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Just watched the biggest holy shit match I've ever seen. Reading v. Arsenal. Extraordinary come back from Arsenal for a 5-7 win I intended to turn the match off after the first half since it was pretty laughable but I watched the entire thing. So worth it.
Richard Harrow endorses Guinness Black Lager. Amazing isn't it? You'll never see an American go to the UK and film a commercial in an English accent. It's impressive
Arsenal going to Old Trafford next week. Hopefully it stays 12 vs 11 instead of 12 vs 9 ^ I don't know what that face means but it seems applicable
Perfectly enjoyable game of football ruined by the fucking ref. Felt physically sick, wanted Chelsea to rape United so badly
ONE NIL TO THE ARSENAL! It was ugly, but I will take the fucking 3 points thank you very much. Mbia, thank you.
Nope, that kid is a pain in the ass and a liability to everyone
Myself and fellow Gunners....well, after Norwich and Schalke, we're all just kinda...
I've tried a shitload of times to order from the site - I'm able to get to the part where you type in your credit card info and then it just goes "Out servers can't handle blah blah" or something like that. I'm guessing there's a lot of traffic on the site.
Where to cop Jonathan by John Coppidge mens cologne guys WARE?
Cryptic posts like these make me refresh this thread like 50,000 times throughout the day.
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