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^It's a sportshirt, not a dress shirt. Those details are essential That collar roll and those buttons, mouthwatering. Just picture that collar peaking out from a thick ass loopwheler crew neck or something, cotdamn.
No, I totally understand the CR7 appeal and schtick but yeah, I still think he's lame. Great footballer though if we're just going on ability alone I love Mario Balotelli though and find him almost impossible to hate on.
I just think he's really cheesy. Like that "gunslinger" pose he does for freekicks, that's a bit much for me.
Ronaldo has got to be the corniest footballer right now. Laughable. Nothing against his footballing ability of course
So happy about normal looking pockets. I always thought a simple horizontal stitch or maybe a shallow v was more than sufficient.
I've made a game up where you have to take a drink whenever an English commentator pronounces "Cazorla" with a Spanish lisp.
Can't wait for this TOJ oxford. I'd like to know what the front pocket looks like.
Wilshere comin baaaacccckkk Played with the U21s for like an hour. I've only seen glimpses of him on the ball from various news footage but apparently he's been putting on the muscle all this time away.
Is it me or is Podolski overpowered in FIFA 13? I'm banging in so many goals with him from distance it's ridiculous. He's strong as hell too
I say let him have a go at it against Coventry - what's the worse that can happen?
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