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Just got a vintage Christofle silver card case in an alligator pattern. Quite happy with it.
Radeberger Originale Krauterlikor. What Jaegermeister wishes it could be.
Simple Old Fashioned.
Black Lodge again 1.5 oz.Colonel E. H. Taylor rye 0.5 oz. Cherry Heering 0.5 oz. Cynar 0.5 oz. Carpano Antica Dash orange bitters Orange peel
Do you mean me, or the writer of Death to Sour Mix?
Made "The Pledge", recipe from Death to Sour Mix, one of my favourite cocktail blogs. I didn't have Averna, so I used Originale Radeberger Krauterlikor instead. 1.5 oz Rye 0.5 Radeberger Krauterlikor 0.5 yellow Chartreuse Dash of Angostura bitters It was delicious.
Awww, muffin.Just kidding Pio. I really like the new coupes. I'm tempted to grab a set of them, but I have too many glasses as it is. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself for now. We'll see in a week or so once my willpower is broken down.I was teaching a friend how to make a few basic drinks. One of which was just a simple Manhattan. I need to get some proper picks for garnishing.
Finally got around to making a Black Lodge. My goodness was it delicious. A touch sweet, but very balanced nonetheless. Black Lodge 1.5 oz rye (Colonel E.H. Taylor straight rye) .5 oz Cherry Heering .5 oz Cynar .5 oz Carpano Antica dash of orange bitters Orange twist
What is Booker's? Broker's gin is clear as day.
I'm gonna give it a try tomorrow night and will report back. I will probably use Fee Bros. West Indian Orange bitters.
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