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I forgot to check my lineup and somehow left Steve Smith Sr. in there when he was not playing this week. Opponent has a 33 point lead and Chandler Catanzaro to come. I have Lamar Miller left so I just go to bed Sunday night. He blows up for 36.3 and I have a 2.5 point lead with my opponent's kicker to come. I am going to lose by a hair because I am a dumbass and didn't put any of the random players on my bench in my lineup instead of Smith.
Along with the 15 year Sauternes aged El Dorado I got last week I just finished grabbing the following: Willet Pot Still Reserve bourbon Redbreast 15 (Compliments my 12 year, and 12 year cask strength) Colonel EH Taylor Small Batch bourbon Jose Cuervo Platino Reserva de Familia (replaces a bottle I am almost done with) Don Julio 1942
I gave up booze for September so have had nothing to contribute recently, however, I just finished celebrating my brother's first child with some VEP Chartreuse, and then a tasting of El Dorado 15 vs. El Dorado 15 aged in sauternes casks.
I've got a few, send me an offer. I'm "SorryDJaksonIam4real".
Stafford and Jones are insane. Jones has 205 yards and 3 TDs. Where did Golden Tate go?
Thank you Stafford/Jones. That one 73 yard TD swung the odds in my game. I also have 40 points on my bench between Sanders and D. Jax. We'll see how this goes. Who's John's Pleasant Team?
Pow Pow Powell WheelsI need to change it. I think I dropped Powell.
Yeah,This is not a good week. I drafted horribly in hindsight, but I've never done PPR before, so lesson learned. I just pray when Charles comes back he is a beast. That and Robinson wakes up. That and Marvin Jones becomes a beast. That and Freeman or Coleman gets injured. That and....
Man, Matt Forte burying me before Sunday even gets here. 3 TDs? Really?
I only got to see a little of the third quarter last night, but CJ Anderson looked really fast to me. And the Denver O-line looked mightily improved from last year.
New Posts  All Forums: