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Negroni. Broker's, Martini Rosso, Campari.
Even worse, I'm in Manitoba and have the MLCC not the LCBO. What I wouldn't give for the selection of the LCBO......
If I could justify the extra $9 for the Citadelle it would still be my go-to. It really is a delicious gin.
Count me in for Broker's as my go to as well. I used to keep Plymouth as my go-to, then they doubled the price. I went with Citadelle for a while, but they jacked the price of that too. So I stick with Broker's for now, although I did recently try Boodles, which has a similar profile and cost to Broker's, which was nice as well.
Haven't been before, but the next time I'm in TO to visit my brother we will definitely go. I live in a city that has a dearth of even reasonable cocktail places so I have to take advantage of opportunities when I am elsewhere. And the cocktail sounds amazing too, a rye variation of a negroni. I'll have to play around and get back to you.
Morgentahler's amaretto sour.
I always spend a little too long just browsing at BYOB. So much to lust after. I love their japanese cocktail implements. The Japanese cocktail spoon I got from them is such a delight to use. Corpse Reviver No. 2s
I have gotten mine all over the place. I keep an eye out at thrift and second hand stores, but have purchased from generic home stores, to Williams Sonoma, to a small antiques store, to BYOB in Toronto which always has a great selection.
Drink of the Donaji 1.75 Del Maguey Vida mezcal 0.75 yellow Chartreuse 0.5 lemon juice Dash of Vieux Pointarlier absinthe I expected to not enjoy this. I was wrong. It's delicious. As per usual with mezcal it takes me a moment to warm up to it, but it is complex yet balanced
Just bought a bottle of the 6 year rye the other weekend. Haven't cracked it yet, but will do so tonight and let you know my thoughts.
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