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Thanks. It's a side table that is covered in alligator printed leather.
Low. Traditionally a Godfather is 2oz scotch and 1 oz amaretto with a cherry. I did closer to 3-3.5 oz bourbon, 1 oz amaretto, and the cherry bitters. Much more to my taste.
Godfather variant Bourbon, amaretto, cherry bitters
I made a negroni this evening with Cocchi too, as I am out of Martni Rosso. As mentioned, it dominates the drink and gives what I think were vanilla notes that were not enjoyable in the context of that cocktail.
I went with Huntsman's white martini with Lillet, dash of Maraschino and Citadelle gin.
Apparently it's National Martini Day. I expect reports from the regulars later tonight, or maybe tomorrow if 1 or 2 turns into 5 or 6.
I thought he mentioned the double straining simply because there were tiny flecks in the drink, not because of the ice crystals.
I did! I'll have to use a finer strainer for the second one next time.
It's World Gin Day today. New cocktail, Spring Green. 2 oz gin 1 oz lime juice 1/4 oz yellow chartreuse 1/8 absinthe Cucumber Mint
Add to the Stowa love.
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