Nice find!
Good luck. Searched for one for the better half of a year looking for one for my wife. Finally found a black North Face one at the most heavily picked thrift store here. Came out on a new rack and was marked for $50. Bit the bullet and paid up. These things are popular so they don't last long in the stores. I found a Patagonia Downtown Loft down full length parka a few weeks ago but it is gray and size L.+1 on what Hans said. Didn't know how to date it exactly (but now I...
Any NC folks try this place out yet? 100,00 square feet?? Wow! I'd take me a couple hours to get through it. http://abc11.com/384771/
Very true. Sadly I can speak from experience. I'm sure the members who've been here awhile or read the whole thread know the story.
Good running into ya today! Did you end up finding anything? Sorry I couldn't chat longer, was in a bit of a rush (which I usually never am).Dang, how'd you know! Honestly I would have hopped on that for $20, but then again I a sucker for Barbour jackets and I've never seen one like that before.Yeah, we spoke to a sleep consultant today and she said the same thing. Otherwise he will forever rely on some sort of noise. Same with the swaddling (which is the only way we can...
Haven't been out much lately. The baby's sleep schedule took an awful turn last week and we just figured out why a couple days ago (we were putting him to bed to late and he was over-tired, thus not staying asleep). Not sure why it was fine for 3 months and just now changed, but someone told me as soon as you get used to your baby's schedule, it'll change. Well, it did. I also lost a very close uncle on Saturday morning, so dealing with that as well as helping my father...
It's fun to see how little shoe styles have changed over the years. Many of those shoes resemble shoes I would see in the store today.
That Loro Piana and that Cantarelli cashmere are my favorites from today. Wow!If in good shape and an in-demand size (M-XL), then yes.I saw this the other day and thought "What the Hell??".I've thought about holding a contest for most bizzare/hilarious clothing label name, kind of like the scavenger hunt last year. I found an ugly 80's women's sweater today with the label "Have a Hug". I'm serious, the name on the label was "Have a Hug". I've also seen "I'm a Plum", "Mr...
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