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The Northern Harvest has a really spicy flavour as well. Really spicy. For the price (if you can find it now) it's definitely worth a bottle. It's made less than an hour from me so I'm a little bit of a CR apologist.
I identified all of them (although it was mostly by alcohol level than anything else as they were at 45%, 50%, and 64.3% respectively). My favourite is the Colonel E.H. Taylor although all of them are delicious. (This biased opinion brought to you by someone whose favourite booze is rye).
Just before New Years I had a fun rye taste test with a couple friends. The rye used was Crown Royal Northern Harvest (of recent fame), Colonel EH Taylor rye, and 2011 Thomas Handy.
Thanks Huntsman.Mean Fiddler1 oz Irish whiskey1/2 oz islay whisky1/2 oz Campari1/3 oz green chartreuse1/3 oz sweet vermouthDash angostura1/2 tsp cinnamon cordial
Chartreuse V.E.P.
Morgenthaler's best amaretto sour.
South Slope
Pio, got a bottle myself yesterday. It sold out within hours of Murray releasing his ranking. It's been a little crazy here as it's made less than an hour away from my city. It's not the best Canadian rye around, but it is tasty, especially for the price.
Margarita 2 oz Espolon tequila 1 oz Cointreau 1 oz lime juice New cocktail glass.
Art Deco (recipe courtesy Huntsman) 1.5 oz. gin (Citadelle) 0.75 Orgeat 0.75 Lillet Blanc 0.75 Lemon Juice Absinthe rinse My first time using orgeat, and the result was delicious. My brother said it was his favourite drink I ever made for him which is high praise, but not surprising given that it is a Huntsman recipe.
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