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How are the Farnese belts measured? From the end of the buckle to the middle hole? Otherwise? Thanks.
Centennial Concert Hall in Winnipeg, correct?
Phew, at least I don't have to pull my foot out my mouth this time. On another note, I made a Cure for Pain. One of my favourite cocktails, so complex, which isn't surprising given that it is a complex recipe. Courtesy Death & Co.: ¼ oz Rye Whiskey (~100 proof) ¾ oz Bourbon ¾ oz Sweet Vermouth ½ oz Tawny Port ½ oz White Crème de Cacao 1 splash Campari I don't have Crème de Cacao, but I do have a bottle of Mozart Dry (a distilled chocolate spirit, not chocolate...
My understanding of the louche from absinthe is that it is the natural oils in the liqueur that separate out once the right proportion of water is added. Similarly, it may be the oils from the orange Peel that cause this as well. I have aged rye with vanilla bean several times with no cloudiness, but I find orange peel can make it a little hazy.
No picture this time, but I made a Black Lodge last night. 1.5 oz. rye (Crown Royal Northern Harvest) 0.5 oz Cynar 0.5 oz cherry Heering 0.5 oz Carpano Antica dash of Regan's orange bitters 'Twas delicious. Also made a Mean Fiddler the other day (recipe courtesy of the Dead Rabbit): 1 oz Irish whiskey 3/4 oz sweet vermouth (Martini Rosso) 3/4 oz green chartreuse 1/2 oz Campari 1/2 oz Islay whiskey (Laphroaig) 1/2 tsp cinnamon cordial (rich simple infused with...
Just purchased a bottle of Green Spot - Leoville Barton edition Irish whiskey, and the Redbreast Lustau edition. Only 6 bottles of each in my province, glad I was able to secure them.
I live in Canada, so with fall being here I just throw it over a sweater with jeans or trousers of some sort. Perfect casual, running-around type clothing. The whole, wear a "down vest over a suit" thing that they show all the time is ridiculous and doesn't really work.
I bought this grey wool vest, and absolutely love it. Been looking for something like this for a long time and this has fast become one of my most favourite and versatile pieces.
I forgot to check my lineup and somehow left Steve Smith Sr. in there when he was not playing this week. Opponent has a 33 point lead and Chandler Catanzaro to come. I have Lamar Miller left so I just go to bed Sunday night. He blows up for 36.3 and I have a 2.5 point lead with my opponent's kicker to come. I am going to lose by a hair because I am a dumbass and didn't put any of the random players on my bench in my lineup instead of Smith.
Along with the 15 year Sauternes aged El Dorado I got last week I just finished grabbing the following: Willet Pot Still Reserve bourbon Redbreast 15 (Compliments my 12 year, and 12 year cask strength) Colonel EH Taylor Small Batch bourbon Jose Cuervo Platino Reserva de Familia (replaces a bottle I am almost done with) Don Julio 1942
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