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black T1 + black down vest would look so sick.
Arsenal once again brings a dull butter knife to a sword fight. Goddamn flashback to last season man. Serge Gnabry cameo was nice though. Is it really pronounced "Gah-nabree"?
That was probably him haha Kidding aside, I think this is the first time I've seen a fan attack a player. I'm sure it's happened tons before in the history of the sport, but this is the first time I've seen it myself. Actually turned the match off when Sheffield Weds was leading. I don't even watch Championship football Better quality vid
Fucking idiot Leeds fan...
Didn't sleep very well last night, just kinda fading in and out. Had a dream where I was at a dim sum with my family wearing a v2 ocbd and slurping on this shrimp jawn ...and having specks of soy sauce splash all over my shirt I think I really need to reassess some shit if these are the kinds of dreams I'm having haha
Might just wait for the size chart before ordering the shirt. Unless we can just send measurements of a shirt we have lying around at home?
4-2-4 is an excellent formation. Holy shit.
I'm glad that Nucky popped that kid. Probably reminded him too much of Jimmy, cept that Jimmy wasn't a cocky little smart ass.
Dream hypothetical grandpa outfit would be -Sand suede Harrington -John Coppidge ocbd -grey TOJ trousers -white velcro orthotics/reeboks/whatevs Regular dude outfit (i.e. unassuming Haruki Murakami protagonist) -A2 -grey crewneck sweat -ocbd -faded yeenz -beat up white trainers
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