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I'm heading to Munich, London, and Norway (Bergen then Oslo) over the next two weeks and am seeking the collective wisdom of my fellow online drinking and eating aficionados for recommendations of places to go and things to consume. Please enlighten my travel-starved mind.
Black Lodge 1.5 bourbon 0.5 Cynar 0.5 Cherry Heering 0.5 Carpano Antica Dash Regan's Orange Bitters
Thanks. It's a side table that is covered in alligator printed leather.
Low. Traditionally a Godfather is 2oz scotch and 1 oz amaretto with a cherry. I did closer to 3-3.5 oz bourbon, 1 oz amaretto, and the cherry bitters. Much more to my taste.
Godfather variant Bourbon, amaretto, cherry bitters
I made a negroni this evening with Cocchi too, as I am out of Martni Rosso. As mentioned, it dominates the drink and gives what I think were vanilla notes that were not enjoyable in the context of that cocktail.
I went with Huntsman's white martini with Lillet, dash of Maraschino and Citadelle gin.
Apparently it's National Martini Day. I expect reports from the regulars later tonight, or maybe tomorrow if 1 or 2 turns into 5 or 6.
I thought he mentioned the double straining simply because there were tiny flecks in the drink, not because of the ice crystals.
I did! I'll have to use a finer strainer for the second one next time.
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