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Yeah, it's really sharp. Very recent. The 1920 line has only been around since late 2011.http://marrowmag.com/fashion/dehen-1920-new-heritage-reproduction-line/The current models retail for $575. Love the navy and brown color combo, which doesn't seem to be available currently.https://www.dehen1920.com/product/varsity-jacket-4
Nope, this was an e-thrift. Might have been a really bad pass but Dehen does make letter jackets and sweaters for high-schools as has for decades. Those are pretty undesirable. There is one there currently that I've been passing on that is from the late 90's and was made for some sort of club, I think. Black sleeves and gray wool body. The 1920 line (which the jacket I bought is from) is their high-end throw-back line. This stuff is desirable as they have no patches or...
mistermidwester: Sorry to hear about Elsa.
Not sure if I want to keep or sell this. Fits a little short for my liking but is so cool. Worn a few times at most. Still smells brand new.
Definitely not. $6 well spent! Wash and dry with a few tennis balls to keep the loft and sell in a month or three. Isn't that where jdrizzy is from?He finds a lot of great stuff and a decent amount of SW&D.
As you wish. I found this one awhile back but never posted it. Lightweight. Probably from the late 70's-early 80's. Fits like a true L. Available. [[SPOILER]]
Bonus: These were in the pocket of the Polo shearling coat.
Day started out terribly. Was beat to the punch to a cheaply priced Pioneer RT-707 reel to reel tape deck, box of tapes and some really nice vintage silver face Pioneer amps and receivers. Then it go better. Been had Polo. Hoping this is something.... Nice RLPL (still has RLPL collar stays) Couple of these (one is suede)
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