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Simple Negroni. Campari, Martini Rosso, Broker`s gin, dash of Angostura Orange Bitters.
A couple reasons I guess. First, a Sodastream doesn't let you carbonate flavoured liquids. Secondly, I suppose I wanted something more akin to an old fashioned. The ginger liqueur takes the place of the sugar and bitters, rum replaces bourbon. Really, as I mentioned in my first post, I was out for a run which I hate doing, and I started dreaming about cocktails to take my mind off how much I hate running and this was what popped into my head. No grandiose intentions by any...
You're all right. I meant tall, not up.
I do. But I tend to prefer boozier drinks to ones served up.
I made this last night after I pondered about cocktails during a run. 2 oz. El Dorado 15 rum 1 oz. King's Ginger Liqueur I figured it was a deconstructed variant of a Dark and Stormy. I had made ice balls with mint frozen in them, and added a wedge of lime. It was really, really good. I haven't seen a recipe like this before and if it is new, I am debating calling it Foreboding Weather.
Smokey Bandit x 3
I just ordered a pair of loafers and my bill was $75 for customs handling and taxes.
That coupe just came from a standard housewares store. 4 for $10. The old fashioned are from Williams Sonoma (Dorset) or else Ralph Lauren Glen Plaid. The other cut crystal coupe is an old Stuart Crystal pattern.
Eva Green 2.25 gin (Broker's) 0.75 Cocchi Americano 0.5 Bittermens Commonwealth This is Bittermens homage to the Vesper (hence "Eva Green"). Thoroughly enjoyed it.
I actually had the same experience which has stopped from further orders. I am only 6 feet tall but the OTC socks do not come close to being over the calf. Maybe because I have a smaller foot (size 7), but the sock is about 2 inches too short and always slides down.
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