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After the last Torrance one, I swore never to go to another one.
Non-military, low-profile gas block guy speaking--I believe the milspec M4/M16 has a lug built in as part of the front sight base. During the AWB, civilian versions of the FSB were produced without it. There are replacement FSBs and clamp-on lugs that can be added to a lugless rifle, though.In a zombie apocalypse situation, duct tape and wire would probably suffice.
A bayonet, even an improvised one, would do the trick. I can see not wanting to lug around an 8-10 foot spear all the time, but if you have a rifle you might as well put some teeth (tooth) on it.
I had no idea that Terminus lady was Denise Crosby until reading a recap.
El Tepeyac is good, but they don't make Norcal-style burritos (which I consider to be a good thing).That stretch of San Fernando Road is actually full of good taquerias. Victoria's is good and makes an awesome breakfast burrito, and El Sauz (two blocks further west on San Fernando) has really good carne asada. Then there is Mi Lindo Sinaloa on the corner of Los Feliz and San Fernando for seafood (and I think they have a liquor license).But I prefer a place a few blocks...
The Apex striker block and sear will smooth out the pull considerably. If yours was made before mid-2013 (when they changed the sear housing) you can add the RAM to improve the felt reset. The newest slide stop will also improve the reset because it is configured to push the trigger bar back under the sear on reset.
I'd get the Apex DCAEK kit and see which combination of Apex and stock springs suits you. My M&P 40 is currently set up with a slightly heavier trigger than my stock M&P 9, but I added the Apex AEK trigger which reduces takeup and overtravel. I like my 40 better than the 9 because the Apex parts give me a crisper trigger with less takeup, even though it is heavier.
I'd get the dedicated Surefire forend if it fits the budget. I do not like the barrel clamp mounts because I like to have the switch under my thumb at all times. If you can't afford the surefire, get the Magpul forend and mount a flashlight to it.The type of light depends on your intended use. I do not like the latest 500 lumen lights for indoors--shine one on a white wall or at a glass surface in the dark and you will blind yourself.I also like single stage lights--no...
I agree with most of this.I do not have a thumb safety on mine. In CA you can only get the thumb sfety on a .45; the others are not commercially available (they can only be purchased via private party transfers or using the PITA "single shot exemption" to get around the CA roster of approved firearms). As far as reliability, I once had a string of failures to return to battery with my .40 during a training course, which was likely due to some combination of heavy rain,...
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