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Pow Pow Powell WheelsI need to change it. I think I dropped Powell.
Yeah,This is not a good week. I drafted horribly in hindsight, but I've never done PPR before, so lesson learned. I just pray when Charles comes back he is a beast. That and Robinson wakes up. That and Marvin Jones becomes a beast. That and Freeman or Coleman gets injured. That and....
Man, Matt Forte burying me before Sunday even gets here. 3 TDs? Really?
I only got to see a little of the third quarter last night, but CJ Anderson looked really fast to me. And the Denver O-line looked mightily improved from last year.
That's me!!! I never draft Def or K. They're useless. I'll pick them up before Thursday mind you. But I'd rather mull over who I want to drop first.And in fairness to my RB heaviness, it's Miller, Freeman and Charles, who if he's healthy, should give me a strong pass catching, 3 down back RB corps.
Not exactly the same, but there's this:https://www.article.com/product/1607/quadra-mineral-taupe-corner-sectionalNot super high-end, but I've heard really good things about the company so far.
My preference would be $20, but majority rules.
I love this beer. I still have 3 left in my basement. It may be 2 after tonight. Mmmm.... Malty chocolate milk.
Tell us about the Redbreast 21. I have the 12, 15 and 12 year cask strength and was always interested.
New Posts  All Forums: