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Hemingway' daiquiri
Lucien Gaudin 1.5 oz Gin 0.5 oz Campari 0.5 oz Cointreau 0.5 oz dry vermouth
Go Jets go.
Fresh grapefruit juice, vodka, and a dash of Fee Bros. Cherry bitters. Really refreshing.
MGM, what was the sauce on the asparagus?
Pinarello 1 oz. Cynar 1 oz. Campari 1 oz. Aperol Couple drops of Chartreuse Grapefruit twist Was not the most elegantly cut twist, but it did the trick in getting that scent in my nose on every sip.
Thanks Bounder. I did the fries sous vide as well (Chefsteps' Heston Blumenthal method) and it turned out wonderfully. Ended up being the best steak I've ever cooked for myself.
No real recipe, just seared the meat, left one tbsp of fat in the pan, added 1/3 cup of minced shallots, sweated down, added cognac, reduced, added meat juice from sous vide packaging, added an additional couple tbsp beef stock, reduced, added cream, reduced.
Steak au poivre/frites. 90 minutes at 55.7. I would maybe reduce the temp to 54 next time.
Martini 2.5 oz Plymouth gin .75 Cocchi Americano Dash of Regan's orange bitters
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