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My preference would be $20, but majority rules.
I love this beer. I still have 3 left in my basement. It may be 2 after tonight. Mmmm.... Malty chocolate milk.
Tell us about the Redbreast 21. I have the 12, 15 and 12 year cask strength and was always interested.
I love Dieu du Ciel's stuff. I recently finished my last of their Routes des Epices, their rye beer brewed with green peppercorns, and still have one bottle of Rigor Mortis left.
Decided to challenge myself and not drink for 5 weeks so I haven't posted anything in a while. Made a mint julep for the first time last night though. It was delicious.
New Spiegelau glass.
Just picked up the Spiegelau stout glasses. Will try for the first time today. Looking forward to seeing if they match some of the hype. Anyone else have them or the Spiegelau IPA glasses?
Bill Amberg
Love this show. Disappointed it's ending, but at least it will be wrapped up properly and not just summarily ended.
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