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Did anyone else think Erin Andrews looked like Carmen Sandiego?
Cask Strength 12 year Red Breast irish whiskey. Decadent, spicy, hot and amazing.
Very true. It's my go-to standard. Can't beat it, although I have yet to try Canadian Club's new 100% rye.
Three new things. Two new gold rimmed coupes, a set of 45 vintage gold metal arrow shaped cocktail picks, and Bad Dog Bitters sasparilla bitters, and Bitter Tears Cherry Bourbon Vanilla bitters. Here's a x-post showing three of the new additions in action.
Manhattan made with Alberta Springs rye, Carpano Antica and my new Bad Dog Bitters Sasparilla bitters. Delicious.
I'm in town for 5 days and am looking for recommendations for a good cocktail place or two to go to. Don't need atmosphere or to be seen, just looking for really good cocktails by bartenders who know what they are doing. Any suggestions?
Thank you for the quick response. I figured that was the case, but where some fabrics indicated they were out of stock, these did not so I thought I would check to be certain. Again, my thanks.
Hi Luxire. I am trying to place an order for a couple of shirts, but for several of the fabrics the windows that allow you to enter your measurements do not show on the page. For several of the fabrics there has been no issue but for Pale Blue Poplin 2/100 and Pale Blue Poplin 140/2 I cannot complete an order. Thanks for your assistance.
I was just lazy and didn't bother double straining. But you're right, I probably should have, and should make it more of a habit so that I don't even have to think twice.
First Alabazam ever. Not bad.
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